Busy Internet bundles prices and coverage in Ghana

Busy Internet bundles prices and coverage in Ghana

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, there so many social media platforms and for us to keep up with the current events, these platforms are a necessity. For any active browser, fast an affordable Internet would go a long way. Busy Internet bundles is among the 3 networks in Ghana that offer 4G LTE the other 2 being Surfline Communications and Blu Telecoms.

Busy Internet bundles: Are these the best rates in Ghana?
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This article will share with you all about Busy Internet, cafe, coverage, prices, data bundles, value of money and QoS (quality of services) which make it preferrable.

Busy Internet coverage

Busy network has a wide coverage since it is in all parts of Accra and Tema. A dark spot represents the network in various locations of Accra and Tema. The interesting bit about this network is that it has two very strong devices, which are Mifi and Router.

For any Ghanaian interested in buying the Busy Ghana Mifi, you only need GHC 250 to purchase it with a 10 GB free data initial and you will get free weekend browsing (valid for 30 days).

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For those interested with the router, the Busy Ghana sells the router at an affordable price of GHc300, with 30 GB free data valid for a month. This a good deal. Right? You have to purchase the router or Mifi, spend less, and enjoy your browsing. Stay connected and updated.

Busy Internet bundles: Are these the best rates in Ghana?
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In some cases we forget our passwords and, it is also very irritating when you purchase bundles for your Mifi and a number of unknown devices get connected. This means that many people around you have known your password and you need to change. Follow the steps keenly on how to change Busy Mifi password.

  • Step 1 – You start off by getting the default passphrase, which you get via tapping top bottom at your Mifi side.
  • Step 2 – Open any of your browser, enter '' on the address bar. This will help you access the Mifi portal.
  • Step 3 – Type your password, click ‘Wi-Fi’ then ‘Wi-Fi profile’ then ‘change SSID’ then ‘WPA password’
  • Step 4 – Save the changes

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If you find it hard, call the Busy Mifi customer care to help you out.

Busy Internet bundles prices

Busy Internet data bundles last for a month, but it also offers a 50 GB bundle that lasts for 2 months. This means ones you buy the affordable monthly bundles, you will have the whole 4 weeks/30 days enjoying your browsing. Here are the recent 2018 pre-paid data bundles You can buy either for personal, family or maybe your small business use. The busy Ghana network is very fast yet very affordable.

  • Prepaid 2 GB – GHC19
  • 5GB prepaid – GHC35
  • 10 GB Prepaid – GHC65
  • 25 GB prepaid – GHC 140
  • 50 GB prepaid – GHC225

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Busy Internet bundles: Are these the best rates in Ghana?
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How to know your Busy Data Number

Every time a customer joins Busy Ghana, a welcome email is sent and your Busy data number is always inclusive. You can check the number there or find it on the original device box for your ‘My Busy Card’. Do you remember your ‘MyBusy’ password & username? Well, once you login you can find your data number there. Busy customer service is there for, so call 0800 300 800 to help get it.

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For you to purchase your busy data bundles you can use a short code *310# , you can visit the Busy Ghana Web self-care portal, or even use ‘My Busy App'. Use the same process to check your data balance. Follow the options well and you will definitely enjoy their services. Any time you use ‘My Busy App’ you get an offer of a 25% bonus.

Busy Internet cafe

Internet cafes are so many in Ghana, but most of them use slow networks that make browsing very boring. Loadings that seem to take forever, and this is quite a buzz kill. Right? It is best you find an Internet café with a fast network that will give you a fast connection. This article wishes to share with you a few Internet cafes that use Busy Internet so that you can find their various locations in Accra and Tema; keep connected with a fast network, 4G LTE.

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Palace Iane café

This Internet café is at Aburi and it is considered the best due to its fast Internet service, Busy Internet. Their services are available 24 hours and they charge 1GHc

Telephone - 0206333399

URL - 0245386908

Address - box 606 dansoman

Email - cypnyame@yahoo.com

Akwaaba Business Centre

The Internet Café is in Accra and it charges per hour.

Tel: 083222522

Email: welcometoghana@yahoo.com

Hours- ¢6o

Alpha Legacy Systems

It is an Internet Café located in Accra available from 8:00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. It offers services such as browsing, scanning, printing, hardware & networking, and secretarial services.

Tel - 022-401876 / 0241-771306

Address - Comm. 17, Lashibi

Price - 30min/0.50GP & 1hr/1.00GHc

Email: frans2frans@yahoo.com

Busy Internet bundles: Are these the best rates in Ghana?
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Ambition Network Communication - Accra

It is a premier cyber & a gaming center located in Accra and offers Internet general services to their customers. Opening hours is from Mon 8.00a.m. to sat 10.00 p.m. & sun/holidays from 2.00p.m. to 9.00p.m.

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Price - 6000cedis/hour

Telephone- (233) 21-257748

Email - webmaster@anccafe.com

Address - House No: C368/9 Accra-New Town. Opposite Former

Business Ghana Internet Cafe

It is located at Accra offering general services like browsing and printing. It opens from Mon 7:30am to Friday 8:00pm and on Saturday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Price - ?6,000/hr $0.90/hr

Tel - 233-21-672289, 233-21-253338

Email - info@businessghana.com

Address - Box MP 1219, Mamprobi-Accra2 cafes In Accra, 1 In Tema 23321 Ghana

Busy Internet bundles: Are these the best rates in Ghana?
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Busy Internet Cafe

An Internet Café at Accra that has been a multi – award winner for its fast internet and pioneering services. It was founded a number of years ago in 2001 and it offers its services for 24 hours. If you are a Ghanaian near Ring Road Central/Tema /Accra Mall, you can enjoy the great services.

Tel -\021-258800

URL- www.busyinternet.com

Address - 42 Ring Road

Easy Internet - Accra

It is an Internet Café located in Accra offering the fastest browsing internet to its customers.

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Accessibility is within Accra Nima off Newtown road.

Tel - +233-21 233336

Address Box - 01933 osu -accra

Price – 40 & 50 Ghana pesewas

Email - tarabilli98@gmail.com

Global herald Internet cafe

It is located in Accra with a good environment to enjoy their fast browsing services.

Price - 6,000 cedis

Tel - +233 24 630784

email: idikeocha@yahoo.com

Hours – Monday 09.00am to Saturday 22.00pm & on Sundays from 17.00pm to 22.00pm

Address - otswe b/stop labadi road opp.jokers night club

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