13 of the wildest Moesha Boduong photos

13 of the wildest Moesha Boduong photos

Moesha Boduong, one of the most popular personalities on Ghanaian social media, has come under fire over an interview she granted to CNN which has been making rounds since Wednesday night.

In the no-holds-barred interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour in which Moesha talked about her personality, sex, and love, among others, she claimed she basically thrives in Ghana's difficult economy by sleeping with men.

Moesha further claimed that, in Ghana, a lady cannot survive the hard economic conditions without the help of a man to pay the bills.

13 wild photos of Moesha Boduong that no Ghanaian man can resist
Moesha Boduong

Her statement, especially the generalization that most young Ghanaian women do what she does, has received a flurry of condemnations from a section of Ghanaians who feel Moesha's statement is demeaning to hardworking Ghanaian women.

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But despite the much-disliked comments from her, one thing is clear. She has a wealthy man at her beck and call who is willing to do her every need.

So what is making, Moesha, an actress who plays a role in the popular TV series, Coco Brown, so much important for her 'sponsor' whom she admitted was married.

Well, the truth is Moesha is an attractive lady that many men would find difficult to resist.

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YEN.com.gh has put together photos that show how irresistible Moesha is.

Moesha combined a brown top with an orange skirt in the photo above

Moesha went for a jumpsuit and topped it with a smile.

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The actress sat in a chair for this one

Moesha ushered in February 2018 with a blonde look.

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Moesha blew minds with this photo of her in a swimsuit

The actress went for a golden touch as she posed by a piano.

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Moesha shows off her nice shape.

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She decided to show some cleavage here

Moesha looks good with her smile

This picture (above) caused a stir on Ghanaian social media.

Moesha in a camouflage dress which brings out her hourglass shape nicely

Moesha turned heads with the red and black combination

Moesha in a very different hairstyle is still looking good

In the video below, the deputy education minister, Mrs Barbara Ayisi, speaks on how President Akufo-Addo inspires her, and how the president's success story must also inspire the youth of Ghana to greater heights:

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