Men's native wear in Ghana 2020 (photos)

Men's native wear in Ghana 2020 (photos)

Men's native attire is very popular among stylish gentlemen in Africa mostly from Nigeria. Some celebrities outside the continent also put on this attire. An example is The American rapper, The Game who was spotted wearing native attire recently. Men’s native fashion is unique with great designs that will make you hold your breath. They are designed for all ages and gender.Read on.

Men’s native attire Nigerian fashion has been one of the preferred choices for Nigerian men during the ceremonies regardless of age and gender.

With the various designs and styles that look good and classy, men’s native wear have evolved over the years bringing a different taste in fashion.

Many factors make men’s native styles to look classy and elegant and the style you want will determine the type of fabric you are to buy. Some of the native styles for men that you cannot go wrong in include;

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1. Ankara styles

These style ranges from simple to complicated designs and they can be worn for casual outings. It is also the most popular native style for men.

2. Agbada style

They are made out of Aso ebi materials such as lace and Ankara. This style is mostly used in Yoruba ceremonies like weddings, naming ceremonies and burials.

3. Senator style

It is made out of bold and strong deep colored suit materials. They can be worn to any occasion including as an office wear. It is also another trendy native wear for Nigerian men.

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4. Caftans

They are most preferred by Nigerian men. You can differentiate a good caftan from a plain one through the unique designs and styles since some of them have complicated embroideries. They are found in the Aso ebi native attire.

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Some of the men’s native dress is made out of fabric such as the lace, Aso –oke, Ankara, adire and Atiku material. The fabric and design combination give the native dress a beautiful look.

Men’s native wear styles require a person to find a good tailor then the next step will be coming up with an outstanding style. Style Rave has some of the latest attires styles for weddings or any occasion.

Nigerian male native fashion designs that will give you that elegant look are:

5. Bold designs

They are common in tailored shirts and can be worn with any trouser from denim to chinos or pant trousers.

6. Local tinko embroidery and Polka dots

This type of design gives one that official look in the native attire.

Men's native attire: You'll never go wrong in these native wear styles
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This type of design is a fast emerging design that suits both men and women but it is now growing in the men’s native wear.

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