Beautiful African wear for kids and little children 2019(Pictures)

Beautiful African wear for kids and little children 2019(Pictures)

African wears create a beautiful and an excellent look to all ages including your little ones. Fact remains that when you make your kids adorable with beautiful wears; you also create and affective look to your family as whole. We have brought together a collection of African dresses for kids to inspire those parents that would their little daughters and sons to rock into the world of fashion with trendy African wears.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2019

Source: Online Nigeria

Nigerian clothing for kids

The Nigerians are known for embracing fashion and therefore we thought of sharing with you the trendy yet beautiful wears for toddlers; to inspire you. Read on the African attire for kids and you will definitely find an appealing one from the Ankara, Kente, dashiki, Aso Ebi, Kitenge, to Aso-Oke. Add a little creativity and create a piece for you kid making them have that fabulous look.

Baby African Dashiki

Who said that kids can’t rock with this rich tunic of Dashiki? Well, both the established and the local African designers are making efforts to express their extreme creative to handmade as well as vintage beautiful dashiki wears for your little queen and king wears from shoes, bodysuits, dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts to either your newborns or toddlers. Here are some of the amazing dashiki for kids wears that will inspire you to create a piece for your little one.

Dashiki shirts for kids

The stylish African Dashiki shirts for kids are being embraced all over African for bring out the true beauty of the little angels. For a baby boy, a cool jeans or a polished cotton pant will give them a soft innocent yet perfect look.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2019

Source: Pinterest

If it is a hot season, you can dress your little queen with a trendy dashiki shirt wear alone, a comfortable tight polished cotton pant or jeans and she will have that soft and cool look that you have always wanted. Here are children Dashiki shirt to inspire you.

Dashiki detailed kids t-Shirt

The polished cotton children’s dashiki shirt is becoming a mainstream wear all over the world. This is an year for all African ages’ people including our little toddlers to go the African way. To make your beautiful polished baby’s shirt more unique, parents are putting dashiki prints and the t-shirt looks so adorable.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2019

Source: Made In Africa Exports - Storenvy

Don’t let your kids miss out this amazing trendy wear, create a piece for them to make them feel loved and appreciated. This is because the little things you do for your son and daughter is like a big mansion gift to them.

Bodysuit baby African dashiki

A bodysuit is a popular wear suitable for both newborns and toddlers. The western baby bodysuits are too common and its time for the African parents to embrace the African styles.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2019

Source: Pinterest

Either you are going to visit a friend, attending an occasion, or just indoors, you will find the dashiki baby bodysuits very unique and beautiful representing the definition of the true African kids beauty.

Dashiki African print dresses for kids

Are you stuck in finding a trendy and beautiful dress for you little toddler? Well, not any more, a dashiki dress can never go wrong.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2019

Source: Mallplaces

Find the right beautiful accessories from unique simple shoes, well-coated earrings, and a baby hairstyle; make sure you don’t overdo their look so that they can feel comfortable with a soft and a cool look.

Dashikis for toddlers skirts

The toddler dashiki skirts can never go out fashion and style, they are among the top African clothing for kids. When you are creating or buying a ready-made piece of the dashiki skirt, have in mind that your choice of length must be comfortable for you kid. This is because kids are playful and therefore a lengthy skirt can make them fall and hurt themselves.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2019

Source: Pinterest

You can create a piece with an elastic band waist and match the outfit with a polished cotton piece of a top. If you want you sweet toddler to go for a full African attire, then find a beautiful and a classic top with the same dashiki tunic.

Dashiki pants for newborn babies

Kids are so adorable and people will always want to enjoy holding your newborn queen or king. An excellent wear for you kid will also bring a sense of beauty & image for you family. Rock your kid with the trendy dashiki wears and you wont regret your decision; we bet that many comments from your visitor will flow of how your baby is dresses in a super fine pant.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

If you at the end of your pregnancy journey ready for motherhood with your baby’s gender in mind, this is the right time for you to create the amazing dashiki pants for you your awaited blessing; but if the baby is born already, it is not too late for your little one to look trendy this season, 2019.

Dashiki hoodies for kids

The western hoodies are too common and it's time for our African toddlers to rock in this cold season with trendy dashiki hoodies. Logically, kids are sensitive to cold and running them to hospitals is the last thing a parent would dream of.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Africa Imports

Purchase a ready-made piece or create a unique piece with a beautiful, stylish, and effective design that will make you kind feel loved and appreciated.

Dashiki shorts for kids

Shorts are the best especially if your little one is active and very playful. It is healthy for a kid to play and therefore creating a unique piece for them to rock with, will make them more comfortable. Most parents prefer to create a piece with an elastic band waist and it comes out just perfect.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: kushiaa

A polished cotton top or a matching dashiki top will fall out perfectly. Below are images to inspire you. Find an appealing design and add a little creativity to make your king or queen’s Dashiki short unique.

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Ankara modern wear for children

African clothing for children with the Ankara prints will ever stand out because of the rich fabric bright and various colors that make toddlers have that innocent and adorable look. Logically, African wears bring a significance as character traits, natural beauty, attribute of status, and they also express inward emotions. This is the reason why this article has a collection for the Ankara designs for children to inspire you and to be helpful to parents who are fashion geeks to update their modern kid’s wardrobe.

Ankara African print dresses for kids

Are you among the African parents who want their babies to grow surrounded with much care, love, and tenderness? If yes, then you have to dress your little angel with beautiful outfits that will make them grow to desire to have a feminine look. Below are excellent and trendy wears to inspire you, but there are things you have to consider before creating a piece of the bright Ankara dress for your toddler.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Zibbet

The first thing is to design the dress with cuttings that are comfortable. This is because all kids love doing is to have fun by either playing or participating in different kid’s competitions and therefore never create a piece that will deprive them from enjoying themselves. Finally, make sure the dress has an inside inner polished cotton to avoid irritating your young angels soft and cool skin.

Ankara dress with open shoulders for kids

The kid looks trendy, comfortable, beautiful, and extremely fabulous with off-shoulder dress with amazing frills. The shoulders are open and therefore you should dress you angel with this beautiful trendy dress on a hot day. Be a little keen with the shoulders to make sure that they won’t fall off because of their flat chest.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

You should also pay attention to the elastic band at the shoulders and make sure it is not too tight to make her feel uncomfortable. Why don’t create such a piece to your beautiful princes? Well, the dress can be long or short-sleeved but a little bit below the knee to make her look perfect. Complete the look with a unique kid’s hairstyle or just put a cute Ankara band on her hair.

Ankara short jumpsuits for kids

The beautiful thing about the jumpsuits is that it is a full attire, that makes a kid so comfortable and flexible, be it a short or a pant. The short Ankara jumpsuits are most appropriate during a hot day making your baby feel relaxed and comfortable.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

You can have a walk with your toddler; go for an event, all stay indoors with this trendy and beautiful wear. It is among the many beautiful African baby clothes that no mum would hesitate to create for her toddler.

Ankara pant jumpsuit for kids

The Ankara pants jumpsuits will always give your child a bright and an expensive look that you as a parent will feel proud. You can design the top differently from the off-shoulder/ open shoulders, long sleeved, to short-sleeved styles and any design that you will feel appealing to you.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2019

Source: Eliba collections

All your kid needs is a comfortable feeling that will make her feel cute. There are so many Ankara fabrics that you can use like Ankara fabric with stones or the Ankara fabric with sequins. A cute hairstyle, shoes, and simple earing will give her a perfect look.

Ankara skirts for kids

African skirts will always give your baby girl a gorgeous feminine look. This year parents are going for Ankara dresses with beautiful folds or the elastic band waist to make the kid to feel more comfortable as she does activities that give a her real pleasure.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Aliexpress

As a parent, you should have a goal of adding up more skirts to your kid’s wardrobe so that you can develop a feminine quality & character in her.

Ankara African clothes for boys

Ankara wears for boy do not only give them an excellent look, but they also develop a masculine character. You should pay attention to the wears to make them comfortable especially your kid is more playful. You can create an Ankara peice for your little prince from the many stylish pants, shorts, blazers, bodysuits, shirts, and t-shirts. Fact remains that your kid is your biggest investment and therefore you can hesitate to show them love, care, and appreciation no matter the cost. Right? All you need is to take your creativity to another level together with your designer and make a unique piece for your little one.

Ankara African Shirts for Kids

Don’t go for the mainstream shirts while you can create a unique Ankara piece for your son. Give them that expensive, innocent, soft, excellent, and cool look that will make them feel as special as they are. Blend the cute look with a polished cotton pant or go for a whole Ankara outfit.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

For a baby boy, well-combed hair and beautiful and unique shoes will give them a perfect look. Be a trendy mom & dad with a trendy son.

Ankara pants for kids

Ankara African outfit for kids looks awesome, you should create a piece that will give your kid an excellent look. If you noticed, kids character change whenever they are given compliments all over of how handsome they look. Create a piece and give your little prince a smile; your kid’s happiness will definitely make you a proud mummy or daddy.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Little Lola Bunny

For a more unique idea design, you can create a beautiful pant and then add Ankara details on a matching t-shirt and the kid will look excellent. Don’t under-estimate these rich fabric and utilize it as much as you can.

Ankara shorts for kids

Shorts are unique and most parents prefer them because their kids can play comfortable with them. Are you about to go for an occasion? Well, your young boy needs to have an amazing look that will make him stand out among the best dressed and definitely all the credits will be yours.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

Your kids’ represent what people will think of you therefore you should give them this expensive look; you will be creating a positive image to your family at large.

Ankara blazers for kids

Only fashionable parents will get inspired with taking their toddler beauty to another level. The blazers and a bow tie will make your baby to grow admiring a cute, masculine and an expensive look.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

Make him dress as a prince he is and receive the credits from people for your kid being trendy. Match the outfit with a nice fitting jean, a short, a polished cotton pant, or an Ankara pant with a unique shirt.

Kente African clothes for toddlers

The Kente fabric will absolutely give cute baby pieces for being rich with a soft and cool texture. Many recognize this beautiful fabric for being a Ghanaian attire during their traditional engagements, but know the fabric has now been modernized for the young kids to also have a taste of the amazing fabric, Kente. You can create any wear from this fabric for your young princess or prince and you will fall in love with the look.

Kente dresses for kids

The Kente dresses look perfect. They are the ultimate kids African clothes. The good thing is that the African designers are getting inspirations from the African culture and the pieces designs this year are so adorable. Most parents prefer a medium dress that is just below the knee because they give room for them to play around comfortably.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Etsy

She is your little princess and all you can do is to develop a feminine look character in her. This means that you should consider adding more dresses in her modern African wear for children wardrobe; this rich fabric will definitely allow you to design unique and stylish pieces that will give your baby a fabulous look.

Kente skirt for toddler with a crop top

Who said toddlers can’t rock with a cute crop top and a stylish Kente skirt. However, it is a kid's outfit for a daring mum, but it looks super beautiful and trendy. What you to pay attention to is the weather. If it is a hot summer and you are going for an event like a wedding ceremony it perfectly fits; let your baby flaunt with it.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

To make the prying eyes not to pay that much attention to your babies exposed navel or waist, you can dress her a unique blazer, hoodie, or a beautiful jean jacket and she will look excellent. The Kente skirt being below the knee will also minimize the attention to baby’s waist. Here are cute Kente pics to inspire you.

Kente top for toddlers with skirts

The Kente tops with unique and beautiful skirts give a baby a bright look that is so adorable. The top can be of different design style like the off-shoulder, long or short sleeved. If you go for the off-shoulder Kente style, then you have to make sure your toddler is comfortable with it. It will be very embracing to you if it falls off. However, make sure that the elastic band at the shoulders is not too tight because the baby won’t feel right.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Panos Designs

Most parents prefer the off-shoulder stylish tops to kids above the age of 2-3 years because there are able to express themselves whenever they feel uncomfortable with any wear. You can go for a long-sleeved or a short-sleeved Kente stylish tops with a beautiful polished cotton skirt and the baby will have a wonderful look.

Traditional kente style for Ghanaian kids

The Ghanaians are among the countries that have learnt to embrace and appreciate their cultures up to date. The Ghanaian adore the Kente fabric for they know how rich this fabric is. Make your toddler dress in a traditional Kente outfit during that traditional wedding ceremony and he/she will fit in well.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

Your young prince or princess will grow embracing his culture, which is a beautiful thing to learn from a parent. Get inspired with the pics below and you wont regret the beautiful look you will create to your toddler.

Kente shirt for kids

Everybody with a taste for fashion will fall for a look that is unique and not a mainstream. Your kids may not understand this by now, but you are the mum or dad and you know what is best for them. Your kid will feel happy seeing her/his fellow friend with the same time of a shirt that she/he has.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Jamaden | Collection

Kids are funny and we should show them more love for their innocence. Purchase a polished cotton shirt and add Kente details on it and you will definitely fall in love with it. The outfit will be more beautiful with a well fitting jean, a short, a polished cotton pant, or a Kente pant.

Kente bow tie & half-coat for kids

Kid African clothes are so beautiful and therefore try as much as you can to make your kids rock this season, 2019. Are you about to attend an occasion and you wondering how to make your toddler look extremely fabulous? well, you can dress your baby with a jean, a nice shirt and then blend the look with a beautiful designed Kente bow tie and a half – coat.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Amazon

We bet the baby will look cute and you will be developing a sense of decency, trendy, fashionable, masculine character to him. Yes, he is young, but you need to continue dressing him in those wears.

Kente pants for kids

The Kente Pants are more unique and beautiful. Right? Blend the beautiful Kente pant with a unique top be it polished cotton. Other parents will prefer a complete Kente outfit and they come out perfectly. It is a good way to make your kid to grow appreciating the Africans prints wears.

Beautiful African wear for kids 2018

Source: Pinterest

African print baby clothes are also affordable to create and also available ready-made in the many designers boutiques. Below are photos to inspire you to create a piece.

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