80+ Ankara styles for ladies: skirts, tops, gowns, jumpsuits (photos)

80+ Ankara styles for ladies: skirts, tops, gowns, jumpsuits (photos)

Ankara refers to outfits made from African printed fabric. It has become one of the most popular and versatile outfits for men, women, and children. For years, printed fabric outfits have been a favourite for women looking to give their outfits an African touch. It is easy to come across Ankara bags, dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, and jumpsuits. This guide has you covered if you are searching for the trendiest Ankara styles for ladies today.

simple ankara styles for ladies
Some nice-looking Ankara designs. Photo: @chikamara_, @de_fairygodmother, @stylesby_od (modified by author)
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The popularity of African printed fabric continues to grow as fashion designers develop creative ways to incorporate it into numerous outfits. Here is a look at some trendy yet simple Ankara ladies styles.

What are the top Ankara styles for ladies?

Here is a look at the most fashionable Ankara styles for 2023.


aAkara styles for ladies in 2022
Trendy Ankara skirt designs. Photo: @nguoaffordable, @heess_designs, @shopkambia, @themiekomichi.rtw, @mychapodesigns, @raldino254, @el_afrique_ (modified by author)
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Skirts are among the most common outfits when it comes to female fashion. There are countless stylish ways one can wear a printed fabric skirt. Depending on the occasion, you can almost never go wrong with a printed fabric skirt, be it a maxi, mermaid, pencil, long, short, tight, loose, or midi design.

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Additionally, one can pair their skirts with just about any blazer, top, blouse, or t-shirt. Printed fabric skirts also present huge opportunities for women to experiment with various styles, colours, patterns, and designs, which explains why they have become an integral part of women's fashion in Africa.


pictures of african dress designs in 2022
Beautiful Ankara tops. Photo: @graceyy_stitches, @mae_otti, @ankara_in_diaspora, @ankara_in_diaspora, @ankarafabulousity, @chizz_i, @ankaralooks (modified by author)
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Modern printed fabric tops come in various designs and can be worn with trousers, skirts, or shorts. Some of the hot Ankara styles for ladies include the off-shoulder, crop top, and balloon sleeve designs.

It is no surprise that these outfits have become extremely in numerous women's wardrobes. These tops are often quite colourful and come in numerous sizes and designs.

Long gowns

latest ankara styles in 2022 for ladies
Ankara gowns. Photo: @kifaharikouturekenya, @anikescouture, @naija_fashiondesigners, @peoplerockingnaija, @naija_fashiondesigners, @legit_african_designers, @aso_party (modified by author)
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These long gowns are among the most popular types of classic Ankara dress styles. Most of these gowns are typically made from printed fabric, with some having other materials such as lace, satin, and silk.

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Styles of Ankara gowns come in varying lengths, designs, colours, and finishes. Today, these printed fabric gowns are an indispensable part of the modern African woman's wardrobe. One can choose from a long, short bodycon, mermaid, bare-back, and numerous other designs.

Lace gowns

Ankara ladies styles
Lace Ankara styles for ladies. Photo: @stylewithamarastar, @Stylevore, @9ja_fashion update (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Ankara lace gowns are becoming increasingly popular in Ghana. This is because the lace creates a unique and stylish look that many women find appealing. The vibrant Ankara fabric also allows wearers to express their African heritage and cultural identity.

Ankara lace gowns' unique and stylish appearance, affordability, and increased exposure through social media are some of the key factors contributing to their growing popularity in Ghana.

Short dresses

ankara styles for ladies in 2022
Nice Ankara dresses. Photo: @mamaafricanstyle, @majoress_prints, @ankarafashiongallery, @ankarafashiongallery, @ankarafashiongallery, @graceychimmy, @ankarafashiongallery (modified by author)
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Dresses are inarguably the outfits that stamped Ankara's place in the modern-day fashion industry. This explains why a conversation about printed fabric without one can never have mentioning dresses.

These outfits come in various designs, lengths, and colours, making it easy for anyone to find unique Ankara dresses in 2023. options for both formal and casual settings. You can go for a casual night out with a mini dress and pair it up with a colourful blazer.

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Pair your dress with a plain blazer or coat for a more professional look. The above pictures of African dress designs in 2023 will help ease your decision.


ankara gown styles
Trendy Ankara shorts. Photo: @naliakadesigner, @ohemaa_in_prints, @mmazcouture, @mayrushonline, @gakenicloset, @justyou.ng, @dovellete, @ssndboutique (modified by author)
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Printed fabric shorts are among the most popular women's outfits in countries that have warm climates. This practical, fashionable, and highly versatile piece of clothing can be made in a wide range of styles, colours, prints, and lengths.

You can choose from numerous Ankara styles for females when it comes to shorts. These include tight, loose, short, medium, or long shorts. Ankara shorts go perfectly with various tops, blouses, and t-shirts. If you are looking for a more conservative look, go for plain shorts with a fabric lining on the lower end.


pictures of african dress designs in 2022
Beautiful Ankara shoes. Photo: @2828insightsfashion, @madeinside.shop, @patella_fashion, @rezysplace (modified by author)
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One cannot speak of modern-day Ankara female designs without mentioning the printed fabric shoes. The material has been used to make everything from high heels to rubbers and sandals. Since these shoes are often quite colourful, they are often best paired with plain-coloured jeans, skirts, dresses, or shorts.

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One can choose to have a colourful touch on the entire shoe, the top part only, or the sole lining.


latest ankara styles in 2022 for ladies
Ankara jumpsuits. Photo: @chestas_fashion, @ankaralooks, @zikorahafrica, @thefashionsteer, @phina_luxe, @kilimanjaro_thelabel, @jumpsuit_magazine, @khadcouture (modified by author)
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Jumpsuits are part of the latest Ankara styles in 2023 for ladies. These outfits have become quite trendy in the last few years. Some of the most popular designs include those with tight-fitting lower parts, off-shoulder tops, loose-fitting lower parts, and plain-coloured upper sections. You can have your jumpsuit designed to suit a casual or professional look.


hot ankara styles for ladies
Pretty printed fabric bags. Photo: @m.a.r.o_1collection, @edobagmaker, @bon_plaisir, @2828insightsfashion, @_thoche, @xfaxionangola, @modabellabyfey, @2828insightsfashion (modified by author)
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Today, there is an entire market for printed fabric bags and purses. These bags come in numerous designs, sizes, and material combinations. Some of the most popular ones include the Ankara-leather combo, the Ankara denim, and the all-fabric designs.

The bright and colourful printed fabric serves as the perfect choice to go with the often bland-coloured leather and other common bag fabrics. Besides regular bags, you can also choose to get a colourful printed fabric purse or clutch bag.

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Ankara blazers. Photo: @veryldesigns, @winnies_stitches, @nahlabrand, @catwalkwithpat, @jade.outfits (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Ankara blazers are popular among men and women and can be worn for formal and casual occasions. They are versatile enough to be paired with various outfits, including jeans, dresses, skirts, and trousers. They are often embellished with unique details such as pockets, buttons, or piping, which add a touch of individuality and personality to the jacket.


Ankara dress styles
Ankara headgears. Photo: @emuejeheadgears, @nahlabrand, @supoayeni, @larawise (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Ankara fabric is known for its bold and vibrant prints, ideal for making eye-catching and one-of-a-kind headwear. Ankara headgear is a popular fashion accessory in many African countries, particularly among women, who use it to make a fashion statement while displaying their cultural identity.

It can be worn in various ways, depending on the wearer's taste and the occasion. Combine the headwrap with other fashion accessories, such as jewellery or sunglasses, to complete the look.

How do you know if Ankara material is good?

You can use the water absorption test to gauge the material's quality. You can try this out by putting a drop of water on your printed fabric. If the water is easily absorbed, that's a pointer to the material being of good quality. If the water drop remains on the material for a while, then it might not be the best quality.

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What is Ankara design?

Ankara design refers to the use of African wax prints in fashion and clothing design. These prints are typically 100% cotton with vibrant patterns and colours. Ankara design is popular in many African countries and has gained international traction.

How do you maintain Ankara fabric?

On is advised to use cold or lukewarm water when washing and rinsing outfits made from printed fabric. You can also add a tablespoon of salt into the washing and rinsing water to seal the fabric colours and prevent them from bleeding.

What is so special about Ankara fabric?

The fabric is known for its colourful African prints and is deeply associated with African clothing.

What is Ankara fashion style?

Ankara fashion style refers to clothing made from Ankara fabric, a vibrant and colourful African print fabric. It is commonly used to make dresses, skirts, pants, and other clothing items. Ankara style is known for its bold and eye-catching patterns and is often paired with modern and trendy designs to create a unique and fashionable look.

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Can you wear sneakers with Ankara?

Yes. Pairing your Ankara outfits with sneakers can achieve a great casual look while remaining chic. It is an impressive style combination that is worth attempting.

Can you wear Ankara to a date?

Yes, if you feel comfortable and confident in it. Ankara can be a stylish and one-of-a-kind outfit choice. However, it is ultimately determined by the dress code and type of date.

There are numerous Ankara styles for ladies in today's fashion scene. One can choose from various skirts, dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, bags, shoes, and numerous other outfits. The versatility of this material makes it suitable for pretty much every female outfit today.

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