How to buy WAEC scratch card online

How to buy WAEC scratch card online

WAEC, short for West African Examinations Council, is a senior school examination board for the West African countries. The examination was established in 1952, and since then it has contributed a great deal towards education in the Anglophonic countries within the western part of Africa. More than half a century after its establishment, this Africa regional examination council has embraced the use of latest technology inventions and innovations in service delivery. Thanks to these strategic moves, many people now understand how to buy WAEC scratch card online. The western Africa countries that are beneficiaries of WAEC include Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, Nigeria, and Ghana.

How to buy WAEC scratch card online

This examination board has also formed an endowment fund which is aimed towards contributing more to the West African education sector. It has managed to do this through lectures and even providing aid to any and all citizens within its borders who cannot afford education but wish to learn. One of the widely used tools offered by the examination body is the WAEC scratch card which is used together with the WAEC direct online result checker.

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This article will cover more on the WAEC scratch card and other important commands like:

  • How to buy WAEC scratch card online
  • How much is WAEC scratch card
  • How to check WAEC result online
  • WAEC website to check result

The establishment of WAEC

In regard to how the council was established, the legislative assemblies of Sierra Leone, the Gambia, Ghana, and Nigeria all passed an ordinance that approved it in December 1951. From that point, the ordinance could issue certificates to all the students in these individual counties. Other countries came in to start issuing their ordinances. Liberia did so in 1974 when it attended an annual meeting which was held in Lagos, Nigeria.

After its successful establishment, the council’s first meeting was then held in 1953 in Accra, Ghana where everybody was then briefed about the council’s progress. It is at this meeting that five different committees were formed which were aimed to assist the council. These committees included the Local Committee, Administrative, and Finance Committee, Public Service Examinations Committee, Schools Examinations Committee, and The Professional, Technical, and Commercial Examinations Committee.

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What is a WAEC scratch card?

How to buy WAEC scratch card online

A WAEC scratch card is a programmed electronic card which contains unique PIN and S/No. You need this scratch card to display your candidate’s results. With the scratch card, one is able to access the WAEC direct online result checker and hence be able to check their results. So, in essence, you need to have this scratch card if you wish to access your examination results.

The WAEC card is of the ordinance West African Examination Council which is used to check for the results of all and any candidate who sat for the WASSCE exam and/or the GCE private exam. The card is used on the WAEC website to check result.

Which candidates need the WAEC scratch card?

All candidates who have ever sat for the WAEC Exams from 1980 to date who wish to check and/or download or even print their results need to purchase the WAEC scratch card before they can get their results. The candidates can get the cards easily one just needs to buy WAEC scratch card online.

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Do WAEC scratch cards expire?

No! The WAEC result checkers that are brought from reliable tech businesses never expire. In fact, these cards can be used for up to 5 times by one candidate. So, you can check your examination results for different years using the same WAEC scratch card up to five different times. Even if you opt for the WAEC scratch card online purchase, you will still have a card that doesn’t expire.

What are the available WAEC scratch card payment methods?

To date, there is a demand to cover a wider audience who have joined this program. There is a pressing need to provide more secured payment means. Currently, there are three secure payment methods for purchasing your WAEC scratch card. They are:

  • Through bank accounts – mobile and web transfer or through direct deposit.
  • Online payment methods – visa card, master card, verve card, etc.
  • Purchase from any of the WAEC offices.

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How to buy a WAEC scratch card online

For this year’s session, here is a short, precise, and official method that you can use to purchase your WAEC scratch card online. You can now purchase genuine and valid WAEC result checker cards for 2016, 2017, 2018, from the comfort of your own home, or office. These cards are now more affordable online and more convenient with their fast-online delivery services. The cards can then be used on the WAEC website to check result.

The delivery value of these cards is free, instant, and automatic if you purchase the WAEC scratch card using this platform.

You can also purchase the WAEC result checker cards from the bank. In such a case, you need to make your payment of N800.00. Ensure that you have your WAEC Exam Number with you before you begin the payment process. The WAEC Exam Number is what you will use as your depositor’s name when making the payments through a bank.

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Is there a restriction time for the WAEC scratch card online purchase or the other purchase options?

No! and Yes!

In the event that you are making your purchase for the WAEC scratch card online, then you are free to buy WAEC scratch card online any day at any time.

But, if you opt to make the purchase of the scratch card through a bank, then you have to stick within the confines of the opening hours of the bank that you intend to deposit the funds to purchase the card.

But it is vital to keep in mind that these scratch cards are always readily available the moment you have made your purchase.

Which examination years can your WAEC scratch card check?

How to buy WAEC scratch card online

You can use the WAEC scratch card to check the examination results of Jan/Feb, May/June, and even Nov/Dec of any year running from 1980 to 2018. There is no restriction to the year you can check your examination results using the card as long as it falls between 1980 to 2018. All the results from 1980 to 2018 can be accessed via the WAEC direct online result checker.

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How can you get your card?

After you have made the purchase successfully using the payment methods, then you are eligible to receive a WAEC scratch card.

If you opted for the WAEC scratch card online purchase then you made your payment online using an ATM card, then the delivery method of the WAEC scratch card is automatic. Immediately the payment has been processed and is successful, you will get your WAEC card immediately. From there, you will then have to use the transaction ID to get your card whenever you need it.

If, however, you made your payment using a bank transfer, made a direct deposit, or through online transfer, then you may need to call the relevant offices and inform them about the payment. This method may sometimes need you to prompt your order for the WAEC scratch card manually. You will then receive your scratch card via email.

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How can I use the WAEC scratch card?

So the next step will be on how to check WAEC result online.

After you have successfully purchased the card and received it, you will then need to go to the WAEC official website to use the card. On the WAEC direct online result checker, you will then need to enter your candidate exam number and the select year for which you want to view the examination results.

After that, you will then need to select the examination type that you wish to check. They consist of two types; the school candidate, and the private candidate.

You will then need to enter your PIN and S/No which you have gotten after placing the order for the WAEC scratch card.

After following each of these steps, you will then click on the submit button then wait for the results to be displayed.

Final thoughts

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From the above-written content, you can safely conclude that the WAEC scratch cards are not as difficult to access. You only need to make the purchase successfully and wait for your scratch card to be sent. After that, you will be able to access and check your WAEC results online from their portal. The good thing about these scratch cards is that you can use them up to 5 times to check your WAEC examination results. You only need to ensure that you follow the payment procedures carefully to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

Finally, we wish you a successful examination plus good results.


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