MTN 4g code for internet settings

MTN 4g code for internet settings

Internet usage has become a common thing in this modern era. It makes life in our society a little bit simple, no wonder the number of smartphones, laptops, and PCs is steadily increasing in Ghana. Consequently, with MTN 4G CODE there has never been any better time of utilizing internet services than this generation.

Mtn 4g code for internet settings

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MTN 4G network

MTN has a reputation of being the leading telecommunication company in Ghana. It has coverage in all the ten regions-from the northern part to the Greater Accra area. After successfully spreading 3G network, its latest state-of-the-art 4G network is believed to be the next big thing in the world of telecommunication. It is five to ten times faster than 3G!

The company prides itself yet again for being the first of its kind to introduce 4G LTE on a cellular network. Having penetrated into the market in 2006, it has been expanding and upgrading its services to satisfy customers’ needs. Hard work and persistence truly pays.

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Mtn 4g code for internet settings

The MTN 4G LTE services are accessible in many large towns and regional capitals. It has a higher level of speed, reliability, and efficiency. This in the long run, has made consumers enjoy easy streaming, clearer video calling, faster uploads and downloads as well as higher speed browsing among other features. Clearly for internet users, lovers and other enthusiasts, this is the network to go for.

However, before you can access this services, you need to have a 4G enabled device with a 4G SIM card and be within MTN 4G coverage zone. Checking for device’s compatibility is not that difficult. You simply dial * 585# and wait for a notification pop-up in less than a minute.

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Typically, once you have dialed this code, there are two other options you are required to pick, choose option 2 and you will immediately get a confirmation message. The message will determine whether you need simply a 4G SIM card or a 4G Smartphone altogether. In the case of 4G SIM card, simply walk to any MTN service center to swap your card for free. You will still have access to all the details in the old SIM card.

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Mtn 4g code for internet settings
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MTN 4G APN Settings

APN adjustments usually come in handy when you want to configure internet settings through manual means. Getting your mtn 4g setting right is a start. The following are steps on how to go about it.

Go to internet settings on your phone and look for ‘APN Settings’

On the APN space, type internet, under the ‘name’ slot you can fill it as MTN Ghana leaving everything else as they are.

The proxy and IP settings are also left blank but if you are still unable to access the internet, the proxy is usually

Port is 80 or 8080

Then save the settings once you are through.

Top-up and select the bundle of your choice.

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As simple as that, you can now enjoy MTN 4G network which is not only reliable but relatively pocket-friendly. However, in case of any issue, it is advisable to visit MTN Ghana customer care centers for assistance. This company usually has one of the best customer care services in our country.

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Mtn 4g code for internet settings
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MTN 4G data plan Ghana

Being a company that thinks globally but acts locally, MTN has the most affordable plans for its consumers, which as a result makes it get international recognition. Loyalty and profit are all that matters in the business world and MTN certainly gets enough of that.

For instance, MTN 4G subscription code for unlimited internet browsing is *138*1*4#. With this subscription you get a whole 5GB at only GHC 3 from 12 am to 5 am. On the other hand, using the same code, you can get yourself 3GB with only GHC 1 from 3 am to 5 am.

But then again, if you are not the kind of person who burns the midnight oil, you can as well subscribe for either daily, weekly, monthly or even a ‘lifestyle’ pack-whichever package that is convenient to you. Here is a list of data packs and subscriptions that MTN 4G users get to enjoy;

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Using, *138*1* 2# as the MTN 4G data code you get yourself either 25MB for GHC 1, 60MB for GHC 2, 180MB for GHC 3, 300MB for GHC 5 or 1000MB for GHC 10 on weekly basis. As for a monthly schedule *138*3# acts as the MTN 4G data plan code where you get 400MB for GHC 10, 1GB for GHC 20 and 2.5 GB for GHC 40.

Mtn 4g code for internet settings

In super saver packs, you get talk-time minutes, data bundles and SMS services all in one bunch. For example, with only GHC 5, you get fifty minutes to all networks, 100 MB data and 20 SMS to all network valid for one whole week. As for GHC 10, the deal even gets better as you will get 100 minutes to all networks,300 MB and 50 SMS to all networks valid yet again seven days.

With more money, better deals are also generated and that is why having GHC 50 gets you 700 minutes to all networks,1.5 GB data and 150 SMS to all networks. With GHC 100, on the other hand, you get to enjoy 1500 minutes to all networks, 4GB data, and 200 SMS across all other networks.

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Lifestyle package, on the other hand, offers up to 1GB for thirty days for only GHC 10 while 400MB in fifteen days for GHC 5. It also comes with video pack where GHC 3 can get you 300MB for fifteen days while 4GB costing GHC 30 is valid for thirty days.

Generally, with the data-hungry customers that MTN has, these kind of offers are too good to be ignored.

Mtn 4g code for internet settings
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List of MTN bundle codes (for Internet Data)

For inquisitive minds below is a list of all the bundle codes used for MTN service provision;

  • MTN Mobile internet (packages, Bundles and more)-*138#
  • Super saver Bundles-*138*4#
  • YouTube bundle in video streaming-*138*16#
  • Broadband Internet Bundle-*138#
  • Bundle Notification- *138*9#
  • Unlimited Internet Bundle (unlimited Browsing)-*138*1*4#
  • To check bundle information-*126#
  • Internet Bundle Balance-*138*1*4#, select option 8 for checking a balance
  • Social media bundles (Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook only)-*138*1*5#
  • Roaming inquiry- *151#
Mtn 4g code for internet settings

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With this portable mobile Wi-Fi alongside the MTN 4G plan code, surfing the internet can be considered a piece of cake. This gadget has incredible advantages as it can allow up to ten Wi-Fi enabled devices to be connected to it simultaneously. It also has a battery life of eight hours making it convenient to surf anywhere and anytime. With free 20 GB once purchased, it’s ideal for home or business use.

It is set to be used in two different ways, either as USB or Wi-Fi modes. In USB mode it usually connected to your PC while Wi-Fi mode it connects up to ten enabled device.

Mtn 4g code for internet settings
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How to use the MiFi device

You are required to insert SIM card at its appropriate slot then connect the MiFi device to a PC with the right data cable that comes with the pack. Then hold the power button until a light comes on. Since it is made to automatically install once it is on, it can never get any easier than that. However, if by any chance auto install does not work, you can as well as double click the setup icon in the MIFI folder and then wait for it to install. After which you may choose to either use it in the Wi-Fi mode or USB.

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