African wear for your engagement party 2021: plus photos

African wear for your engagement party 2021: plus photos

The day a couple gets engaged may be the best in their relationship. Therefore, the couple must look their best. African wear comes in eye-catching designs that you want to wear on your big day. You can never go wrong with African wear for engagement as you celebrate your union.

African wear for engagement
African wear. Photo: @kente_wedding_ntoma_styles
Source: Instagram

Designers have also noticed how popular African wear has gotten, and they have kept up admirably. If you had any reservations about wearing a traditional engagement dress because of the old styles worn back in the day, you should keep up with the trends. These days, there are so many beautiful African outfits that you may be spoilt for choice.

African wear for engagement in Ghana

Getting engaged for a couple is the first step to a promising future. It is essential that you make your engagement day as memorable as possible so that you may look back on it years later with pride. Wearing a beautiful outfit is the first step. Explore these outfits, and who knows, you may find your dream dress.

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There is a plethora of beautiful engagement dresses out there. All you have to do is find them. Here are a few styles that would look glamorous at your engagement party. African wear constitutes a wide range of material and styles. Once you find the perfect fabric, you can choose any style to make your dress in.

Kente styles for engagement

African wear for engagement
Kente styles. Photo: @kente_wedding_ntoma_styles
Source: Instagram

Kente is a Ghanaian textile made of handwoven cloth with bright saturated shades of yellow, red, blue, and green. It has several rows of the pattern, and the front and back of the cloth are identical. There are some people who even know how to read the fabric, as proverbs are sometimes included in the thread.

Wearing kente cloth is a tradition that began with the Asante (Ashanti) people and was only worn by royalty. Wearing a dress made out of the fabric on your engagement day will be carrying on a great legacy while also looking good. Kente styles for engagement are some of the most worn outfits in Ghana.

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Your significant other could also choose to go for this look. He could use the fabric to make a suit that would match your dress. The beauty of this fabric is that even a patch of the cloth is noticeable, so you can use any style you want. Achieving engagement styles for couples has never been easier.

Ankara engagement dresses for couples in Ghana

African wear for engagement
Ankara gown. Photo: ankarastyles
Source: Instagram

The Ankara fabric is another African fabric that would look gorgeous if you wore it for your engagement. Ankara is a cotton fabric that has vibrant patterns. The patterns are not the same on every material, so this fabric offers a lot more room to experiment. Once you get the Ankara fabric, you could choose to get your dress in whichever style you prefer.

An Ankara gown is one of the best styles that suit a formal occasion because of its elegant appearance. This dress will have you looking like royalty, and you are sure to turn heads wherever you go. The best part about this is that you can even use the fabric to make accessories such as hats and earrings.

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Since the Ankara fabric is effortless to style, getting a style that your husband-to-be will like is very easy. He could choose to have his whole outfit made up of the cloth. He could also get only the jacket of his suit in that color. Another amazing option is to have the fabric made into an agbada that matches your outfit.

The Nigerian Aso Oke

African wear for engagement
Aso oke outfit. Photo: @ceomaniaalasooke
Source: Instagram

Another excellent choice for your big day is the Aso oke (top cloth). It is one of the most prestigious handwoven cloth from the Yoruba of Nigeria. The fabric takes a lot of time and a high level of expertise to weave, leading to its revered status. Wearing the Aso oke shows pride in the continent's heritage with the bonus of looking stunning.

Festivals, and parties, especially engagement parties, are not complete without the presence of this amazing masterpiece. The top cloth is so famous that other communities across the continent have adapted it even though it is not their own. It has become a staple of traditional engagement dresses in Ghana.

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Lace styles for engagement in Ghana

African wear for engagement
Lace dress. Photo: @laceandankarastyles
Source: Instagram

While most African wear is made from colourful fabric woven from cotton or silk, there is traditional wear made from lace. These outfits strike the perfect balance between the old and the new. You can have a traditional dress for your outfit while also subscribing to the modern lace gown that is usually worn on such occasions.

Traditional lace dresses have been around for a while. Therefore, you can get practically any style you want. This will depend entirely n your preferences since every outfit ever made is an awesome one.

Which dress is best for engagement?

What is considered the best dress for an engagement party varies wildly. It entirely depends on your sense of style, and maybe the weather on the day of the party. It is important to pick a piece that you are comfortable in and makes you feel beautiful.

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Can I wear black to my engagement party?

Yes, you can as long as you feel comfortable in your choice, no one else’s opinion matters. Also, engagement parties are fun affairs, and there are no rules about who should wear what, so feel free to experiment.

What do you wear to an African traditional wedding?

When going to a traditional African wedding, you can wear whatever you want, as long as it is appropriate for the occasion. However, if the bride and groom have set a theme, you should adhere to it.

Looking great at what could be the most important day of your life is very important. Your outfit can severely affect your mood, so it is crucial to be sure that you have the perfect dress before you buy it. If you were looking for African wear for engagement party, now you know which ones exist.

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