Happy Easter greetings and quotes 2019

Happy Easter greetings and quotes 2019

‘Happy Easter’ is a two word wish that will make anyone put a smile on their face. It has become a mainstream and therefore you try to come up with more wordings to make your quote, message, or card be more special. This article will share with you a collection of happy Easter words that will make your Easter wish for everyone to have a great, lovely, beautiful, amazing Easter time be more unique yet sincere.

Happy Easter greetings and quotes


Happy Easter funny quotes

Happy Easter sayings full of sarcasm will work magic on making everyone who revolves around your network have a blast; a day full of happiness. Send them to your friends, family members and you can also post for everyone in your social media accounts. All Christians need to celebrate this special day. Here are some funny happy Easter words.

  • This special day is not only for us to share kindness and love, but also candies and chocolates. Have a lovely Easter.
  • Did you see that Bunny just cross over to the side of the road? Yes, but it is an off day for the chicken. Have yourself a wonderful and lovely day.
  • May you have a cracking day.
  • Here is the special Easter; hope you have your eggs so that we can put them in one basket. Have the best day.
  • Between my chocolate bunny and your chocolate bunny, which one is bigger? Of course mine, have a lovely day ahead and more better ones for the rest of your life.
  • I wish bunnies could lay chocolate rather than eggs. A happy, lovely, and a blessed Easter is all I wish for you.
  • I am greatly waiting for this Easter season so that I can find chicks for myself. May you have a Joyful Easter.
  • Allow your kids enjoy as much as they want, the Easter treats from candies to sweets, but once the Easter time is over….. Have yourself a full of fun and happy day.
  • Stand up, sing, and cheer from anywhere that you are because the special Easter that we as Christians have eagerly awaited is here. May you enjoy your day.
  • Am in love with biting chocolate Easter bunnies head? I wish you an amazing day.
  • Kids do appreciate Easter because of the hunts they enjoy. Wishing a wonderful and fantastic day.
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Happy Easter greetings and quotes

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  • I wish the Easter bunnies could be laying plastic eggs rather than the chocolate ones. May you have yourself a fantastic day.
  • Are you in love with candies? Well, here is the only holiday that candies miraculously get into one basket just for you. Wishing you the best of luck today, tomorrow and the coming years ahead.
  • Yesterday I was busy wondering why and how only colorful eggs are laid by Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter love messages

Easter is a time to spread the love. On this day, Jesus resurrected after he died for our sins and as the Bible story goes, God had to give us his only son to rescue us from sin. There is nothing that can measure up to this love, but happy Easter cards may get close.

Happy Easter messages to your loved ones makes them very special and appreciated. It can either be your mom, your friends, your wife/husband or your boyfriend/girlfriend. They are all apart of your life and a happy Easter weekend will maintain your relationship and you will make memories that you will forever remember. Don’t stress over the words to use in order to give them a happy Easter wish. Remember, the simple things matter a lot, even a simple message, why don't you highlight their happy Easter Sunday with the following quotes.

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  • I will forever cherish you my loved one. Wishing you an awesome Easter.
  • Jesus died for our sins to be forgiven, how I wish I could express the love to you. Have yourself a happy Easter 2018.
  • As Easter symbolizes a renewal to Christians, I pray that it be a new beginning for our love to last forever. Wishing you a full of fun day, and a better tomorrow.
  • I love you so much that I can’t express it; wishing you a happy, full of joy, and God’s blessings Easter.
  • A pray that both of us remain a God’s blessing to each other forever. Have yourself a beautiful Easter.
  • It is a day that we should all be happy and enjoy the risen Christ. For this day to be complete, I need to wish you a fabulous day and always remember that you are my happiness.
  • Hello my dear hubby, I wish you a beautiful day, and may our love continue to bloom from this special Easter to more days that we will share with you.
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Happy Easter greetings and quotes

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Happy Easter Sunday is a holiday in the Christian calendar and religious happy Easter greetings will make a believer's faith get stronger and find more reasons to appreciate God’s great doing. You can also search on the religious Happy Easter cards to make a Christian feel blessed on that special day. Here are the best and sincere religious happy Easter quotes.

  • We human beings live and later die, but Jesus Christ died and lived. He has risen from the dead and our sins are forgiven. May we live to follow his steps of love and care; wishing everyone a fabulous day.
  • We need to glorify God and be happy for his resurrection. Enjoy your day.
  • We should all celebrate Easter because God renews our lives. Wishing everybody a fabulous Easter.
  • I thank God that for making us celebrate yet another Easter this year. Wishing you a happy Easter 2019.
  • I thank God for giving me you as my parents. We all have a reason to smile and not despair. It is our day mom and dad; wishing you an awesome Easter.
  • As a person, you should ask yourself what you love most, that special thing that tells who you are. As a Christian, you should try your best not to value worldly treasures, but desire to serve God. Wishing you a happy and full of blessed Easter.
  • I believe Christians never lose hope. Right? Even if you are going through a tough time, find a reason to glorify God for making you reach another Easter and forgiving your sins. Have a fabulous day.
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Happy Easter greetings and quotes

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  • If celebrating will make you feel that you are a renewed Christian, do it woefully. Wishing you a lovely Easter.
  • You can imagine suffering and dying just for you to be forgiven and find favor from God. Enjoy to the fullest and have a blessed Easter.

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