African fashion styles 2020: Trends (photos)

African fashion styles 2020: Trends (photos)

It goes without saying, African fashion is trendy. Celebrities such as Beyoncé and Rihanna are rocking the design, and what’s more, African designers have also won worldwide recognition. It is not a traditional style anymore, but African fashion has been elevated and incorporated into the modern fashion styles, have a look.

7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019

The African fashion styles stand out in any occasion and for this reason, the style is worn worldwide. You are an African and you should have a piece of the unique African native wear to show that you are proud of our culture. The interesting bit about the African fashion styles is that they will always give one a presentable, classy, and expensive look.

African fashion styles 2020

Over the years, the West African people have been known to embrace the African fashion style. They have inspired the other African countries with their beautiful looks and now the tough market of the mainstream western culture wears is experiencing favorable competition.

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7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019

Latest African fashion styles

These styles are trending and anyone who wears one of these in any occasion surely steals all the attention. Some are fabrics and in this case you can make any design out of them including dresses, shorts, pants, jumpsuits and anything that pleases you.

Latest African fashion styles of Ankara prints

The African creative designers have now modernized the old Ankara print fabric designs. It is classic and blended well by mixing it with other fabrics like laces, kente, and kitenge to make it more unique and attractive.

7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019
Ankara mixed with lace

Utilize the Ankara fabric and create any piece from the dresses, blazers, shoes, handbags, pants, suits, ties, and blouses as well.

Keep in mind that the design will depend on the occasion. If you choose an Ankara print crop top, attend occasions like wedding ceremonies and the dinner-date. If you want an official look, the design must look presentable. You won’t go wrong with this rich Ankara print fabric that assures you of an expensive look any day any time.

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African fashion with the Aso Ebi styles

The African fashion Style dresses with Aso Ebi styles are amazing and unique. The West African countries especially the Nigerians, adore this fabric style because it gives them an expensive, decent, and classy African culture look.

7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019

The most trending Aso Ebi style in 2019 adopts the off-shoulder collar design or the wide neck design.

Dashiki fashionable styles 2020

Are you in love with this dashiki fabric? The dashiki fabrics are so beautiful with their upper half body length cover. In 2019, the African designers have fully utilized the fabric and they are creating unique pieces, such as dresses, skirts, tops, and pants.

7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019

The modern pieces for ladies will definitely give you a classy and a gorgeous look. Keep in mind that you need to create a piece that will fit in with your occasion. Classic accessories and a cool hairstyle will give you a fabulous look.

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Agbada African design style

Who said looking unique is not the 2019 theme? The Agbada is well-known to be a Nigerian wear. Well, the other African women and men are getting inspired with the unique, more presentable and classy fashion style.

7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019

It is not a man's design anymore, the rich design will make any ordinary lady look expensive.

Kente fashionable styles for ladies

Kente styles are mostly embraced by the Ghanaians during their traditional engagements. The Kente fabric has now been utilized and people all over Africa are creating multi-occasion design styles and they look fabulous.

7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019
Kente design combinations

Most African designers are blending the Kente fabric with soft polished cotton of various colors to make pieces like skirts, tops, dresses, and pants. Own a piece too for an out-standing look.

Kitenge trending style for Africans

Kitenge is a unique fabric that well represents the beauty of the African queens. The African designers with an affordable price have created Kitenge beautiful styles and designs.

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7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019

Create a unique piece that suits your occasion and you won’t regret.

Iro and Buba fashionable style

Iro and Buda is a famous wear for the Yoruba people in Nigerians. The other African women are now embracing the African style because it is now modernized giving them that youngish sweet age look they wanted.

7 biggest African fashion styles of 2019

They look very attractive and fashionable as well. The tulip and the oleku Buba styles are the trending styles because they make a woman to be more decent, attractive, and most of all expensive.

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