How to get free internet in Ghana

How to get free internet in Ghana

With the current growth in technology, internet access is becoming the desire of almost every person. Although in most cases charges apply for internet access, it is possible to access free internet in Ghana. Free internet is of great help to those who rely on the internet as a source of living. This article has detailed information that will guide you on how to get free internet, including free high speed internet.

how to get free internet on your cell phone
how to get free internet at home without paying
how to get free internet at home 2018
free high speed internet

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The free internet has an unlimited number of advantages. Cheat hacks mainly from Tigo, Glo, MTN, and Airtel are the leading, mostly because these companies are the biggest internet providers. Airtel and Tigo Ghana offers free internet without any monetary or non-fiscal commitments while Glo and MTN ask their users to commit themselves to non-monetary requirements for them to continue accessing their service.

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Getting free internet in Ghana is not a difficult task. You only need to know how to get the free internet either on your phone or even on your personal computer.

Free internet for android

With your Android phone, you can be able to browse for free in Ghana. However, there are some few requirements that you must fulfill for you to be in a position to access the open internet. Some of the conditions include; a router sim card or a busy 4G modem, Pishon XP v7 and a configuration file. Having fulfilled the above requirements, which are readily available for download, you can proceed to the next steps. If you don't have them, follow the procedure below to activate your free internet.

  1. Install XP v7 app and open it
  2. Clicking the icon at the right top side, you will see a list of items for selection
  3. Check for "import configuration " by scrolling down the list
  4. At the downloaded items, look for the configuration that you had downloaded and click on it for upload.
  5. When uploading is complete, click connect for you to begin browsing using the unlimited free internet.

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To access MTN free internet on android follow these steps

  1. Download ANONY
  2. Turn on google play store and set the settings as follows
  3. Go to stealth setting, ensure the stealth tunnel is on, put the port code as 9201, go to advance SSL setting, tick both True SSL (Anti DPI) and Spoof Host: port, at the Spoof Host and the code 443 at Spoof Host.
  4. Save the setting, and your Android phone will automatically connect to free MTN internet.
how to get free internet on your cell phone
how to get free internet at home without paying
how to get free internet at home 2018
free high speed internet

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How to get free internet on pc

Do you want to know how to get free internet on pc? Struggle no more. We have all the steps to guide you so that you can enjoy free browsing. Apart from having a laptop or a personal computer, other requirements you need are the connectivity tools such as Bluetooth dongle, an infrared devise or USB cable. With those at hand, follow this steps to access Airtel network.

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  1. The first step is activating Airtel live.
  2. Create two accounts for Airtel GPRS data let the active profile to be the first account.
  3. Connect your phone to your pc then install drivers for the mobile modem
  4. Using the new connection wizard, create a new dial-up connection as follows:
  5. Connecting Device: Your mobile's modem
  6. ISP Name: Airtel (or anything you like)
  7. Phone Number : *99***2# / Try 99***1
  8. Username and Password: blank
  9. Configure your download manager and browser for using the proxy and port 8080.
  10. Connect now to account for dial-up
  11. Enter an address of your choice on your browser, wait for a few seconds after pressing enter.
  12. You will see the page lading meaning you have internet access for free.

Free internet hotspot

To attract customers, many service providers have installed free WIFI for their customers. In Ghana, most places like airports, pubs, hotels, pizzerias, restaurants, coffee houses and cafes have free internet hotspot. For you to easily access this free internet, you need to install a mobile application that will enable you to locate and access free WI-FI in almost every place in Ghana.

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How to get free internet on your cell phone

With a Cello Mobile, it is possible to communicate freely using the Ghana unlimited data plan. You will only be required to sign up for the global unlimited mobile internet using your Cello Mobile. You will then receive a portable router pocket WIFI hotspot which is temporary. The size of the router is approximately half the size of a standard cell phone. You will, therefore, have o carry it with you to enable you to connect any device that is WIFI enabled hence receive data that is unlimited to all your devices. This wireless hotspot has a capacity of connecting up to five devices, and it is always fully activated to enable you to enjoy free browsing.

How to get free internet at home 2018

Would you want to know how to get free internet at home without paying? You are on the right track. To get free internet at home, you can use the cheat hacks from MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Tigo. For MTN browsing for free, you will have to buy Huawei Ascend Y210 which offers 50GBdata bundle accessibility for MTN user. Then get the free MTN browsing codes. A number of these codes are available for any Ghanaian internet user. They include *138*1*4# for internet bundles, 138*1*5# for all the social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatsapp. We also have *138*16# for you tubers and streaming facilities. With that, you can then download the best wifi hotspot that will enable you to create your home wifi using your phone.

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Free high-speed internet

Vodafone is offering one of the fastest speed and reliable internet in Ghana. To enjoy browsing for free using Ghana Vodafone, you will be required to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Begin by subscribing to unlimited social app bundle by dialing *151# and follow the complete prompt.
  2. Download and install Xp Psiphon.
  3. Once you have it installed, open it and set real proxy type to direct
  4. once this is done click here and follow steps provided in the tutorial.

Internet serves a crucial purpose all over the world. This means that its usage is increasing every day and at a high rate. Many companies are, therefore, looking for opportunities for providing internet services to cater to the enormous demands of individuals, firms, organizations, companies, institutions and government agencies. In Ghana, there has been an introduction of tariffs such as Tigo to serve internet users with a stable and high-speed network. Ghana is one of the countries with the highest demand and most significant market for internet users. This has provided an excellent platform for Tigo Ghana to segment the market and be able to use different tariffs to serve the market. However, many internet users are not able to meet their internet needs due to the high charges and insufficiency of internet data bundle. To resolve this challenge many internet providers have made it possible to browse for free especially on social media platforms.

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As much as it feels good to use the internet for free, people need to be careful when dealing with free wifi to avoid and escape the traps of hackers and other potential viruses. Hackers are interested in sensitive data such as online banking passwords and personal information. To protect yourself from this dangers follow the tips outlined below whenever you seek for public wifi:

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how to get free internet on your cell phone
how to get free internet at home without paying
how to get free internet at home 2018
free high speed internet
  1. Confirm from a trustworthy source and carefully verify the network name (SSID) of the network you are about to connect to. It must be a legitimate service
  2. To protect you from intrusion and to save battery life, ensure that your wireless card is shut off especially if you have no plans to connect to another machine or the web.
  3. Be careful with any information you want to share with the public. Hackers can get access to your critical data through innocuous logins done to webmail accounts.
  4. When possible, utilize VPN to encrypt data and other stronger tools for you to conduct secure transactions
  5. If you join any network that is malicious, turn off all shared folders. These will prevent those hackers who can load malicious spyware agents who will follow you wherever you go after leaving the public location.
  6. An up to date and comprehensive security suite is essential to prevent viruses and spyware.

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In conclusion, internet usage in Ghana has become easy due to the many channels that Ghana citizen can use to access free internet. Free internet has boosted the livelihoods of many people since they can save quite a lot that could have been used in premium internet subscription. Free internet has also seen improved networking and communication through social media platform. It is also true to say that it opens a way for information access and research which can make young people discover and come up with innovations which could have otherwise not realized.

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