230+ catchy comments for your boyfriend's picture to impress him

230+ catchy comments for your boyfriend's picture to impress him

People post pictures they are sure their family, friends, or those they are dating will like. If you are wondering what to comment on your boyfriend's picture to impress him, this article shares cute, catchy comments for your boyfriend's picture. You can use some of these comments to excite him.

comments for a boyfriend's pic
Catchy comments for your boyfriend's picture. Photo: pexels.com, @Luis Miguel P. Bonilla (modified by author)
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If you are in a serious relationship, your boyfriend can expect you to like and comment on some of his social media posts and pictures. On top of that, he will appreciate the originality of your comment. Therefore, you can edit some comments below to suit your personality.

Comments for your boyfriend's picture

As long as your comment is respectful and your boyfriend is receptive, it is okay to continue commenting on his social media posts and pictures. This article has this content:

Short comment for a boyfriend's pic on Instagram

If your boyfriend is having a bad or dull day, cheering him up with a compliment can be a good idea. Here are cute comments for a boyfriend's IG picture that you might find helpful:

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  • Oh, that's a #look.
  • Such a snack.
  • Cutie alert.
  • Drop your skincare routine.
  • It's a peculiar flex, but okay.
  • First comment!
  • It is an HQ selfie.
  • Please clap for my soul mate.
  • Impressive picture.
  • Girls will die for you.
  • This picture is lit.
  • Selfie king of the world.
  • Never have I ever loved you more.
  • You look strong and confident.
  • Your outfits are unmatched, babe.
  • You look energetic.
  • That's a killer pic, dear.
  • You look handsome.
  • Your smile makes me happy.
  • This picture made my day.
  • You should start modeling.
  • You are looking like a star.
  • You are so fearless!
  • You are my perfect man!
  • You are so kind!
  • You are the best of the best!
  • You are my stronghold!
  • Your smile…wow!
  • You are incomparable!
  • You make me laugh like no other!
comments for a boyfriend's pic
Short comment for a boyfriend's pic on Instagram. Photo: pexels.com, @Monstera Production (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Your love is divine!
  • How loving you are! I'm so lucky!
  • You are like coming home!
  • You are so funny!
  • Your style is impeccable!
  • Your humor is the best!
  • You are so romantic!
  • You are my cup of tea!
  • How I love you!
  • The most talented!
  • You inspire me!
  • This suit is just stunning!
  • You are so creative!
  • You cook like no other!
  • You are a real gentleman!
  • With you, I feel like a real lady!
  • I'm proud of you!
  • A perfect gentlemen's pic.
  • Nice biceps.
  • Tender and amazing!
  • Bright and intelligent!
  • You are so handsome!
  • My one and only.
  • Your charm is irresistible!
  • My dream came true!
  • You are the strongest of all!
  • You are so understanding…
  • I'm gone mad behind you.
  • Girls are made for you.
  • You have a great smile.

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One-word comment for a boyfriend's pic on Instagram

You don't have to comment paragraphs on a boyfriend's picture to impress him. A one-word comment can be enough to express your affection. You can pick romantic words to tell the world you treasure your man from this list of one-word comments for a boyfriend's picture:

  • Powerful!
  • Hot!
  • Cute!
  • Irresistible!
  • Courageous.
  • Kindhearted.
  • Exciting.
  • Amazing!
  • Loving!
  • Fantastic.
  • Impressive!
  • Snack.
  • Handsome.
  • Chemistry.
  • Heartbeat.

Funny comments for your boyfriend pic on Instagram

comments for a boyfriend's pic
Funny comments for your boyfriend pic on Instagram. Photo: pexels.com, @cottonbro studio (modified by author)
Source: UGC

When you truly love someone, there's nothing you want more than seeing the person smile or laugh. With that said, you should leave funny comments on your boyfriend's social media picture to put a smile on his face. Below is a list of funny comments you can use:

  • You are simply marvelous.
  • Can I dedicate a song to you?
  • The word hunk is worthless without you.
  • You look mesmerizing. Can I lick you?
  • Hello, world; look, my king has posted again!
  • You are always terrific and unique.
  • OMG! I cannot close my eyes after seeing your pic.
  • I can't deal with how charming you always are.
  • You are so cute. I want to look at you the whole day.
  • I see you went to the barber. That cut suits you.
  • You made me believe in love at first sight. Just look at you.
  • I don't remember taking this pic with such a handsome man.
  • Man, I fall more in love with your stunning pictures.
  • I can't stop looking at that beard. Nicely done and fresh.
  • Standing next to you in this picture makes me look better.
  • Hey, hunk, that person next to you sure is lucky.
  • You mean the world to me. I'm craving you right now.
  • If I ever rewind time, it would be to meet you first.
  • I know a lot of girls get jealous that you chose me. I feel lucky.
  • You, my love, are not just pretty. You are the standard of all men.
  • I want to eat you right now. You are so good-looking!
  • How are you, even my boyfriend? Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming.
  • You are a whole meal, baby. I love you to the moon and back.
  • My heart skips a beat each time I see your photos on my feed.
  • Each picture you post makes me think about you.
  • You are graceful. You, my man, deserve everything you wish for.
  • I have never seen you look raggedy. Are you even real?
  • What a beautiful beard you have. I want my kids to have your genes.
  • You would have been arrested if looking immensely handsome was a crime.
  • I love going through your pictures now and then. They calm me.
  • You're incredibly stunning. Let's make babies.
  • A handsome boyfriend with a good heart. I got the real deal.
  • I know I'm a lucky girl for bagging such a beautiful boyfriend.
  • Your parents must be bakers. They made such a cute pie together!
  • I'm so blessed to look at you every day before you leave for work.
  • You are the most handsome man I follow. I need to see more of you.
  • Hotshot and honey-trapped inside you. The meaning of sweetness lies in you.
  • You look so good in this pic. I wouldn't be mad if you cropped me out.
  • We're pretty cute together. I love the pictures I take with you the most.
  • You might be surprised if I say you are not handsome, but more than that.

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Romantic comments for your boyfriend's picture

comments for a boyfriend's pic
Romantic comments for your boyfriend's picture. Photo: pexels.com, @Andrea Piacquadio (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Don't shy away from being romantic with your boyfriend on social media. When his pictures are cute, leave an impression with hot comments. Below are some romantic comments your can write on your boyfriend's Instagram picture:

  • I like it when you smile. It's cute.
  • I'm glad you're just as weird as I am.
  • You look like I need some snuggles.
  • I accept the Best Photographer Ever award.
  • Talents: Taking pictures of my love.
  • Use promo code 'KISSES' to get one from me.
  • You're the reason for my LOLs.
  • I'm making this picture my phone background now.
  • You casually make my heart melt like a popsicle.
  • I want to feel your body pressed on me every time you upload a picture.
  • You give me the same feeling as seeing my food at a restaurant.
  • I wish you could see yourself from my view. Unfortunately, you can't.
  • My hobbies include crushing on you.
  • Your dressing sense is appreciable. I love you, baby.
  • Not an average human being.
  • I'm going to steal that sweatshirt later.
  • You are the sweetest boy I have ever been with. You look stunning.
  • Roses are red; I rate this post 10/10.
  • I'd take you to the movies, but they don't let you bring your own snacks."
  • Who's the funny one in our relationship? Be honest.
  • Sometimes, I feel like I'm bragging when I tell my friends you are my boyfriend.
  • I love your curly hair. It is why I chose you to be my boyfriend.
  • Day turned into night; the lights changed, but not the spark and blush of my cheeks.
  • You are so much lovely. I've never seen this much beauty in one man.
  • Guys that look amazing like you should be banned from posting on social media.
  • Just when I couldn't love you more. You posted this pic, and now I want you for myself.
  • My jaw dropped when I saw how that fit suited you. You are a meal.
  • Are you a keyboard? Because you're my type.
  • You are a symbol of beauty. I'm not even going to lie. I want you right now.
  • You are the definition of the ideal man. So many girls dream of having what I have.
  • Flawless, outstanding, eccentric, lovely. Ugh! You look so sweet!
  • The stars, the moon, and the sun are minor to me since you sparkle brighter than all of them.
  • You look stunning with or without this outfit.
  • How cute would you look when asleep? I want to sleep next to you.
  • I love that straight hair of yours. It brings out the manly in you and your muscles when you undress.

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Flirty comments for the boyfriend's picture

comments for a boyfriend's pic
Flirty comments for the boyfriend's picture. Photo: pexels.com, @Ono Kosuki (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You can adopt a routine of hyping each other up on social media. Whenever one posts pictures, the other should drop flirty comments that will make you laugh. Here are some light-hearted, flirty remarks you can leave on your boyfriend's IG pics:

  • You are pleasing to look at. I have already undressed you with my eyes.
  • Just 'WOW' for your natural beauty. How do you look so yummy?
  • You are cute. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.
  • I love how comfortable you are in your world. Keep posting more, babe.
  • You are very, very adorable. So come here, my sweet and pretty man.
  • You are such a cutie. I am happy to be with you.
  • Not many girls get to have a handsome, caring, and loving man. You are my safest place.
  • You look beautiful in that shirt. I know God was showing off when he made you.
  • Hello there, my man, it's me again coming to show love on your post. You are stunning.
  • That natural beauty, though, you are a real one.
  • If you ever find me staring, know I'm admiring your eyes. You have the most beautiful, sparkling eyes.
  • I love you for your height, complexion, and smile. You have the most beautiful smile.
  • I feel proud when walking down the streets with you. Your sense of fashion is great,
  • You use very few hair products but still look like a star. I like your hair.
  • You look more beautiful than in the photo. I know this because I have seen you in your birthday suit.
  • Having a charming young man as a boyfriend is a dream for many girls. You look spectacular.
  • I will never tire of praising your looks and mannerisms. You're classy.
  • Your sense of fashion sets you apart from many boys. I like how conscious you are about how you look.
  • Just look at that man that I call my boyfriend. You're very trendy.
  • I don't mind being your photographer. You are so appealing to look at.
  • This picture looks so awesome. I had even forgotten what I was doing before seeing it.
  • I don't dare to tell you how much I love and worship your pictures. So, I guess I will just shut up.
  • I was so bored at work, and this picture rescued me from the boredom.
  • Can I save this picture? I want to give Santa my wish list.
  • Nobody can ever replace you. No one can match how handsome you are.
  • The one thing I can't avoid on my feed is your pictures!
  • I hope your traffic goes fast and supermarket queues are short so you can stay energized when you get home.
  • Could you post your pictures daily? I want my feed to be always bright every day.
  • You look so handsome even when your cameraman fails you.
  • Who's that standing behind you? I envy him.
  • Girls are made to like you. You look super cute.
  • Your perfection adds tons of value to others' lives.
  • I would pay a million dollars to build a personality like yours.
  • How did you always manage to smile so well?
  • You have such a cute and beautiful smile that even God gives you every chance to smile.

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Sweet comments for Instagram for your boy's picture

comments for a boyfriend's pic
Sweet comments for Instagram for your boy's picture. Photo: pexels.com, @Ketut Subiyanto (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You should pamper your boyfriend with sweet compliments. When you’re struggling to think of something witty, simply turn to these sweet and funny comments for a boyfriend's Instagram pic:

  • Slide in my DMs.
  • You're like the sun's rays. You shine bright on everyone you meet.
  • I didn't realize I was dating a male model.
  • You make me weak at the knees.
  • There's something about you that turns me on.
  • Having you around is one of the best things that happened to me. You're a divine present.
  • One look at you floods my mind with inappropriate thoughts.
  • Beauty is just one of the beautiful features you have. Everyone knows you are a real gem.
  • You are a true beauty epitome. Thank you for choosing me.
  • You make it hard not to stare.
  • I know a lot of girls are jealous that you chose me.
  • Hi babe, I like it when you post such pictures. Your true colors are beautiful.
  • You've got a beautiful heart, a sharp brain, and good looks. What's there not to like?
  • Inside out, you are beautiful. I enjoy looking at you.
  • You have a beautiful smile. Your dental structure is the perfect structure I've seen in a while
  • Your beauty is fantastic, and your personality is even more incredible. I'm proud of you, baby.
  • I see the beauty of your life behind that stunning smile. Never stop sharing your pictures.
  • You take my breath away, baby. You are too cute!
  • I wish you a happy day as you start the day.
  • You are more than I could ask for. You are the whole package.
  • Behind those beautiful eyes lies a beautiful story, my handsome man.
  • My prince, I love how expressive your eyes are.
  • I like so many things about you, baby. Your beard is one of the things I like about you.
  • When I look at you, butterflies fill my stomach.
  • Honestly, you are too handsome to walk on the same streets as the rest of us.
  • The beauty lies within the soul. I know this because I have seen it first-hand.
  • It's refreshing how consistent you are with posting these gorgeous pictures.
  • The expression is lovely. I want to see you do the same when we get home.
  • My king is the real deal: handsome, faithful, intelligent.
  • You're flawless. How are you, my boyfriend? I will always love you.
  • You are a whisper of perfection. You are my king.
  • You've got an attractive body, lovely eyes, nice lips, and a great personality.
  • There are endless possibilities for your beauty. You are the most beautiful man I've ever been with.
  • The world is not ready for the kind of chemistry we have. I say we ease them into it with some random, intense PDA.
  • God made the universe in six days, rested on the seventh, and took thousands of years to create you. That is why you are astonishingly flawless.

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Best comment for a boyfriend's pic on Instagram

comments for a boyfriend's pic
Best comment for a boyfriend's pic on Instagram. Photo: unsplash.com, @Timi David (modified by author)
Source: UGC

When he looks so good in his Instagram pictures, tell him he's making your heart melt. If you don't know what to say, copy one of these lovely Instagram captions and leave it under your boyfriend's post:

  • You are the manliest man I've ever known.
  • You're beautiful and enthusiastic. How can one not want to be with you?
  • You're everything I was looking for.
  • I see the power of your boldness, the beauty in your eyes, and the joy you bring. I love you
  • I didn't realize you had muscles like that.
  • The world wanted me to tell you that it's grateful for you blessing us with this selfie.
  • You plan to kill your fans by posting such pics.
  • What did I do to deserve such a sweet guy like you?
  • Few can act or deliver dialogue with their eyes, and you're one of them. I love the intensity of your eyes!
  • You're wow. Just wow. That smile is dangerous.
  • No one should be allowed to look that good. So how do you do it?
  • The best thing I can do is block it because ignoring it is not an option.
  • That confusing moment when you don't know what to comment because whatever you write isn't enough.
  • How are you, even my boyfriend? Sometimes, I feel like I'm dreaming.
  • There were many times when I thought, what's better? Then, I realized nothing is better than a beautiful heart with a pure soul. Well, I found both of them in you.
  • I am not thankful for anything but for having you in my life.
  • Chocolate is fantastic, but have you tried looking at you?
  • I could get lost in your eyes and never return to reality.
  • You are the sweetest boyfriend that a girl could ever ask for.
  • I want to let everyone know my best friend looks this good daily.
  • How are you not yet verified? You are the only star I want to follow on Instagram.
  • I'm just a girl standing before a boy, asking him to keep loving her forever.
  • I've got nothing but heart eyes for you.
  • Can I get your autograph? I'm your number one fan.
  • You're not a snack. You're a full-course meal.
  • I fall in love with you all over again every time I see you.
  • You have the most beautiful, sparkling eyes.
  • I wonder how God can create this bizarre human being: cute, adorable, and with brains!
  • I want to hang out with you and do dumb things together.
  • Follow this handsome guy to learn about the latest IG filters.

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What should you comment on your boyfriend's Instagram post?

You can comment, "The world wanted me to tell you that it's grateful for you blessing us with this selfie."

How can you praise your boyfriend?

Praise your boyfriend with these words, "The stars, the moon, and the sun are minor to me since you sparkle brighter than all of them."

How do you compliment a guy on a picture?

You can comment on his picture, "I didn't realize I was dating a male model."

How do you comment on your boyfriend's picture?

Make him smile with this comment, "This picture looks so awesome. I had even forgotten what I was doing before seeing it."

How do you compliment your boyfriend's profile picture?

When he posts his picture, comment, "Hotshot and honey-trapped inside you. The meaning of sweetness lies in you."

When choosing what to comment on a boyfriend's picture, use words that will not only make him smile but also leave an impression on his mind. You can include love, kisses, and winking emojis to add emotions to your comments for your boyfriend's picture.

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Yen.com.gh shared exam wishes and messages for a boyfriend. Sending your man a success wish is a simple gesture to boost his confidence while doing his test.

Soothing words can also calm his mind and ease the tension he feels. So, support your boyfriend by wishing him all the best in his exams.

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