Samini cars and house

Samini cars and house

Music should be paying off well for the much sought after dancehall musician Samini. Who isn’t aware of Samini cars and his wealth? Talk of living large, this talented musician knows how to flaunt what he has worked hard for. Samini kicked off his music career early enough where he participated in their church choir. His breakthrough was upon the release of his first single Linda. Being a household name, he also got the opportunity to appear in videos of some renowned artists. In 2008, he took home African Artiste of the Year Awards, while in 2006, he won himself the Best African Act. He is also the first dancehall artist to share his fleet of cars.

To Samini, the sky is no limit as he recently showed videos of him working on his onion farm. His reportedly farm covers 24 acres, with another one located in the Upper East Region of Ghana where he has planted cassava. With such entrepreneurial skills, Samini new cars will carry the day since he is likely to add another new one to his already existing fleet. Being the first artist to be signed by MTN as a brand ambassador id no joke. Samini managed to make quite a killing out of this deal.

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Samini owes everything to his mother as he has termed her as his number one fan through both thick and thin. Fame comes with so much hype that could lead to one's downfall, but with a mother like Samini’s you got all the support system you need to make it in your music career. In turn, he managed to lead a flamboyant lifestyle without so much ease to the extent of getting a house of Samini.

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Samini cars and house

After successfully launching his music career and working extra hard to remain top on the music charts, Samini is the now proud owner of the various fleet of leisure cars. He does not have any regrets in pursuing what he loves since he holds a diploma in music production from a college in the East London. Samini attended St Margaret Mary Catholic School for his secondary education. Although not well confirmed, we know Samini owns couple of cars with a Tundra being his favorite. Most of Samini cars are Mercedes Benz and Prado’s of the same design and make.

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Samini cars and house
Source: News Ghana

There is also a photo making rounds on social media of him and his fleet of cars on a parking lot. Among the cars there were a Phantom and black Rolls Royce. Again haters were quick to dismiss that the alleged cars don’t belong to him. It seems success comes with so much witch hunting and hate, but Samini knows how to go about his daily life and making his music better with each new single.

How many cars does Samini have?

Several photos of Samini and cars have flooded the internet although some people say it is not possible for one person to own such a significant number of vehicles. However, with all the fame and money one can get anything that will make their life comfortable. What we know, Samini and his cars will be a debate that will be ongoing for the longest time.

From cars to the house, to many children, Samini is a jack of all trades. He is also known for having many women in his life maybe the reason stories of Samini house and cars keep popping up. It could be that all his wealth is shared equally among his children and their mothers. Only six children could be spotted, but there other allegations of Samini having 11 children, of course with different women. The bright side is, most of his children live with their mothers abroad, and he supports them wholeheartedly.

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Although from an unreliable source, Samini owns a palatial house in Agbogba. When he started off singing, his father was against him until late into his musical career that he got his father’ blessing. To honor him, he changed his name from Batman to Samini. We look forward to getting pictures of Samini’s house as this has been well hidden from the public.

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