I need help to raise my children – Joyce Dzidzor begs Ghanaians

I need help to raise my children – Joyce Dzidzor begs Ghanaians

- Joyce Dzidzor says she has lost all her investments in business due her HIV/AIDS status

- The former AIDS Ambassador says she no longer lives with her kids due to lack of shelter

Ghanaian actress and former-HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, is appealing to Ghanaians to help her raise money in support of her kid’s education.

According to Joyce, she currently finds herself in a deep financial crisis as a single mother and unable to provide for her three kids as a single mother.

Speaking to News One in Accra, the former AIDS ambassador disclosed that no Ghanaian company and individual wants to work with her because of her HIV/AIDS status.

I need money to raise my children – Joyce Dzidzor begs Ghanaians

Joyce Dzidzor, Former-HIV/AIDS Ambassador

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Therefore, she has no means of raising money in support of herself and her family, including her three kids.

“I am currently not living with my children because I don’t have a place to stay. I am in deep crisis. My medications are also very expensive and I can’t afford it…” she told NEWS-ONE on Thursday.

Joyce, in her interview, indicated that though she had invested some monies into a food business and a barbering shop, speculations about her HIV/AIDS status have collapse her businesses.

“I invested all my money into a barbering shop and a small food joint but people started complaining the food is infected with virus and so people shouldn’t buy from the joint. Everything has collapsed and I have lost all my money,” she added.

In December 2014, Joyce Dzidzor publicly announced that she lied about her HIV/AIDS status for years and had never tested positive for the disease before working with the Ghana AIDS commission as an HIV/AIDS ambassador.

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After that declaration, she has been on several media platforms trying to defend her actions, even though she has received widespread criticisms from Ghanaians and the Ghana AIDS Commission.

However, in 2016, she made a shocking U-turn to say she, indeed, tested positive for the virus but had to lie about her status to protect her children from stigmatisation.

“It looks like because I have done campaigns and my face is everywhere, it is difficult for people to even work with me. So right with my situation as a single mother with three children and no job, I am pleading with the general public to support me with money to start something to take care of my children,” she pleaded.

She also added that, “I realized that I have destroyed my life just because I tried to protect my children at school by denying my status. I am in crisis now and if people are able to support me and my family, I am willing to come back to work on TV and radio to educate people on HIV & AIDS.”

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