Ankara styles: Top trending in 2020 (photos)

Ankara styles: Top trending in 2020 (photos)

The fashion industry can be closely compared to the ocean; very vast in terms of scope, appears cool and uneventful yet great storms are raging underneath; all kinds of animals live there in yet one would assume no life can survive under such conditions. The latest Ankara style depletes this oceanic nature. The styles are diverse, when we think the industry has fallen short of ideas yet better ones crop up. The diversity in Ankara unique styles just shows there is life and something for everyone regardless of the styles, design, or fabric one desires. Age is similarly not a limitation here.

Top trending Ankara styles 2019
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Nonetheless, change is inevitable in this industry. Fabric manufacturers and designers day in day out come up with interesting art of Ghana Ankara fashion. The manufacturers come up with fascinating surprises of Ankara fabric; awesome color combination, print and styles. Designers on the other hand, work tirelessly not to disappoint in creative work given the fabrics produced are stand out. As a result the textile and clothing market is treated with amazing wardrobe solutions.

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The Ankara designs taking you down memory lane came from West Africa. Ideally, Ankara refers to an African print fabric which can be of floral motifs, animal print, patterns or plain color fabric which are used to make native designs for all ages. Today, the Ankara unique style have been revamped by great ideas and is not as it used to be a century back. A lot of changes in style and design has taken place and continue undergoing changes. Most of these changes are a development of the past styles or fresh ideas being actualized in a smart way.

As we speak now, the Ankara has not only spread in Africa but in the world as a whole. It is not a wonder today to find a white person in an ethnic African motifs fabric made cloth walking down the streets of Washington, DC. In fact, there are clothes boutiques that sell the latest Ankara styles in various parts of the world. Professional designers universally have also invested their skills into making these designs in response to the spurred up demand for the goods. A global phenomenon the Ankara has become!

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Latest Ankara styles

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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Ankara modern styles have a broad coverage and application. The Ankara outfits can be worn by both men and women; it can also be worn by children implying this is an entire population wear. There are many variations in style and designs for the Ankara fashion. I would like to focus on the Ankara style for men independent from the Ankara styles for women and the same for teenagers and children. Here they are:

Ankara styles for men

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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There is a fresh lesson I have learnt from the latest Ankara styles for men, that men can also be trendsetter in the fashion industry. For a long time I assumed style and fashion was more feminine than is masculine but I have learnt the two are equal in magnitude. Men have become fashionable in all wears from the head gears to the shoe. The Ankara which is a native style does a lot of service in ensuring designs for men are overhauled in a modish way. Here are some of the top Ankara styles for men:

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Suit Ankara Kente styles

The Ankara kente styles for the suit are a contemporary Ghana Ankara fashion for men. The suit ideally, must have touch of Ankara whether sparsely distributed or made of Ghana Ankara fabrics wholesomely. It can be matched up with a monotone shirt, belt and shoes. The suit should be of good fit to be awesomely graceful. There is a wide variety of print in animal to floral patterns, bright to dull patterns to choose from. This is an unconventional beautiful way to rock a native style suit which is a perfect fit for the Ankara styles for wedding.

A normal official suit however can be accessories to have the Ghana Ankara fashion ingrained. This look can be achieved through the use of Ankara, ties or bow ties, scarves, shoes, lapel, hat, belts, wrist watches and band among other things. Of course this should be done in moderation. Again a conventional suit coat can have Ankara fabric stitched in or patched as is the style up to the minute.

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Shirt Ankara styles for men

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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It is not strange for the man to wear an Ankara shirt; I find it flirty and fashionable too. Just like in the case of suit coats the Ankara elements can be done in rarity or wholesomely. Either way the shirt gets a fabulous look for casual wear. An Ankara shirt can be paired up with matching Ankara pants and accessorized if applicable.

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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Variations in prints offer a lot of diversity and give you a wide selection to choose from. This is one of the trendy Ankara styles of 2020. Interestingly, I have seen women rock the Ankara shirt and it’s just show stopping.

Pants and shorts Ankara styles for guys

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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Pants and shorts made from the Ghana Ankara fabric is better still a trendsetter in the fashion industry today. The men have become increasing welcoming to the whole idea of Ankara pants and short. This has added a tasteful feature in the industry and down to the male wardrobe. It interesting to see the future development and crazy wears in this.

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latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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A trendy way I have observed is the yellow and orange color fabric preference among the men. Most are rocking these pants in bright colors unremorseful yet stands out sexy and strangely classic. The casual look is paired up with t-shirt or a button up down shirt and canvas shoes; an awesome Ankara styles for men.

Patchwork Ankara styles for men

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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This is a new and advanced art in the Ghanaian Ankara fashion. When we were yet getting accustomed to color and print combinations yet another artistic one rooted up with a shoot so strong. The market is taking this by storm.

Conceptually, a jacket, sweater, shirt or coat of a monotone color has it patched with different or one African print combinations on it. This is done not only of the Ankara style for men but also for women, teenagers and the children alike. However, this is done skillfully to ensure it does not look so primitive or accidental. The patches are flawlessly patterned. I bet this is an improvement of the block print combinations; one of the latest Ankara styles.

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Ankara styles for women

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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Women equally have the privilege of enjoying the Ghanaian Ankara fashion. The upper hand about the Ankara styles for women is the show of femininity and identity these is of course in excess of beauty. Women generally are more fashion cautious than is their male counterpart and for long have their clothes made to perfection with the idea of being cool, unique and cozy in mind.

Again here I cannot exhaust all the Ankara styles for women I will only highlight some of the Ankara styles for ladies 2020 that are trending online:

Ghanaian Ankara dresses

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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The Ghanaian Ankara fashion for the dresses I would say is the most versatile, vibrant and has a lot of diversity. There is a whole range of unique styles and design to choose from made from notable and tasteful African print of the day. The make, cut is yet another notable feature besides, one can make a custom made dresses according to their preferences.

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The Ankara kente styles for the dresses range from the westernized Ankara styles with laces to Ankara styles short gown and long ones. Ideally, a dress can be made of Ghana Ankara fabrics then matched up with the lace to compliment the look; this can either be in a short to long dress. Commonly the lace is done around the waist to up bust area and even on arms. This has quickly gained popularity a good Ankara style for wedding.

The ceremonial Ankara beautiful gowns are something in demand today, the gown is made finely to be interesting and bring out the feminine aspect in a woman of any size or age. The Ankara styles short gown is prevalent among the teenagers, youths and the modern woman. The gown makes the elegant look more pronounced. The reaped benefits about gown are that they can even be for maternity wear yet still remain stylish.

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Ankara short dresses styles

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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The short dresses demand is on an upward trend; the Ankara styles for ladies 2020. The ladies want to have that short cut of the Ghanaian Ankara fashion; of course the length of the dress differs from one person to the next. The very short dresses can be indecent though subject to where they are worn, how they are worn and who wears them.

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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The skater floral or patterned Ghana Ankara fabric made dress is the trendsetter. The dress could be sleeveless, short sleeved or long sleeved, with neckline ranging from pull neck to open round necks or off shoulder. The dress must be fitting at the bust areas then has a big band below the bust where the dress gets flowing with darts in asymmetrically circular manner.

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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Similarly, a straight body con short dress never goes wrong for the ladies. The dress is made as per you fit and in amazing designs. There are many fabrics to choose from for varied colors, contrasting once, complimenting once and even the print you desire. It can be worn for occasion such as wedding, birthday parties, and church among other functions.

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Ankara top styles

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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There are many Ankara styles in Ghana for the tops to choose from and are in the market today. Just walk up to the various boutiques around and you will appreciate all the creativity. An Ankara top is worn with a skirt or some skinny jeans. Here are the up to the minute Ankara top styles:

Off shoulder Ankara top styles – the neck line is the most pronounced features in this type of Ankara top style. The collar falls on the shoulders showing some skin although in an elegant way. Good fit should be a priority here least the shoulders fall off, alternatively an elastic band can be used. Apparently, there are off shoulder tops that are also crop top in style.

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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Peplum Ankara top styles – this is a perfect compliment for skinny jeans. A peplum top asymmetrically flares out around the waist. Some could have a long flair at the back whereas other could just be of the same length all through. Peplum Ankara top styles are an easy Ghanaian Ankara fashion spice and a dashing hot way to dress a modern woman.

Crop Ankara top styles – this is better still a dapper way a woman can dress. It is even made more majestic by the Ghana Ankara fabric that is saucy in look thanks to the impressive geometric pattern s and print. The crop extends just below the bust. However, there are different touches given to this latest Ankara style to make is sexy, polished and fashionable. It can be worn with a high waist pencil skirt or a pair of jeans.

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Ankara styles for skirt and blouse

latest ankara styles, ankara styles 2019, ankara styles dresses
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Elegant is not the appropriate word I can use to describe the Ghana Ankara skirt and blouse. I feel this is an understatement, well; some of the creative work I have seen in the recent past deserves an award. The Ankara styles for skirt and blouse have a lot of beautiful variations just like other styles have. However, they are just like wine just gets better by the day:

Same print/pattern Ankara skirt and blouse – this refers to a designer coming up with an Ankara unique style for the blouse and skirt of the same Ghana Ankara fabric. This is more or less like a suit though different designs make it stand alone. For instance the skirt can be straight high waist, or layered flowing high waist and the top down button Ankara blouse to go with. Again the same can be complimented by a crop top blouse. Both the skirt and the blouse here are of same print or pattern

Different print/ pattern Ankara skirt and blouses- one of the bold Ankara modern styles of today, the blouse is made of Ankara and the same case applies to the skirt. The only variation is that they are distinctly made from fabrics that are different in terms of print or patterns. However, they are designed masterfully to blend in; phenomenal Ghanaian Ankara fashion.

Monotone and Ankara skirt and blouse styles – this is one of the latest Ankara styles where either the skirt or blouse is of the Ghana Ankara fabrics of prints but the other is of a single color but blends in with the latter. The skirt could be floral motifs Ankara printed and the blouse is of a bold single color. Alternatively, the blouse could be of the native Ankara patterns but the skirt is of one matching color. However, even when one of the two is of a monotone color, touches of Ankara can be done to it of course using the fabric used to tailor make the later. This look can fall under the Ankara styles for weddings but can be worn elsewhere for informal / casual set ups.

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What has caused the popularity of Ankara styles 2020?

In business, you cannot just have this going your way without challenges here and there. Again venturing into a highly competitive industry means that one must struggle to get market dominance and market base. An entry level business ideally struggles to make customers which mean sales can go up to zero in the negative outlier cases. Brand image is profoundly what brings about reputation, confidence, trust, consumer loyalty and in replica sales.

The Ankara fashion – latest Ankara styles did not just happen in a single day. Of course the industry has been struggling to be recognized universally; had to endure losses, challenges and uncertainty to make it through just like would be for any other business entity. A lot of research has gone into finding what the market want, how to improve and even come up with ground breaking ideas.

You will agree with me that, if the teens have embraced the latest Ankara styles then something good must be in it. Teen and youths look out for fine, unique and elegant designs and the Ankara styles 2020 is offered this solution. So what has worked positively in enabling the Ankara fashion steadfast and popular?

Fashion sense

The Ankara modern styles is a hub of impressive designs made from unique fabrics by dedicated and keen to detail professional designers and tailors. Thanks to westernization most people do not just dress for the cover up of nakedness. No, most actually take time to go through their wardrobe and find out what is best for them subject to occasion, purpose and mood.

Naturally, a smart unforgettable look is what desire is in everyone. Achieving this one must have scrutinized their closet, know what to mix with what and how it looks on you; this call for up to date trends information. Besides, from time to time the wardrobe needs to be upgraded or changed.

The Ankara styles 2020, have tasteful fashion sense we take in with admiration and envy. This brings us to the point where we just want to be in possession of at least one or two designs say for specific occasion if not for everyday use. The geometric creative patterns, bright coloration, combination of style and African motifs, creative designs are some of the primary characteristics of this industry. The fashion sense keeps going a notch higher with the diverse consumer preferences, the Ankara unique styles offers.


When we talk of the latest Ankara styles, the designs, styles, fabric pattern among other things are infinite. If I were to list the various kinds of Ankara designs the outline would be endless. Ankara fashion has been remodeled and experienced diverse shift in style. As I had mentioned change is constant here, today we have suit Ankara styles for men tomorrow the in rogue thing are the patched Ankara styles for men. The day after something utterly impressive and unique may come up.

Customers’ have diverse preferences, tastes and views about different designs they are shopping for. If bright colors do not work for me someone else would go for it at whatever cost, if floral and geometric patterns is what thrills me someone somewhere is taken aback by plain color native styles. If I am, liberal to color combinations, another customer somewhere goes for the monotone color fabrics.

The biggest boon to the Ankara fashion industry is brought about by this diversity. There is always something for everyone meaning it has achieved immensely in getting the popularity from all target markets. The kids, teens, young adults, adult and the elderly generation where are all covered and have something modish and pleasant. The latest Ankara styles achieve this equilibrium in a calculated manner. Who wouldn’t be enchanted in such style offering you much flexibility?

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I premier by stating that Ankara was originally and African attire but has been absorbed in every other part of the world. Ankara modern styles speak more of who you are or what you desire the world to perceive you by more than just being graceful. Although in the traditional African setting, Ankara gave people some sense of identity and belonging which still stand today, the notion has been long replaced.

Once the trend went global, the style is majorly identified as dignified, native and elegant. This mode of dressing is often associated with people who value cultural diversity, is interested in other people’s practices and is more accommodating to other traditions. By association, we can deplete interest in try out new thing even those not originally ours.

The western countries have been on the lead in embracing the latest Ankara styles. In fact I have observed that the African color, practice and set up thrill them. With the Ankara modern styles they are seeking association and want to identify with other people. The African identity mesmerizes people because it is artistic, cultivated and has stylish aesthetics. Customers are always looking for these associations and hence the increased interest in Ankara fashion.

Creative work

The Ankara styles ranges from simple, moderate to complex designs. The Ankara designs are simple yet tasteful and discerning in nature. If I were to appreciate the brains at work who skillfully make refined products then that would be the parties involved in the manufacture to the making of outfits. They just do amazing work; lovely to the eyes, classic in feel, distinguished in wear and graceful in appearance.

Customers are looking for an item which they believe the manufacturer or the producer was thoughtfully involved in the making of the same and desired to avail amazing yet useful things. The popularity and willingness to buy the Ankara modern styles is because customers feel there is a lot of investment that has been made in term of the intellect resource – creative work. Creativity is not bound by limitation, thoughts, ideas, and concepts are infinite hence the variation in style for all target customers. It can be narrowed down by observances of uniqueness, elegance, art work, compactness and quality. The Ankara fashion is just a trade off of all these goodies. Which explain why people love rocking the Ankara styles 2019? And why it has gone international.


First, we dress up to cover nakedness before fashion and style comes in. complimentary, fashion and style has also to be comfortable and so is the case for the Ankara styles 2020. A smart appearance is not only obtained from an elegant Ankara kente styles but also from confidence you show to the world. I doubt, anybody would show confidence in pretense or under such pressure where comfort is traded off. Comfort cannot be deprived off in any outfit at all costs.

Ankara fabric ordinarily is made of cotton fabric which is natural and does not cause any irritation to the skin. First and most importantly, it offers you the comfort naturally as a fabric. Secondly this Ghana Ankara fashion is utterly flexible and can be custom made for your body size and structure befitting slim to plus size persons. The cuts fit and neat finish gives you all the comfort you need.

Besides, Ankara modern styles are an all occasion wear and even for those that are specifically worn of certain functions have been artistically made. An all occasion wear mean it saves you on cost since you can rock the style anywhere in the world, implying unlimited use. Finally, Ankara unique styles are made for different age groups. Say for the teenagers their style gives them the comfort to wear the outfit for class, party, outing name it all. The same comfort brought by purposefully use applies to the Ankara styles for men, ladies and children.

The above are some of the reason why Ankara fashion is popular. They have greatly contributed to the style gaining global recognition it is enjoying today.

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