UHAS admission portal 2023/2024: Fees, requirements, deadlines

UHAS admission portal 2023/2024: Fees, requirements, deadlines

The University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) is one of the best public tertiary institutions in Ghana. It has been operational since September 2012, when it admitted a batch of 154 students. Since then, it has enrolled more learners via the UHAS admission portal.

UHAS admission portal
The UHAS logo. Photo: @UHASGhana (modified by author)
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UHAS currently runs a total of six schools, one institute, and four centres on two campuses. To be considered as one of the potential enrolees, you must declare your candidature via their portal. Below is everything you need to know about the UHAS admission portal, procedures, fees, requirements, and deadlines.

UHAS admission portal 2023

The UHAS portal offers all admission-related operations such as:

  • Admission form application
  • Registration
  • Admission list
  • Admission status
  • Admission letter
  • Uploading of admission results

In addition, the portal acts as the gateway where students can log in to the institute's website and access important information. It contains information on:

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  • Courses offered
  • Transcripts
  • Email programs
  • Timetables
  • Exam schedules
  • Department contact numbers

Is UHAS admission still in progress?

Yes, it is still in progress for different types of admissions. The admission deadlines are as follows:

  • Undergraduate Admissions (Access Course Leading Sandwich Programme - SAHS & SONAM - May 25, 2023, SPH – April 30, 2023.
  • Undergraduate Admissions (Sandwich Applicants) - SAHS & SONAM – May 25 2023 and SPH – July 30, 2023.
  • Undergraduate Admissions (Wassce/Sssce/A-Level/Mature Applicants) - 30th November 2023
  • MPHIL/MPH/PHD Applicants - July 30, 2023.

How can I apply to UHAS?

You first need to meet the minimum requirements for the course you want to enrol in. Next, you have to buy a UHAS e-voucher from the nearest bank if you are a Ghanaian applicant. International students can purchase it online. Finally, head to the admission portal to complete the application process.

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How much are UHAS admission forms?

These documents are not sold. You can obtain and print them for free. However, before starting the application, you need to buy an e-voucher from the nearest bank or online. This serves as your processing/registration fee and not an amount to purchase forms.

UHAS admission requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

Undergraduate applicants

You should satisfy the following minimum prerequisites for undergraduate courses:


Mature applicants wishing to pursue a Sandwich course in Bachelors of Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Radiography should meet these general requirements:

  • You should have at least 25 years old before submitting your documents
  • A certificate from the AHPC Ghana is a mandatory
  • Proof of 3 years of working experience
  • If short-listed, you need to also pass a selection interview.
  • You need to have a scanned copy of your academic certificates, transcripts, licensing certificates, and national ID card.

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You should have credits of A1 - C6 or A-D in the following:

  • Integrated Science and Social Studies
  • Core Mathematics
  • All four core subjects
  • Three elective units

A-level applicants

UHAS admission portal
UHAS students in the lab. Photo: @UHASGhana
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You must have a General Certificate of Education in Ordinary Level for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Any other subject

A General Certificate of Education at an advanced level is also required for the above subjects.

International applicants should have any of the following credentials:

  • Senior Secondary School Certificates
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Cambridge GCE for O and A Levels
  • Cambridge IGSCE certificate
  • American High School Grade Certificate for Grades 12 and 13 exams
  • Any other external qualifications equivalent to WASSCE/SSSCE and GCE

School of Allied Health Sciences

If you wish to undertake a Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Science, Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Speech-Language-Hearing Science, and Diagnostic Imaging, you should meet the following:

  • WASSE and SSSCE requirements above
  • Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Elective Mathematics
  • Chemistry or Biology, Food and Nutrition, Management in Living and General Agriculture plus Animal Husbandry
  • For Speech-Language and Hearing Science, you should have a minimum WASSCE grade of B2 or its equivalent in SSSCE
  • If you are a graduate, your degree should be in any Life Science from an accredited university.
  • Pass an entry interview.

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School of Basic and Biomedical Sciences

Only Bachelor of Medical and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is offered here. You need:

  • WASSCE/SSSCE or any other equivalent qualifications
  • Pure Science Students should have credits in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Elective Mathematics.
  • Agricultural Science scholars need a pass in either General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Physics, and Chemistry or Elective Mathematics.
  • A selection interview and entrance exams might be held in some circumstances.

School of Medicine

For Medical Degree and Physician Assistant, you should have the following:

  • WASSCE/SSSCE or any other equivalent grades
  • Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Elective Mathematics.
  • If you are short-listed, passing the entrance examination and selection interview is a prerequisite.

School of Nursing and Midwifery

For the Bachelor of Nursing, Midwifery, and Public Health Nursing, you will need:

  • WASSCE/SSSCE and its equivalent
  • English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science
  • Any three subjects from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Elective Mathematics, Geography, Economics, Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, General Agriculture, Ghanaian Language, French, Literature in English, Christion, or Islamic Religious Education, History and Government.
  • Pass a selection interview

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School of Public Health

For the Bachelor of Public Health, Ghanaian applicants must have:

  • WASSCE/SSSCE passes in three compulsory and elective subjects
  • Non-Science applicants need passes in any General Arts, Agricultural Science, Home Economics, and Visual Arts subject
  • General Arts scholars can only take Health Information, Promotion, and Nutrition sub-disciplines and must have passed in Elective Mathematics and other two elective subjects
  • Home Economics students can only specialize in Disease Control, Nutrition, and Health Promotion. They need a pass in Chemistry or Biology and any two optional subjects
  • Visual Arts applicants are only eligible for the Health Promotion Branch of Public Health Degree.

Postgraduate school applicants

UHAS admission portal
UHAS graduates in a hall. Photo: @UHASGhana
Source: Twitter

Below are the requirements for different levels of education offered in this school:

Master of Philosophy in Medical Imaging (MPHIL)

  • A first degree with at least 2nd Lower Class or a GPA of 2.2 in Medical Imaging, Diagnostic or Therapy Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, and other related specializations.
  • The degree should be from a recognized institution
  • Two years of work experience as a therapy or diagnostic radiographer, sonographer, mammographer, and other related areas
  • A letter from professional and academic referees or two reference statements
  • Pass an admission interview

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Doctor of Philosophy

  • You must have an MPhil or MSc. In Therapy Radiography, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and other related certificates from recognized institutions
  • Three years of work experience in Medical Image related specialities
  • Two reference statements or letters from your academic referees.
  • Research Proposal containing not less than 700 words
  • A statement of purpose with not more than 500 words
  • Pass an entrance interview

Master of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology

  • An excellent first degree in a related discipline such as Human and Veterinary Medicine, Laboratory Science, and any other similar field.
  • At least three years of a relevant working experience
  • Have a background as well as interest in the Public Health
  • Pass entrance examination and interview

Master of Public Health

  • Interest and background in Public Health
  • At least three years of work experience
  • A degree in a relevant or related health field
  • Pass admission interview and examination

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Access course applicants

Ghanaian students should have the following general requirements:

  • A certificate holder from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Local Government institutions, and any other verified training schools. You need to have practised for three years as either a community nurse, auxiliary nurse, midwife, or health assistant.
  • Diploma holders should have worked as Nutritional Officers, Environmental Health Assistances, Health Information Officers, and Disease Control Officers. Other closely related working experiences from fields such as Demography, Sociology, and Statistics are also accepted.
  • If you hold a certificate or diploma from an accredited teacher training school, you must have taught for more than three years.
  • You should have scanned copies of your certificates, transcripts, and Auxiliary Identification Number (AIN)

International scholars' requirements are as follows:

  • A certificate or diploma in any health discipline.
  • You should have practised for more than three years.
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency
  • Satisfy professional entrance requirements which will be determined by the relevant body

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In addition to the above, make sure you have the following general requirements:

  1. Scanned copies of your academic documents
  2. A passport-sized photo with the following characteristics:
  • Not more than 400KB, use image compressor programs to attain this size.
  • It should have a white background
  • Both your ears should be showing without any shadow
  • Glasses and shades are not allowed. If you wear them for medical reasons, then they should be clear and reveal your eyes
  • Maximum dimensions of 300 x 300 pixels (1-inch x 1.2 inches)
  • It should be in JPEG file format

UHAS admission portal login step-by-step guide for Ghanaian students

  1. Purchase an e-voucher.
  2. Navigate to the admissions portal.
  3. UHAS login: Select the admission type, enter the Serial Number of your E-Voucher, and the Pin Code and Tap on the ‘Log In’ button.
  4. Specify your application type.
  5. Fill in your details: You will be asked to provide your name, residence, education, and background information.
  6. Upload your passport size photograph: The picture should follow the criteria listed in the requirements section.
  7. Save the details. Confirm every information you have entered. Correct any errors and save it.
  8. Submit the details: Once you submit, you are not allowed to edit any information further.
  9. Print the application form: Should you want to return to the portal's homepage, click on the UHAS logo on the top side of the website.
  10. Sign the documents: WASSCE/SSSCE applicants should go to the declaration page and fill in all the details and embed their signatures.
  11. Attachments: WASSCE/SSSCE students should attach three copies of their result slips.
  12. Purchase UHAS EMS envelopes: You need one big-sized and another quarto-sized self-address envelope.
  13. Submit the documents: Your application form, result slips, transcripts, certificates, and the quarto size self-addressed envelope, should be put in the UHAS EMS envelope and submitted to the nearest post office.

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UHAS admission portal procedure for foreign students

UHAS admission portal
UHAS buildings. Photo: @UHASGhana
Source: UGC

Students from other countries are advised to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the UHAS website: Connect to the internet, open your browser, and go to the UHAS homepage.
  2. Purchase an e-voucher: Scroll down to the footer and tap the "The Apply Now" button.
  3. Go to the admission portal. You should not confuse this website with the UHAS student portal, which is used by already enrolled and continuing students.
  4. Specify the application type: Click on the "Apply as a Foreign Student" link next to the blue ‘Login’ button.
  5. Login to the portal: Choose your application type, enter the activation code sent to your email and mobile phone, and tap 'Login.'
  6. Fill in your details: They include your name, country of origin, date of birth, employment, and educational background.
  7. Upload a passport-sized photograph: It should adhere to all the regulations mentioned in the requirements section.
  8. Confirm the details: Correct any errors and omissions.
  9. Download the forms: Save them on your local disk. Make sure you know the directory.
  10. Submit the documents: Tap on the ‘SUBMIT’ button below the e-forms.
  11. Print the documentation: Transfer them to a flash disk or your mobile phone and go to the nearest cybercafé for printing.
  12. Attachments: You need to obtain a PDF or Word copy of your results slips, application summary, and other certificates. Send them to admissions@uhas.edu.ph.

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UHAS fees

School fees vary according to your course, level, and admission type. Here is the fee structure for UHAS in Ghana Cedis (GHC).

School of Allied Health Science

CourseLevel 100Level 200Level 300(Regular)Level 300(Fee paying)Level 400(Regular)Level 400(Fee paying)
Bachelor Of Dietetics3,279.542,698.132,953.53-2,410.134,258.13
Bsc. Physiotherapy/Orthotic3,218.342,636.932,892.33 -2,348.934,196.93
Bsc. Speech And Language Therapy3,271.742,690.332,945.73-2,402.334,250.33
Bsc. Medical Laboratory Sciences:3,712.793,131.383,386.786,274.282,843.385,730.88
Bsc. Diag. Imaging (Radiography)3,440.862,859.453,114.85-2,571.45-

School of Basic and Biom Sciences

CourseLevel 100Level 200Level 300Level 400
School of Basic & Biom Sciences3,835.963,223.153,528.552,985.15

School of Nursing and Midwifery

CourseLevel 100Level 200Level 300Level 400(Nursing & PhnLevel 400(Midwifery)
School of Nursing & Midwifery3,289.442,749.453,544.872,461.472,765.07

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School of Public Health

CourseLevel 100Level 200Level 300Level 400
School of Public Health2,631.692,150.282,405.681,962.28

School of Sports and Exercise Medicine

CourseLevel 100Level 200Level 300Level 400
School of Sports and Exercise Medicine3,118.342,636.93--

School of Allied Health Sciences postgraduate

CourseMphil yr. 1 Mphil yr. 2PhD yr. 1PhD yr. 2PhD yr. 3PhD yr. 4
School of Allied Health Sciences postgraduate12,516.2812,104.8712,516.2813,104.8712,104.8712,104.87

School of Basic and Biom. Sciences

CourseMSc.Mphil yr. 1PhD yr. 1
School of Basic and Biom. Sciences12,140.3311,076.3311,876.33

School of Public Health (Postgraduate)

CourseMPH-GenMPH-DC&EPMphil yr. 1Mphil yr. 2PhD yr. 1PhD yr. 2
School of Public Health9,032.6310,327.339,910.688,956.6813,051.28 12,034.87

School Of Medicine (Bachelor Of Medicine/Surgery)

Level 100 (Regular)6,090.66
Level 100 (Fee-paying)8,839.56
Level 200 (Regular)5,783.25
Level 200 (Fee-paying)8,508.15
Level 300 (Regular)6,014.65
Level 300 (Fee-paying)8,763.5
Level 400 (Regular)5,578.25
Level 400 (Fee-paying)8,327.15
Level 500 (Regular)5,471.25
Level 500 (Fee-paying)8,220.15
Level 600 (Regular)5,364.25
Level 600 (Fee-paying)8,113.15

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School Of Medicine (Bachelor Of Physician Asst)

Level 1003,612.7
Level 2003,131.34
Level 3003,386.7
Level 400 (Regular2,843.34
Level 400 (Fee-paying)5,268.44

International students

CourseLevel 100Level 200
Pharm$5,355.01 -

UHAS grading system

Your performance is graded as follows:

ADistinction48 to 100
B+Credit3.575 to 79
BGood3.070 to 74
C+Fairly good2.565 to 69
CAverage2.050 to 64
D+Below average1.555 to 59
DMarginal pass1.050 to 54
EUnsatisfactory0.545 to 49
DFail00 to 44

Although E is a failure, it can be accepted in some circumstances where it is a fulfilling prerequisite for elective courses. Any score below 50 is a failure. The following additional grades might be assigned:

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  • X - Fail
  • Z - Disqualification
  • I - Incomplete
  • Z - Continuing
  • AUDI - Audit
UHAS admission portal
UHAS students walking around the campus. Photo: @UHASGhana
Source: UGC

UHAS contacts

For further inquiries about the admission process, use the following details to reach out:

  • Physical location: PMB 31, Ho, Volta Region, Ghana.
  • Phone 1: +233 (0) 362 196122
  • Phone 2: +233 (0) 245 125359
  • Phone 3: +233 (0) 362196197
  • Phone 4: +233 (0) 362196129
  • Phone 5: +233 (0) 508534404
  • Phone 6: +233 (0) 245125359
  • Email: info@uhas.edu.gh
  • Website: uhas.edu.gh


  1. Is the UHAS admission list out for 2023/2024? No, the UHAS admission list is not out yet since the 2023/2024 admission process is ongoing for different admission types.
  2. How can I check my admission status on the UHAS portal? First, visit the UHAS admission status checker portal; enter your Voucher Serial Number and Voucher Pin in the field provided; then click the "Login" button to access your admission status.
  3. Is the university of health and allied sciences admission forms out? Yes, the university's management has released the admission forms for UHAS for the year 2023/2024.
  4. What is UHAS LMS? The LMS portal is an eLearning Management System where lecturers and students interact, access course material and submit assignments.
  5. Can I buy UHAS forms online? Foreign applicants can buy UHAS vouchers electronically using Master and VISA cards.

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The University of Health and Allied Sciences is one of the best schools in Ghana that is committed to excellence. UHAS admission portal helps in enrolling scholars through a competitive and fair process.

Yen.com.gh shared an interesting article about the UDS student portal. This institution of higher learning was established in the year 1922. Learners looking forward to joining the University of Developmental Studies should be familiar with the portal to help them with admission and other needs.

UDS portal reduces your paperwork and long queues that are normally associated with the admission process. Check the article for more guidelines on how to use the school's portal.

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