Happy mother’s day quotes for nanny

Happy mother’s day quotes for nanny

Families prefer having nannies for they are trained. Nannies receive their pay slip weekly or monthly depending on their agreement with the employer. They pay taxes because this is their professional job, meaning they take their job so seriously and they are trusted in taking care of the children by the families. Nannies happen to know the children’s characters more than their biological parents do. Huge percentage of the time spent with kids is from the nannies and they end up becoming more of a mother to the kids, and here are the mothers day quotes that you can send to your nanny.

Happy mother’s day quote for nanny


Quotes for nannies on mother’s day

For most of you nannies are like a mother figure that has always been there to take care of you and your needs just like the way your mother would have. Mother’s day also includes celebration of all other maternal bond and motherhood and this has been given by the nannies and they deserve a mothers day quotes nanny;

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  1. No matter how old I get, I would always crave for your attention and love because you are like a mother to me. I will always love you. Enjoy this day nanny for you deserve it, happy mother’s day nanny.
  2. You have fed me when I was hungry. You have made me smile when I was sad. You have guided me when I was lost. You are my best friend and sweetest nanny. I wish you all the happiness as you enjoy this special day, happy mother’s day.
  3. If I have to name one person who means the world to me in my life… then it is you dear nanny. Thank you for your time, love and attention. I take this opportunity to wish you happy mother’s day nanny.
  4. The way you have taken care of me for all those years. You may not be my biological mother but you are not less than my mother only an incredible woman could have done that. I wish you happiness during this mother’s day moment.
  5. You showered me with your love and affection when I needed it the most. I am so lucky to have found a mother in my nanny. You were just nothing to me but a great woman. Have a lovely mother’s day.
  6. One person who is responsible for my success is my nanny who raised me, loved me and took best care of me all my life. Thank you so much for your attention. Wish you the most wonderful mother’s day.
  7. Your guidance and support has always helped me face the difficult challenges in life. You have been taking caring of me at every point in life, happy mother’s day nanny.
  8. You have nurtured me with your affection and made me a responsible and respectable person. Nanny, you are the best woman on this plane, wishing you amazing woman’s day.
  9. You are not just a nanny to me but you are more like a mother. The respect and love that I have for you in my heart cannot be put into words. Thanks for being so caring and loving, my warm wishes for you, happy mother’s day nanny.
  10. You have given me your attention, love and care which has made me a complete child. You have not given birth to me but you have raised me in the best way possible. Have a splendid mother’s day.
  11. You offered me unconditional love beyond all expectations, God sent you in my life like an angel to take care of me. You are just like a mother to me, wishing an awesome mother’s day ahead.
  12. I thank you for everything you gave me. Your place in my heart is above all as you have helped me in every step of my life like my real mother. I wish you all the happiest during this mother’s day season.
  13. I am so fortunate to have a nanny like you who has always taken good care of me since I was a small boy/ girl. The love and affection you have for me reflects in your eyes and in everything you do to make me happy. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Love you dearly.

Quotes for nanny on mother’s day would make her feel so loved, cared for and above all remembered. Just for the care that nanny has given us we need to send them quotes on mother’s day just to make them feel special. Through a quote that’s the only place you can express your gratitude and love for your nanny.

mothers day quotes for nanny


Happy mothers day nanny quotes

Wishing your nanny a happy mother’s day is the most amazing and wonderful feeling. Wish her happiness and tease her a little with the mothers day quotes for nanny like;

  • Behind every great kid is a nanny who’s pretty sure she is screwing it all up. Nanny you always disciplined me and never wanted me to have a bad company. Happy mother’s day nanny.
  • Out of all the nannies in the world. I’m glad you are mine all alone. Happy mother’s day nanny.
  • To the world you maybe just one person but to me you are a world. Thanks for the unconditional love. may you have a happy mother’s day.
  • Here together or miles apart a nanny like you stays in my heart, and never will anyone replace that special place you have in me. Enjoy yourself on this mother’s day season.
  • All nannies are made of gold but to me you are made of glitters and I just can’t stop it but to love you more. I love you nanny and happy mother’s day to you.
  • If nannies were flowers I would always pick you, you have been my sunshine and rainbow that brought many bright colors in my life. Happy mother’s day nanny.
  • I’m keeping it so calm to proudly just to wish you a happy mother’s day dearest nanny.
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  • A role model can teach to love and have respect for you. Nanny thanks for teaching me how to love and to respect myself. Happy mother’s day nanny, enjoy!!
  • Thanks for bringing happiness in my life you are dearly loved and admired each and every day. Happy mother’s day nanny.
  • The only thing better than having you for a mum is my children having you for a nanny. Happy mother’s day nanny.
  • Nanny I love you to the moon and back. My love for you is pure and unconditional. Happy mother’s day nanny.
  • I’m as lucky as can be. The world’s best nanny belongs to me and I’m not ashamed to declare you as the best nanny ever. Wishing you a happy mother’s day nanny.
  • From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes I love you so very much nanny. Happy mother’s day.
Happy mother’s day quote for nanny


We all should get those mother’s day nanny quotes just to surprise our nannies with. You can write in a card and you can also have a customized card where you put a picture of her when she was holding you when you were little or you just put her own picture. This will look more unique and lovable.

Here you will get all the quotes for mother’s day that you can send to your nanny. Parents should also send the nannies who helped take care of their kids when they were busy working. Make them feel appreciated and loved by their bosses.

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