What's up with ugly shoes, and why are people obsessed with them?

What's up with ugly shoes, and why are people obsessed with them?

Fashion is a form of self-expression, popular at a particular duration and location. Recently, people have been wearing and hyping ugly shoes, a craze that has become fashionable. But why have people ditched looks and appearance? Is it for comfort or affordability?

ugly shoes
Birkenstocks and Yeezy foamrunners. Photo: @joeyradford, @mistertelly on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The rise of ugly shoes has been rampant in recent times. These sneakers have become famous for their comfort and unique aesthetics. Some of these shoes look cartoonish, while others have shouting colours. But despite their controversial appearances, these fittings have gained immense popularity worldwide.

Why are ugly shoes trendy?

Ugly shoes are trending because of the influence of social media. Famous influencers are hyping these creations, thus contributing to their rise in demand and appeal. The other factor that has appealed to the masses is that these footwear are comfortable and unique.

Why are people obsessed with ugly shoes?

There may be many answers to this question, but the main reason could be that the masses are attracted to originality. Most people prefer products that stand out, ones that are unique and disobey the laws of fashion and appeal.

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Additionally, the obsession with these boots is a result of the influence of social media. Companies involve content creators when they are launching products into the market.

Examples of popular ugly shoes

The rise of unattractive footwear has prompted big brands to collaborate with ugly shoe manufacturers. The market for this footwear is lucrative. From Crocs to some Birkenstocks brands, the list of the ugliest shoes is an interesting one.

1. Crocs

ugly shoes
Balenciaga x Crocs Sandal collaboration. Photo: @abligan_sneakers on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Crocs are, without a doubt, among the ugliest shoes in the world. These clogs have been shunned and ridiculed for their design and form factor. However, despite the criticism, Crocs is among the best-selling footwear worldwide. The shoe is a creation of three Colorado natives, Scott Seamans, Lyndon "Duke" Hanson, and George Boedecker Jr.

The shoe's material is known as Croslite, a material that is neither plastic nor rubber. Crocs have remained popular among children, healthcare providers and the catering industry.

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2. UGG boots

ugly shoes
Gabriella Berdugo wears blue denim cargo large pants, camel suede with white sheep interior platform mules from UGGs on 2 November 2022 in Paris, France. Photo: Edward Berthelot
Source: Getty Images

If you are wondering what shoes to wear with an ugly Christmas sweater, the UGG loafers or boots make a great combination. UGG boots are among the ugliest shoes in the world because of their design and appearance. The boots are a property of Deckers shoe company, trademarked in various countries, including the USA.

However, the origin of the Uggs was in Australia, where they were worn by surfers in the 1960s and 1970s. Australian surfer Brian Smith brought the boots to America in the 1970s.

3. Birkenstocks

ugly shoes
Birkenstocks For Wanted in Toronto. Photo: Steve Russell
Source: Getty Images

Birkenstocks are among the ugliest sandals on the market. Despite this status, the sandals are a favourite among the famous because of their comfort. They are unappealing because they prioritise user comfort over aesthetics.

The creator of the brand's sandal, Karl Birkenstocks, created the Madrid shoe in 1964. The brand's founder, Johann Adam Birkenstocks, began working as a cobbler in Germany in 1774. In 1896, his great-grandchild had the idea to create and sell foot inserts.

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4. Vibram FiveFingers

ugly shoes
Vibram FiveFinger footwear was seen on 12 May 2014 in Miami, Florida. Photo: Joe Raedle
Source: Getty Images

The Vibram FiveFingers, or the barefoot shoes, are on the list of the ugliest shoes ever because of their appearance. The footwear inventor is Robert Fliri, a design student from Vinschgau who developed and introduced it in 2005.

5. Reebok ATV 19+

ugly shoes
The Reebok ATV 19+ sneakers. Photo: @poisonnnn69, @liquid_purple on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Reebok ATV 19+ are among the top ugly shoes for men. The boots have been criticised online for their appearance and similarity to water bears. However, the manufacturer said the design was more inclined to performance.

The Reebok ATV 19+ has 19 nodes or 'lugs' scattered across the sole. The outer lugs act as training wheels to keep you on your feet when pounding irregular surfaces.

Which are some ugly basketball shoes?

There have been some ugly basketball sneakers over time. Their designs have earned them their spot among the most disliked footwear. Here are some notable picks according to the Bleacher Report.

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  • Converse Wade I - Dwyane Wade
  • Dada Sprewells - Latrell Sprewell
  • Ewing Rogue II- Patrick Ewing
  • Adidas Gil Zero- Gilbert Arenas
  • Dada C dubbz - Chris Webber
  • Nike Air Bakin- Tim Hardaway
  • Jordan 15- Michael Jordan
  • Nike Zoom Flight 5 - Jason Kidd
  • LA Gear- Karl Malone
  • Adidas Kobe 2 (crazy 2)- Kobe Bryant

How to dress in ugly shoes?

There are various ways to maintain an appealing look while wearing ugly footwear. One rule is to go neutral or pick something in your outfit that matches an accent in the footwear. Secondly, you can go big and use contrast by colour blocking. You can achieve this by wearing different shades that pop against each other.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why are ugly shoes trendy? Ugly shoes are fashionable because of their recent association with prominent and reputable brands. Additionally, the boots are famous for their comfort and availability.
  2. Why are people obsessed with ugly shoes? People are obsessed with ugly shoes because of their uniqueness and originality.
  3. Why are hiking shoes so ugly? Ugly shoes are ugly because they prioritise function over form and aesthetics.
  4. What are examples of ugly expensive shoes? Balenciaga Crocs won't miss the list. The shows are worth between $600 and $1,250.
  5. What's so special about UGG boots? The UGGs are unique for their insulation and comfort. They use sheepskin to line the inside of the loafers.
  6. Are there ugly basketball shoes? Yes, there is. Some brand collaborations have proven to be disastrous in terms of looks. Examples include; Adidas Kobe 2 (crazy 2), Jordan 15 and the Converse Wade I.
  7. Is there a secret on how to dress in ugly shoes? Yes, there is. You can go neutral or pick something in your outfit that matches an accent in the footwear.

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Ugly shoes have seen a rise in popularity in recent times. Unattractive footwear has become trendy for various reasons, including exclusivity and comfort. Influencers and celebrities have contributed to the craze by wearing ugly footwear, making them popular among the broader masses.

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