5 reasons why students date on campus

5 reasons why students date on campus

Life as a student can sometimes be a complicated. This is because one learns a lot whiles in school, and one thing that cannot be escaped is relationships.

For many people, it is at school that they first fall in love, for others that is where they start their first relationships.

The four corners of a classroom may be made for studying, but trust me, there is more to it than just carrying a bag loaded with books in and out of the class.

5 reasons why students date on campus

Some people date on campus to escape the stress of doing assignments

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Very few are able to go through school, especially at tertiary level, without entering a relationship or getting involved with an admirer.

However, whiles this may lead to a genuine relationship, there are some occasions where students enter into relationships for silly reasons.

Below are five ridiculous reasons why a student may get into a relationship.

1. To escape assignments

Most girls normally find themselves caught up in this web. Many of them will intentionally get into a relationship with a brilliant guy just because he will take care of their assignments for them.

The idea is that a smart boyfriend will find no problem assisting or even wholly taking care of assignments as and when they prove stressful.

2. Free ride

Gone are the days when every ‘bogga’ on campus can win over a lady he desires. Now a days if you don’t have a car then you better advice yourself before approaching some girls.

Some girls are very selective when it comes to relationships but will readily date a guy who drives a car. This is because they would be guaranteed free ride to and from school.

3. Bandwagon and peer pressure

Another weird reason why some students opt to enter into relationships is because of peer pressure and bandwagon effect.

No one wants to be seen as the ‘dull’ boy or girl on campus, and so when they realise that almost everyone is in a relationship, they cannot resist the chance to also join.

It may sound weird but this is really happening on the various campuses.

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4. Just for sex

Most boys are guilty in this regard. There are some students who can just not keep their zips closed and will be seeking for relationship to satisfy their pleasures.

Such relationships normally do not last because once he finishes with one girl, he will dump her and be looking for another partner.

5. Sponsorship

If you think it’s only ‘sugar daddies’ that sponsor campus girls, then you are wrong. There are some students who would actually go into a relationship due to the benefits they will get from it.

If the guy can sponsor her, that is, buy the pizzas, foot the lorry fares and pay for the handouts, then she okay and game on!

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