Hunter eyes vs. prey eyes: The difference and why it matters

Hunter eyes vs. prey eyes: The difference and why it matters

Eyes are a great aspect of human identity. Through someone's eyes, you can easily know whether they are happy or sad. Eye contact can easily change your perception of someone because of the unspoken emotions and thoughts displayed in them. This article highlights the difference between the two eye shapes—hunter eyes and prey eyes. Which one is more attractive, hunter eyes vs. prey eyes?

Actor Tyler Posey with a great pair of hunter eyes (L) and actress Miley Cyrus looking at the camera with her prey eyes (R)
Actor Tyler Posey has a great pair of hunter eyes (L), and actress Miley Cyrus looks at the camera with her prey eyes (R). Photo: Emma McIntyre, Bauer-Griffin (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images


The discussion of hunter eyes vs. prey eyes is easier in the animal kingdom than in humans. Animals like lions naturally have hunter eyes, while prey like zebras possess prey eyes. Both eyes help the animals survive and adapt to different environments. However, even humans possess these eyes, which is an exciting discussion.

Hunter eyes vs. prey eyes

Hunter's eyes are particular eye shapes characterised by positive canthal tilt, hooded eyelids, almond shape, and little or no visible sclera. On the other hand, prey eyes are specific eye shapes characterised by negative canthal tilt and visible sclera under the eyelid.

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Difference between hunter eyes and prey eyes

How do I know if I have hunter or prey eyes? By examining their differences, you will know if you have either of these sets of eyes. Here are the differences between the two:

Hunter eyes characteristics

Actor Tyler Hoechlin possesses a great pair of hunter's eyes.
Hunter's eyes are linked with dominance, confidence and power. Photo: Frazer Harrison
Source: Getty Images
  • Species with hunter's eyes have vertical pupils that help them optimise their perception depth. Since they are hunters, they can easily have a wide view of image quality.
  • Hunters' eyes are linked with dominance, confidence, power and intensity, making them fierce. They make a species or a person look dangerous all the time.
  • They are almond eyes with an extra layer of skin on top with no visible crease. This covers most of the upper side of the pupil.
  • They have a positive canthal tilt when the lateral canthus sits on the medial canthus.

Prey eyes characteristics

Actress Katy Perry is among the celebrities who have beautiful prey eyes.
Prey eyes are linked to submission and gentleness. Photo: Kevin Winter
Source: Getty Images
  • They are characterised by wide, horizontal, elongated pupils that often look innocent. In animal species, these eyes help them reduce the amount of light entering the eye from above so they can see around them.
  • They are linked to submission, tiredness and weakness. They always make a person or a species look weak, fearful, or gentle.
  • They are overly round, allowing the scleral to show with much upper eyelid exposure. These kinds of eyes give you a tired and droopy look.
  • They are not deeply set—have a negative canthal tilt whereby the inner corner of the eye is at the same level or higher than the outer layer.

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Hunter eyes vs. prey eyes vs. hooded eyes

Celebrity Ian Somerhalder has a great set of hooded eyes
The hooded eyes are almost similar to the hunter's eyes, but they often look more dangerous with sharp features than the hunter's. Photo: Jason Merritt
Source: Getty Images

Because of their shape and form, hooded eyes are often confused with hunters. When you compare the two, you can quickly assume they are in the same category as predators' eyes. However, hooded eyes give a more dangerous look than both the hunter's and prey's eyes. Here are some of their characteristics.

  • The hooded eyes, also known as the alias' eyes, always have a sense of ferocity around them.
  • The orbital bone of the hooded eye species is compact, allowing them to have narrow eyelids that give them a microscopic gaze.
  • Unlike the oval-shaped hunter eyes, the hooded ones are round and perfectly placed in the middle of the face.
  • The hooded eyes are compact vertically and elongated horizontally, and they are sharply tapering off at the end, giving them piercing sharpness from start to end.
  • They have no visible upper eyelids, just like the hunter's eyes. These kinds of eyes are known to be designed for masculine activities such as compacting and hunting.
  • The hooded eyes are deeply set with a prominent brow ridge adopted for fighting and hunting.
  • A person with hooded eyes often has higher cheekbones and a well-developed maxilla that perfectly supports these eyes.
  • A hooded-eyed man has a positive canthus tilt that makes his eyes look aggressive. Such a person has a lateral canthus that sits higher than the medial canthus, which supports the aggressive look.
  • Hooded eyebrows also have a positive tilt, making the eyes look more aggressive than normal hunter eyes.

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Predator eyes vs. prey eyes

Hunter eyes (R) and Prey eyes (L) in the dark
Most hunter eyes have pupils that can easily dilate, allowing more light in dark areas. Photo: Aida Servi, Henri Barthel (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

Predators are wild animals that hunt for food or feed from other animals. While prey are hunted or fed, the predator is always chasing while the prey constantly runs away. Both possess different sets of eyes that allow them to survive in their given environment.

Comparison between predator eyes vs. prey eyes at night

Predator eyes, like those of cute animals like cats or lions, have pupils that can easily dilate to allow more light in low-light areas. Such eyes will look wider and brighter in dark areas because of the tapetum lucidum, which allows the light that has passed through the retina to go back into it.

Most hunter eyes have round retinas that will always shine in the dark. However, humans do not have tapetum lucidum; their eyes cannot shine as bright as wild cats at night.

Prey eyes have large eyes that help them easily adapt to low-light areas. Even though some prey eyes shine, not all do so because of the lack of tapetum lucidum.

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What does it mean to have a hunter's eyes?

Having hunter eyes means your eyes have features found in hunter animals such as lions and leopards. These ayes are sharp, focused, and often intense, resembling those of a predator animal. They are observant and keen on their surroundings.

How attractive are hunter's eyes?

Many people consider hunter's eyes attractive, especially in men. They bring out the masculinity in them, making them look more dominant and capable of offering protection for a woman. This is a trait many women will find appealing in a man.

Do humans have hunter or prey eyes?

Humans have hunter's eyes. Popular American actors Matt Bomer and Jesse Williams are among those with hunter's eyes.

Women are known to have prey eyes because they are closely associated with feminine energy. Some known celebrities with prey eyes include actress Katy Perry and actress and singer Miley Cyrus.

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