Ankara styles for men: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Ankara styles for men: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Life is not made of all the pleasantries. It is even hard for the boy child who is largely consumed at work working hard to meet their responsibilities as the man and leader. More often they forget for the happy lone time that should be for them. The worst is that they are working and heavily loaded but have not time to go to the store and get some of the latest Ankara styles for men. The path most are on is of concern which made me get interested in sampling some of the male Ankara designs 2020. A little investment to self makes one happier.

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There is a price to buy food, a price to buy or rent shelter and there is a price to buy clothing; some of the very necessities of life according to Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs. Imperatively, there is always is a price to have good and fine things in life even those that are not luxurious per say. In a like manner, men there are a price to look good; Ankara styles for men.

Current fashion trends in Ghana for men and women

Human being have an inherent desire to hear good things about themselves often sugarcoated or honest opinions from people. Love, praise, compliment, recognition and respect are just some of the things in particular the ears want to hear. However, men in particular tend to shy away from accepting this fact and portray a bold unshakable spirit. All in all we all need this; looking good is one of the way to go with the Ankara men’s clothing.

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Back in the days, men wardrobe had limited variations and hence few styles of men’s wear to rock. Designers similarly did a lot of injustice in propelling this trend on as most did not focus more on creative arts and style for men. Women got very empowered in all aspects of their life and before long the male child was almost forgotten or rendered less significant. This awakened many to focus on the men and help them gain their authority, leadership supremacy. Designer then began working tirelessly to groom the man with the best of Ankara styles for men.

Traditional African dresses for kids

At the time Ankara was commonly for women as they solely used to make clothes for them. Bright colors of course could have been the main deterrent. However, a hurricane came and brought a shift in men’s style and fashion. Today, it is not unconventional to see a man dressed in Ankara designs for guys walking down the streets in Africa; West African of course leads in prevalence.

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Apparently, I doubt there is any stylish man who does not own a collection of Ankara men’s clothing in their closet. Although, this is a native style for men, we still remain tied to it by the virtue of it being from our roots. Nonetheless, there is a lot of beauty in it which makes it a significant part of life we are going to pass on to other generation as a gift for being Africans. I am tempted to believe everyone knows what Ankara is but for the sake of those that don’t allow me to expound on what it really is.

Men's African wear in Ghana

What is Ankara style?

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

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There is no one concise definition of what Ankara is but it basically refers to the native African printed fabric made wears. This may include clothes, shoes, handbag, jewelry, and accessories so long as they are made of the print fabric. Ankara styles have been there since the 19th century only that the popularity was not as it is today.

Following the increased demand for Ankara styles for men, the cotton industries have been at the forefront in supplying fabrics to meet the demand. They have also invested their time and resources towards research in bid to understand what the market wants. The market has different desires and the manufacturers have mastered this far too well.

Apparently, there are different Ankara fabrics of different designs ranging from plain color, flowered, to print fabrics. Basically all market is covered the simple loving customers to the sophisticated ones; there is always is something for everyone. Ankara fabric comes in different quality so it is pocket friendly that anybody can afford. Variation and diversity is there, the ball is not on the customer’s side to play and roll it according to how they know best. Allow be to take you to the school of determining a good Ankara style for men before purchasing;

Men's African wear for wedding

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Factors to consider before buying Ankara styles for men

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

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You have made a conscious decision to hunt for something you are in need of; but do you know what to do to get exactly what you want or even better. Remember there are your desires on one side and what the market is offering on the other hand. It is not easy to reach to a consensus if you are not decisive enough on what you want. Here is what to consider before purchasing the male Ankara designs 2020.

1. Quality

Quality in Ankara designs for guys I would advise you look at it in these two ways; quality of the fabric used and the quality of the workmanship put in place to have the end product. If you share my approach, then the wear has to be thoroughly scrutinized to ensure it is flawless. Check for any defects, go at all lengths to ensure stitches are done right, deep pleats and darts are skillfully made, seam have an allowances, properly fitting among other things to consider. Besides, it does not hurt to fit into the Ankara style for men cloth look through the mirror to have satisfaction that indeed that wears is suitable for you.

Stylish Ankara styles for teenager boys 2020

Forget not the type of fabric in question. Check through to find if it is durable, has enough resilience and is of up most quality. These two approaches can be summarized if only you answer well these questions; is the clothes sown right? Does it offer strength? Does it have any dent or flawless? Is it comfortable? Is it the creative work I desire? Does it give me the admiration I deserve or want?

2. Cost

Cost is obviously a determinant here. If you are willing to purchase some Ankara men’s clothing but finances are the issue, then you cannot have that wear. One is only able to buy that which they can afford and is their preference.

However, there are those who planned ahead for Ankara style for men purchase, implying they have enough reserves to make the purchase. In fact sometimes, the market surpassed our expectation and we have no option but to buy that which is there even when it’s pricy. Professional designers advise that one should never trade of value for cost; male Ankara designs 2019. However, do not break the bank to have a certain collection, purchase according to your finances and do not overspend lest you regret later.

Most beautiful Ankara styles for teenagers girls 2020

3. Season/purpose

Do not just buy for the sake of it; Ankara men styles are a great investment it is worthwhile doing it right. It you are looking for a formal style then that should be different from an informal one. I am glad the designers have incorporated Ankara style for men into the corporate look and it’s just awesome.

When attending a party, meeting with friends, hanging around for leisure, a less formal look is good. Likewise when going to a business meeting a formal look is advised. Did you know Ankara can have some official wears? Well now you know – reference the West African styles. In understanding the purpose, align the same with body size and structure.

Seasons also has a hand in determining what Ankara style for men to pull. For instance; during summer, clothes of loose fitting and brightly colored are just perfect. During winter, warm thick clothes are cool and protective.

Beautiful Ankara styles for children 2020

4. Color

Colors tell of a certain mood, emotion, personality or feeling. For instance a male Ankara design 2019 for burial would be different from that of wedding. The latter would be bright and fun filled while for the burial could be dark and less ceremonious.

Factoring into account men are somewhat reserved in trying out bright colors, I would advise to pick on some fabric with some bright colors the gradually they will be comfortable with bright colors. Did you know some clothes will look good because of their color not that you have rocked it right? Color makes the world colorful and tasteful. Try out Ankara styles for men with different colors and color combination is what is left for the masculine to do.

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Trendy Ankara men styles

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Clearly as I had mentioned earlier on, there were some conventionally accepted dressing code for men that took time a revolution to change. The male Ankara designs 2020 is one of those trendy publicized and popularized by mainstream media and have in return spurred up interest.

Beautiful Ghanaian African wear styles 2020

Notable, a trendy Ankara men style is awe because of who it is associated or who has tried it out. It is with great pride we have seen phenomenal people, entertainment personalities, and business mogul boldly rock some of these styles. They are simply making a statement although not verbally, that our heritage is important and should be preserved.

The interesting bit about Ankara men’s clothing is how it is emulated by western countries. This beats the known trend of African s copying Western practices; it get fascinating then apparently it is happening the other way round. Their celebrities have been spotted time and time again rocking native styles for male; runways are currently characterized by African print fabrics. It is time we have gone global, what more could we ask for? Here is the Ankara men style of 2020 that has currently hit the market with a bang and is trending:

Latest African wear for men 2020

Bright color Ankara styles for men

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Fashion Ankara

The stylish modern man has embraced the bright color Ankara styles for men beating the fore fathers’ record that men should put on dark colored clothing. I find nothing wrong with a man in dull colors but be my guest bright color is the in thing. I doubt any man can convince me that they are fashionable yet hold back to some style especially the native styles for males.

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With overwhelming cordial reception of Ankara styles for men, there are some thrills I have found. The open mindedness to bright colors is something that has come of age. Men have developed a liking for the said ‘feminine’ colors. You need to check out how the orange color is in style today.

Native style for male

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Ankara Styles

Our native style of Ankara was printed animal patterns, symbol patterns, floral motifs and saturated colors – this is what the modern man is trying to do in bid to revamp their closet. There are different Ankara styles for guys which make it difficult to pin point one native style for male for all. I would say a style doomed fit by me could be offensive, inappropriate, unethical and indecent for the other. Along with socialization, men may choose the male Ankara designs 2020 differently although its chiefly dependent on tastes, preferences, opinions and beliefs one has.

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A native style for male is denoted by an Ankara shirt and pair of trousers. The shirt can be of a plain color embroidered, or Ankara print stitched in or simply has fine touches of the African print. How so, a shirt made of Ankara fabric is equally show stopping. In preservation of our culture let’s preserve our Ankara designs for men.

Playful Ankara style for men

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Ankara Styles

Have you heard the mantra that all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. The big boys don’t want to be in the category of dull boy; women would not go well with that – on a light note. Men of today know how to enjoy life in as much as they have busy working schedules, they somehow manage to get the ‘me’ time to have fun and let go. Such is humanity!

The playful Ankara style for men is a beautiful mess on the modern man; allow me to refer to this style as crazy. This is because only the very confident, adventurous, show loving people can rock this style. Ideally, the young men are categorically dallying to this style. The beauty of it all is that, if worn right, the look is alluring, attractive, bold, masculine and up to date. It even fascinates me because it is creativity well put into optimal use; minds at work. Surely designers have a lot of work to serve our diverse needs.

The craze in Ankara male style is something I take admiration in. who would have thought a man can have a vest from Ankara? What of a pair of Ankara short going with a matching Ankara shirt with an official neck line? Have you seen the different Ankara print combination male Ankara designs 2019? What of color block? Well, the playful Ankara styles for men are an outstanding new treat we are watching. However, it makes the man fit in easy events.

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Male Ankara designs 2020

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Pinterest/robilan

The male wardrobe thanks to creativity has long stopped being boring or obvious for men of all ages. There is so much style that has revamped the closet which now stands envious. This has made men be bold enough to show case their Ankara designs for guys on the runways gladly. This is a new crop of thing that the market is excited about and we should watch closely to see what unfolds in the near future.

Before I get down to the male Ankara designs 2020, I would like to bring to your attention that there are different Ankara styles for guys. The variations id caused by tastes, preferences, and beliefs name it all. Ankara men style is one with not clear definitions as I had mentioned above. This makes it open for any form of creativity as an Ankara made cloth would not be dubbed more Ankara than the other. the position I would like to make here is everybody has their own style of Ankara. It is therefore difficult to exhaust the Ankara styles for men since most are custom made according to the customer’s need which varies. Here are the top Ankara men styles;

Ankara suit designs for men

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Pinterest/ankaracollections

Suits have customarily been known to be made from plain color fabric, but there is a new and emerging trend where suits are made of Ankara fabric. Celebrities have done some good work in popularizing these kinds of suits. Apparently, Ankara men styles store have varied suit design for your selection.

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | newankarastyle

The complete Ankara made suit is one of the common trend today. The suit which comprises of coat, half coat, pants, and ties is all made from Ankara fabric. The shoes and shirt breaks the print monotony. Alternatively, a corporate look with specs of Ankara is mostly on the coat or shirt. The coat could be from the Ankara styles for men with trousers of a bold color, coat have touches of Ankara or the shirt.

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The Ankara suit designs for men can be a wear for different function; a formal to informal environment. For the official look however, it needs not to have much of the Ankara fabric on the coat and if be the collar can be blended from a bold color; Ankara styles for guys 2019.

Ankara shirts designs for guys

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Pinterest/ankaracollections

The male Ankara designs 2020 for men have mainly focused on the shirt. It is probably the area where designers have produced a wide range of styles. The sweat shirts have Ankara fabric stitched in finely although sparsely yet thoughtfully. Other creations include shirts of a bold Ankara color which ordinarily is longer than the ordinary shirt; yet other Ankara shirt styles have the arm edges, collar edges, and front areas having the Ankara fabric.

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Men Ankara

For the very bold ones who are ready to rock anything, they can go for bright colors for the shirt. Ordinarily, Ankara shirt for guys are more casual and would be good for ceremonial purposes rather than for official meetings. Do not be left behind if you do not have this in your closet, it’s time to purchase one or have it custom made.

Ankara pants for guys

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

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Again it is not every day you find a man in Ankara styles for men pants, say for West Africa. The rest of us find this a smart move men are slowly embracing. And I think they just look so cute in them. Ankara pants for guys are narrow made pants in African print that is trending. It can be combined with a matching shirt, jacket or jumper.

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One thing designer are keen to factor in when having the pants tailor made is the fitting. The pants have to be fitting to look good considering this is the cotton fabric used here. Again if it gets baggy, it would give a confused look we all do not want to be associated with. This is an in fashion Ankara men’s clothing emergence.

Ankara shorts for guys

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | africanseer

Is not every day you want to cover all the skin, at times you just want to bask in the sun or expose some skin to experience the nature. Ankara shorts for guys have become a popular wear for men of all ages. I have seen young boys in these shorts, middle aged and older men in these.

In fact if you live around the beach you must have observed men go site seeing, touring and relaxing in Ankara shorts for guys. The same case applies to people living in regions that experience seasons; during summer holidays this is the male Ankara designs 2019 in check. They are comfortable, offer a relaxed cool and masculine look.

Ankara men’s blazer

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | couturecrib

Well words may be confusing so I would like to begin with giving you the imaginative picture of what a blazer is. A blazer is a coat which resembles the suit coat but is stand alone meaning it is not bought with a suit but alone. The wearer the matches it up with what goes in well with it, as per the male Ankara designs 2020.

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Pinterest/ankaracollections

The Ankara styles for men world have diverse variation for the blazer style. In fact you will be spoilt for choice when you get to the store. Every design, color and print patterns looks cool only money will hinder you from buying all otherwise the market is ready to serve you.

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Ankara accessories for men – Ankara styles for men

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Ankara Styles

This is part of the Ankara men’s clothing that is really relevant in this modern day. The Ankara accessories for men just complete an African look in a man but they are not entirely clothes. These accessories must not necessarily be worn when in an Ankara men’s style but can also be worn when in other including formal wear. Such accessories include.

Bags – This is a dominating trend where bags for both the ladies and men are made of Ankara fabric. This tells of whom you are and the pride you go to show to the world you values the association. The best thing about bag Ankara designs for guys is that they are all purpose and all occasion.

different ankara style for guys, ankara men styles, ankara styles for guys 2019

Courtesy | Ankara Styles

Belts - I had said beforehand that a native style for male need not necessarily be dominated by Ankara fabric. A man can still rock an Ankara look even when the fabric is in rarity in their outfit. Belts made of Ankara are some of the accessories used to give an Ankara look or feel.

Scarves, ties, and lapel – These are some of the small touches given to a man’s look to make it get a little African if I may say. The scarves, ties and lapel should be made from the fabric from Ankara men styles.

Shoes – In rogue, shoes made from Ankara fabric is better still a trend part of the male Ankara designs 2019. However, shoes made of an outer Ankara design for guys print fabric need a lot of care and is often not durable because cotton is not so resilient for the pressure shoes go through.

The beauty brought by the male Ankara designs 2020 accessories is worthwhile and is a tactful way to achieve an Ankara look even when one does not want to go fully with Ankara. Assuming you are dressed in a suit for work, then immediately after work is supposed to attend an informal traditional event and time is a limitation to go home and change. The Ankara accessories are the solution here. You can have an Ankara bag, scarves and lapel to bring that look befit the occasion you are to attend. Elsewhere, one can have these additions to their outfits. For instance; one can go with a bag matching with shoes only and they are good to go with the Ankara men’s clothing styles.

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