100+ aesthetic quotes and ideas perfect for your Instagram caption

100+ aesthetic quotes and ideas perfect for your Instagram caption

Instagram is by far a popular populous forum globally. With millions of active users flaunting things, you need self-love to accept your life as it is. It makes sense to search for aesthetic quotes and ideas perfect for your Instagram caption.

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While quotes are famous on IG handles, quoting the one that will mesmerize you and your audience is a task. It involves having a keen ear for inspirational words. Making it a habit to save any cute quote or idea perfect for your Instagram caption is a good idea.

Aesthetic quotes and ideas for your Instagram caption

People who appreciate themselves are optimistic, full of good senses echoed in all they do. A genuine Instagram bio is a mirror that reflects your feelings and your image. Hence, it's essential to look for beautiful quotes and ideas for your Instagram caption.

Happy aesthetic quotes

Pink is the signature feminine colour associated with romance, nurturing, friendship and affection, while blue is the incredible colour of the sea and the skies. So whether you go for pink aesthetic quotes or blue aesthetic quotes, you can never go wrong with the following happy aesthetic quotes.

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  • Never be afraid of being a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.
  • Whenever you feel discouraged, doubting the prospects as they are, dust yourself pink, it is possible with sunlight and a little pink.
  • My kind of mood today is pink my happy when I am blue.
  • Look on the pink side of life; Pink isn't a colour. It's an attitude too.
  • Pretty in pink, cosy in pink, gorgeous and pink can never go wrong.
  • Pink is that must-have colour, the new black soft and cuddly.
  • Love comes in shades of the colour pink, clad in mink, graceful even in kinks.
  • A simple hug and love from a lady on pink cures significant issues of life.
  • Pink never goes out of fashion; it keeps splashing on roses, scented on perfumes, classic on shirts, poised on pink heels and polished on your pink nails.
  • Today’s Agenda, Building my empire adorned in this pink.
  • Happiness is time spent with the right people.
  • Happiness is the absence of fear, the courage of rising one more time.
  • Happiness is taking a day at a time, enjoying the moments.
  • The meaning of happiness is in the sound of the silence, contentment in want, and sufficiency in grace.
  • There is only one true happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
  • Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination
  • Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your actions.
  • Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
  • Happiness grows at our firesides and is not picked in strangers' gardens.
  • Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
  • Colour me blue, the hue of the clouds; calm my blues, colour blue.

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  • Monday blues making you see a tree as blue, and then make it blue.
  • Never get tired of the blue sky; its' cool tones quiet a mind so gloomy.
  • Blue is the confident purple on a black cloud, power poised high up on the blue skies.
  • We are the chosen blue, quiet, and soothing.
  • Am blue the only colour you can feel.
  • The day the blue thoughts came, I stopped snooping the future and started living blue; it's the day I became quiet.
  • The splendour of your dreams is blue; if gloom tries to veil your ideas, colour them blues with blue dust of serene.
  • I am not afraid of tomorrow because I saw blue skies yesterday and today the sky is blue.
  • It’s calm under the waves in the blue of my oblivion.
  • I live for those who love me, for those who know me true, the heaven so blue above me, and the good that I can do.

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Cute aesthetic quotes

Some quotes are heartfelt and intended to make you pause in gratitude for the wonders surrounding you. However, the most memorable quotes are short and straightforward. This collection of short aesthetic quotes will adorn your IG profile.

  • The best version of you is yet to come; be yourself; there's no one better.
  • The little ordinary things viewed extraordinarily make all the difference.
  • Never let anyone treat you like you're ordinary, honey; you are a masterpiece.
  • Confidence is a language the brave speak. The guts to fight to win.
  • She keeps her promises, pays her debts and wears her heels high.
  • She acts like summer and walks like rain.
  • Give to him who can’t ask.
  • Life is better when you're laughing.
  • Wine is my favourite colour.
  • Be more of you and less of them; that's the true definition of identity
  • The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.
  • Don't worry; be happy; it is what it is.
  • I smile because I have no idea what is going on, but I know it's gone be better.
  • I'm not weird! I am extra amidst the ordinary.
  • Wake up and smell the coffee; it's the strong coffee that tastes better.
  • The power of imagination makes us infinite.
  • Don't go through life; grow through life.
  • Better a little caution than a great regret.
  • Be so good they can’t ignore you.
  • Love for all, hatred for none.
  • Change the world by being yourself.

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  • Every moment is a fresh beginning.
  • Never regret anything that made you smile.
  • Die with memories, not dreams.
  • Aspire to inspire before we expire.
  • Everything you can imagine is real.
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Whatever you do, do it well.
  • What we think, we become.
  • All limitations are self-imposed.
  • Tough times never last, but tough people do.
  • Problems are not stopping signs; they are guidelines.
  • If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
  • Have enough courage to start and enough heart to finish.
  • Hate comes from intimidation; love comes from appreciation.

Deep short aesthetic quotes

Some sayings hit the nail on the head, stirring you to meditate. For example, self-acceptance raises one's esteem and reinforces positive thinking. These are some aesthetic quotes about self you need to have on your IG profile.

  • Leave no stone unturned; if there is no struggle, there is no progress.
  • I am an introvert does not mean I am antisocial.
  • I guess I won the love game.
  • Gracefulness makes you more gorgeous.
  • Try to be a good woman in the world of bad witches.
  • I took longer than others take, does not mean I have failed.
  • Look in the mirror and see your competitor.
  • Nighttime is for owl me.
  • Stop destroying beautiful pieces of heart for the people who do not understand you.
  • I hope my sadness is replaced by something beautiful.
  • Work well done, does good to the man who does it.
  • Success is the intimate relationship between need, talent and desire.
  • Noise is the mouthpiece of the world; silence is the mouthpiece of God.
  • The greatest failure is not to try.
  • Only what you resist persists.

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  • Sometimes there is just no way to hold back the river.
  • Your eyes show the strength of your soul.
  • What we let die while we live is life’s greatest tragedy.
  • Emulate kindness, for it is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
  • Keep believing because life’s challenges are the soils in which faith grows.
  • Faith draws poison from every grief and takes the sting of every loss.
  • Another man's secret is like another man's money; you are never careful with it.
  • Grudges are like babies; the more I nurse them, the bigger they become.
  • Don't be dismayed; throw your heart over the bar, and your body will follow.
  • Discipline is a muscle; the more you strain it, the stronger it becomes.
  • Every moment you dwell on your past, you steal from your future.
  • Words that enlighten the soul are precious than jewels.
  • Life is a game of numbers; the more risks you take, the more rewards you get.
  • We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, to listen twice as much as we speak.
  • Train your mind always to remember that the hand that gives is the hand that gathers.
  • There are no real failures in life, only results. No real tragedies, only lessons, no problems, only opportunities.

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A good caption acts like a dose of positive energy. So before you quote it, think about aesthetic quotes and ideas perfect for your Instagram caption.

Yen.com.gh shared an article on the best quotes for all occasions. In whatever situation you might be in, the right words can brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything. Whether you want to motivate yourself or someone dear to you, then you need the right quotes for all occasions.

Drafting something lovely to share with others may not be easy, but that should not be something to worry about. The collection of quotes for all occasions shared above should help you achieve your desired result. Remember that the right words shared in due season achieve great results.

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