BECE results 2020 - how to check ?

BECE results 2020 - how to check ?

Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is an important bridge in Ghana’s education system. This is agreeable to many, and more profoundly to prospective senior high school students. Competition between students makes it more interesting and enrollment opportunities to good Senior High Schools (SHS), highly contested. Nonetheless, knowing your BECE result is the first thing to do, when seeking sense on your future study life.

Bece Results 2018: How to Check your Grade on Phone

Luckily, accessing your BECEresults 2020 wouldn’t be a difficult a task as before because of the various systems put in place by WAEC and other stakeholders. Online result checker and mobile phone result, are some of the efficient systems in place that can be used to check your grade. This article will focus majorly on how to check your BECE grade on the phone.

2019/2020 BECE results

BECE results 2019 came with its fair share of challenges, with 0.28% of the results withheld by WAEC on fraud claims, being the highlight of it all. According to WAECs press release, the percentage, derived from a population of 1298 out of 468060 candidates, were students found during and after the exams, in exam malpractices.

WAEC, a body tasked to release results noted, in their 2019 press release BECE results, that the students can access their results online, through their website; All you need is a gadget, phone or computer, with internet access and a reliable internet provider. However, the question whether you know how to check your BECE results online before BECE 2020 results released is very crucial. Below is a detailed process on how to check your 2020 BECE results.

  • Visit
  • Once on the site, you will find a list where you are supposed to fill your details. Put your Index number.
  • Choose BECE examination, from the list of exams.
  • Put your Exam year, i.e., 2020.
  • Write serial number at the back of your scratch card.
  • Fill the PIN (12digit) found on the scratch card; like 098765432112.
  • Confirm the correctness of your Index number and year of examination.
  • Once you are sure of the appropriateness of the information provided, press the submit button and wait for a new window display to pop up.

How to check BECE results on phone

The release of BECE results comes with a mixed reaction, but nothing compares to the anxiety that accompanies it. The only way to end this anxiety is by truly knowing your result. Thanks to WAEC and phone service providers, accessing your BECE result via your phone has been made possible. In addition to this, you can use other online BECE result checker to keep abreast your result. With your MTN mobile money, you can be able to buy WAEC-BECE result checkers. Below is a detailed process on how you can check BECE results via your phone.

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Bece Results 2018: How to Check your Grade on Phone
  • Visit your mobile money menu
  • Choose pay bill
  • Choose general payment
  • You will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Payment code – monicliq waec
  • Reference – your current phone number
  • Amount – 5
  • Wait for an SMS, which will be the result
  • In case of a problem follow up through +233244783838

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BECE 2020 school placement

After a long struggle, with hardships in the education system, it is only fair that students get rewarded with the right BECE results placement. Every student sets his or her mind on the best senior high school in the country. Luckily, the placement system adopted by Ghana Education System(GES) guarantees that you get the best option for a senior high school, which reflects your performance on the BECE exams. The system named, computerized school selection and placement system, gives students a chance to view the institutions they have been enrolled and the specific program given.

For students to learn about the details of BECE 2020 placement, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Go to your phones message application.
  • Type 1060, on the number, or the name of the recipient, in your phones messaging platform.
  • Type your 10-digit index number in the text box, e.g., 0987654321.
  • Press send.

It is important for you to ensure that there is no spacing between your digits. The shortcode i.e. applies to all networks. If you experience difficulties with the process, add a two-digit suffix of your year of examination (last two digits, e.g. ..18) on your index number. For example; 098765432118.

It is also important for you to ensure that you are familiar with the application process for the second batch of BECE placement. Below is a detailed step by step process that you can always turn to for guidance:

  • Go to: / CSSPS Backup Link.
  • Use your PIN code and index number to login into the site.
  • Press on the ‘check placement status.’
  • You will get a link to self-placement (given that you are yet to be placed).
  • Press on the self-placement link.
  • It will take you to a new tab where you will choose your region of choice.
  • Select your school of choice.
  • Choose your preferred program.
  • Press the submit button, which will be a command to place yourself.
  • Print the placement notice with your full details.

BECE 2020 placement

Ahead of this year’s senior high school placement, the computerized school selection and placement system will be reviewed. This is in an effort to streamline the placement process, which will enhance the student placement process. According to Prof.Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, the Director General of Ghana Education Service (GES), this process will start May this year. This will come before the beginning of BECE exams this year.

Bece Results 2018: How to Check your Grade on Phone

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According to Prof. Opuku, the review is supposed to correct the challenges faced during the previous year’s placement process. This will ensure that the process will be conducted in the most appropriate and smooth way possible. This year’s student will be the third batch of students to reap the fruits of free SHS program that was initiated from 2018/2019 academic year. Good luck in what lies ahead of your study life, may it be a journey of fulfillment.

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