4 dark reasons many single Ghanaian women are sleeping with married men

4 dark reasons many single Ghanaian women are sleeping with married men

It was the talk of the town when Moesha Boduong engaged CNN with a revealing interview on the culture of love here in Ghana. From a mistress to a girlfriend, the actress had already said it all regarding the side-chick business we have in the country today.

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Moesha Boudong believes there is nothing called love in today's Ghana. She might be right or wrong but from all indications, she may have said some things which best resonate with us the Ghanaian people.

Maybe we could say the 'Moesha effect' has revealed to us the reason(s) why most ladies are giving up their 'cookie' to men of all ages and sizes.

1. For the money

It will be of no surprise that most women today have chosen to be girlfriends of married men all because of the money and nothing else! These men, we gather, need side chicks to kind of stabilize their marriage especially when they got a busy wife who is always working and traveling like an ambassador.

2. For the security

These days in Ghana, most women do not feel safe sleeping with any kind of man. In fact, they are now thinking long term. In today's Ghana, it's no longer about the pleasure but also the financial and societal security. A matured married man, most single Ghanaian woman believe, could solve this issue for them.

3. For the attention

It is an unbelievable fact but let's face it, most single Ghanaian woman these days love to get attention. Fortunately for them, this is exactly what comes with dating or sleeping with a married man who just needs variety to give him a break from a boring and stale relationship. As the saying goes, "Just catch his attention and the love will always be there".

4. For the investment

You will be surprised to note that many single ladies in Ghana are using married men as a stepping stone to attaining their future goals.

With these men being rich and powerful, these ladies use them in attaining most of the goals in life - completing college, buying that house, traveling outside, securing an investment package - the list goes on and on.

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The reasons why a single woman will chase after a married man are many. But in all of this, every single woman must also know that there will be severe effects in the future.

You could be caught and humiliated by the man's wife, you could find your self with an unwanted pregnancy, there could be diseases you could contract... at the end of it all, you will live to regret your actions. There is nothing like a free lunch after all.

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