List of all metropolitan assemblies in Ghana

List of all metropolitan assemblies in Ghana

Ghana, formerly known as Ivory Coast is a former British colony that gained its independence in the year 1957 on the sixth of march. It was then declared a state In the year 1960 on the first of July. Ghana a name framed from the Soninke language means worrier king. This is what the people of Ghana felt represented who they really were as opposed to Ivory Coast. Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The metropolitan assemblies in Ghana divide the country into sections that vary in terms of productivity, resources and other economic and social aspects such as tourism.

List of all metropolitan assemblies in Ghana
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Ghana is a sovereign democratic nation under the rule of a president. The president of the republic of Ghana is the commander in chief of the armed forces and the leader of the the executive branch in the government. Ghanas current president is Mr Nana Akufo-Ado. He was sworn into office in January seventh in 2017. The Vice President is Mahamudu Bamuwia who started his term along with the president in 2017.

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Historically speaking, around the 18th century, the Akan people of Ghana held their government around the current Ghana and guinea regions. They were a strong community and their influence was great in the area. The administrations the kingdom of Ashanti people was initially a loose network but with the trade in gold bars grew, so did their network strengthen.

After colonization, Kwame Nkurumah was the first prime minister of Ghana. He was well red and had played a big role in bringing independence to Ghana. He was however thrown out after a military coup took place in the year 1966 on February. After that several other presidents have been seen in Ghana. The general state of Ghana between 1966 and 1981 was of economic shambles and social as well as political issues. This led to one man Mr Rawlings fighting for a new constitution that led to a new general election that had him elected as president.

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Ghana had a population of approximately 28 million people in 2016. The people are distributed across Ghana's districts and although like many African countries there are tribal clusters in the style of settlement, there are several metropolitan areas with a good mix of everyone. So how many metropolitan assemblies are in ghana? Ghana’s administrative divisions are divided into several geographical areas. Generally there’s four divisions in the case of geographical terrestrial plains. Then after that there are ten different regions. These regions make up the total of 212 districts. These districts are found among the six metropolitan assemblies, 55 municipal assemblies as well as a total of 151 in ordinary assemblies. All the districts in Ghana have their own district assemblies. However, it must be noted that even within the these districts there are even more administrative divisions that dial down to around sixteen thousand unit committees in the grassroots communities.

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List of all metropolitan assemblies in Ghana
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Metropolitan assemblies in Ghana and their capitals

The metropolitan municipal and district assemblies in Ghana are a constitutional system that aids on ensuring the leaderships effects trickle down to meet the people’s needs. So what are the metropolitan assemblies in Ghana?

Kumasi metropolitan district

Located on the Ashanti region of Ghana on the Ashanti land peninsula, Kumasi is one of the districts in this region. As one of the twenty seven districts in this region, Kumasi sits pretty boasting the Kumasi city that is actually the capital for this region.

Kumasi metropolitan district is two hundred and ninety nine square Kilometres. As stated above, it is in the Ashanti city state and it was founded in the year 1680. It was founded by king Asantehene Osei Tutu the first. He was aided by his chief priest Okomfo Anokye. He led Asante states against their great enemy at the time the Denkyira. It was a complete defeat and they took over. By the use of his power at the time as well as diplomacy, he was able to get the rest of the Asante leaders to pledge their allegiance to his capital that was Kumasi. His power was vast and it was seen when he was chosen to sit on the golden stool. This was symbolic of his becoming the Asantehene or the leader and king of all Asante people.

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Sub metropolitan assemblies in Ghana occur within the metropolis. Kumasi for instance has a total of nine sub metros. These include, Nhyiaeso, Bantama, Tafo, Kwadaso, Suame, Manhyia, Asokwa,Asawase, Subin and Oforikrom.

The type of government in this area is an absolute monarchy with a mayor council. The current district executive is Osei Tutu the second. The city mayor is Kojo Bonsu of the NPP party.

Cape Coast metropolitan assembly

The Cape Coast metropolitan district is beautifully located along the coast. Among the seventeen districts, it is one of those located on the southern part of Ghana in the central region. Cape coast has a district assembly type of government and the district executive is Anthony Aikins. In the 2010 census, the population of the Cape Coast was 169,894 people.

The capital of the Cape Coast metropolitan district is the city of Cape Coast. Cape Coast is also an economically significant area as it is a fishing port where the landing and distribution of fish is done. It is also a revenue generating city due to its popularity with tourists who go visit Ghana as well as local tourists. The proud home of 32 festivals, Cape Coast was a highly sought after place in the colonial region.

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Being in the city one can see influences from the Portuguese, Danish, British as well as Swedish who all at one point or another had or wanted ownership of. The language dominantly spoken by the locals of Cape Coast is the language of Fante. Founded by the people of Iguana, Cape Coast is definitely a perfect contender as one of Ghana’s most historically rich cities. Cape Coast was the center of operations for Africa during the triangular trade. It is in Cape Coast that many black people were held during the slave trade era. When the British took over in Ghana. Cape Coast was their center of operations until they moved over to Accra after the opposition to the window tax.

List of all metropolitan assemblies in Ghana
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Accra metropolis district

Established in the year 1898 by a local government act, among the number of metropolitan assemblies in Ghana, Accra metropolis, as of 2010, was one of the larger metropolis with a population of over one million six hundred thousand people. It’s vast geographical area spans at around 6.56 square kilometers. Accra metropolis district has a metropolitan assembly type of government and the current metropolitan chief executive it Mohammed Sowah. Just like the rest of of the district executives, he was chosen by the president of the Republic of Ghana. Not only is he the metropolitan chief executive he is also the political head in that district as well as the mayor of the grand city of Accra.

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Since it was established, Accra metropolis has gone through a lot of changes in its dynamics as well as geographically speaking. It underwent a period in 1956 where as per the Accra city council, six councils were created. These area councils included, Ablekuma, Ashieduketeke, Osu Klotey, Okaokoi, and Kpeshie. His was the effective system up until the year 1989 when Accra was given the metropolitan district title. These area councils were then transformed into sub metropolitan district councils.

Tema metropolitan district

With an area of 565 square kilometers, Tema is a metropolis that is located in the greater Accra region. Tema metropolitan district is made up of four districts that include; Tema north, Tema south, Tema east and Tema west. The capital of this metropolis is Tema.

Tema city is located on the area of greater Accra only around 25 kilometers east of the capital city Accra. Tema has a population of 161 thousand people and known widely as harbor city. The history of Tema goes back to when it was a small fishing village. It’s original name was actually Torman which translates to gourd land. The villagers of former Tema were gourd planters. However when kwame nkuruma had the project to build an industrial hub, the villagers were forced to move to a new fishing groundTema city the capital of Tema metropolitan in an important economic city with many industries and it is a city that demonstrates the vision of Ghana’s former leaders. Tema has communities numbered from one to twenty five with each in a position to gain access to amenities.

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List of all metropolitan assemblies in Ghana
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Tamale metropolitan district

Tamale metropolitan district houses the fourth largest city in Ghana. The city of Tamale. This also is the capital of the metropolitan area. Tamale metropolitan district is located on the northern region of Ghana and is not only the economic but also the social center of the northern region. The current district executive for tamale is Abdul-Hunan gunfado.

Tamale had 233,166 inhabitants based on the 2010 census. Tamale city is historically of significance. It was a city that sat on Cerberus cross of three ancient trade routes. Tamale city a hugely Muslim city with all the beautiful mosques to be seen on its streets was an inevitable settlement.

Tamale is found in the kingdom of Dagbon. That means that the district heads all pay their allegiance to the king of Dagbon. It has been recorded as west Africa’s fastest growing city. It is also important to note that tamale is a hub for education on the north. It boasts several colleges, universities as well as high schools And polytechnics.

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Sekondi Takoradi metropolitan assembly

This metropolitan assembly is actually a merging of two cities that is Sekondi and Takoradi. Sekondi Takoradi metropolitan assembly is actually one of the eighteen districts of Ghana’s western region. It is also the acting capital of the western region. It has a metropolitan district assembly type of government and has a population of 445, 205 people as of 2012.

Sekondi which happens to be the older of the two towns was the site for a Dutch fortress in the year 1642 and it was also the home of the English fort Sekondi in 1682. A huge thrust to development for Sekondi as well is the availability of transportation by tail that was constructed during the colonial era . They were constructed to enable exploitation of resources and easy shipment to sea. Takoradi has a very significant deep water seaport. This seaport which was also Ghana’s first played a fundamental role for the British. Their aircrafts were landed in Takoradi on their way to Egypt and fighter plane parts were shipped to Takoradi where they were assembled and flown to the war in Libya.

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The two towns were later merged to become the Sekondi Takoradi metropolitan district. It is also an important economic hub with huge industries such as the cacao, sweet crude oil and crude oil, ship building and timber thrive.

List of all metropolitan assemblies in Ghana
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The list of metropolitan assemblies in Ghana are what is there to show for Ghana’s deep history and riveting culture. Each metropolitan assembly has within it a story of struggle a story of war and a story that shows what Africa once was. Their continuous growth and improvement is tremendous even if Ghana has its struggles. All metropolitan assemblies in Ghana and Sub metropolitan assemblies in Ghana are ruled by leaders who pay allegiance to the president. He actually elects some of them. However, it is paramount that the leaders remember their zones and pay attention to the kingdom chiefs and kings.

The Republic of Ghana was not always what it is. The Ghana empire is actually said to have hailed in around the eleventh century. It was located where current Mali, Mauritania as well as Senegal are. It was however later defeated and when they finally found their independence they renamed the Ivory Coast Ghana in honor of the fallen kingdom.

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