Cheapest universities in Ghana: Top 10 in 2020

Cheapest universities in Ghana: Top 10 in 2020

Formally known as Gold Coast, Ghana is not only rich in history but also regarded as a goldmine for quality-standard education in the West African region. Many of its universities, whether private or public-funded, hold the top ranks for best universities in Africa. Some of them have mutual affiliations with other top international universities from across the globe. Alongside quality education, there are also cheapest universities in Ghana that are equally productive and provide a chance for ambitious and inquisitive minds to enhance their career skills. They are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide a conducive atmosphere for learning. They are also certified and therefore their credentials are acknowledged by the state.

Top 10 cheapest universities in Ghana

The number of universities has been gradually increasing over the years. This has been due to a number of factors, including an increase in demand for a new set of skills to deal with the contemporary issues the country is facing. Low cost universities in Ghana came to light to offer a chance to the large chunk of youth who were unemployed because of either lack of skills, experience or knowledge in various fields.

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In as much as their costs may be low, it does not mean that quality of their services is any less. Many of them offer low costs simply because they have recently mushroomed and are seeking recognition in this competitive education sector. Their contribution has gradually been felt in various regions with many of them currently having a remarkable reputation. The list of the cheapest accredited universities in Ghana is as follows;

Top 10 cheapest universities in Ghana in 2020

1. Regent University of Science and Technology

It’s one of the cheapest universities in Accra, Ghana with a total fee of seven hundred and ninety cedi (GHC 790.00) that caters for meals, certificates and course materials. It was established in 2003, got accredited in 2004 to operate as a tertiary institution and by 2005 it was up and running. Though it began with only thirty students at Trinity Campus in Mataheko, the institution prides itself on its rapid expansion and development.

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Top 10 cheapest universities in Ghana
Source: USAid

It now has three other satellite campuses situated in Dansoman, Graphic Road and Lartebiorkoshie. There are plans for erecting its main enormous main campus at the McCarthy Hill very soon. All in all, it was ranked the best third university in Ghana by the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities in its 14th edition.

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The institution operates on three schools which include;

  • School of Business and Leadership,
  • School of Informatics, Engineering, and Technology
  • School of Research and Graduates

School of Business and leadership has embraced modern technology by offering business and economics studies accompanied by in-depth computing content. It has two departments in charge of five programmes.

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School of Research and Graduates, on the other hand, offers four postgraduates courses including; Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Divinity, Master of Science in Statistics and Master of Theology. Unlike other courses, Maastricht School of Management has partnered with Regent in offering Master of Business Administration, ensuring there are adequate resources in providing the best that the course demands.

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2. Pentecost University College

This institution also follows next in line. Although it’s a private university, its charges are incredibly affordable. For instance, Theology and Mission course are only charged,781 cedis for residents and 700 US dollars for non-Ghanaians. As for Business Administration, 1210 cedis is charged for Ghanaians while foreigners will only have to part with 1200 US dollars.

Top 10 cheapest universities in Ghana

It’s located in Greater Accra Region of Ghana having been established in 2003 by the Church of Pentecost in Ghana. Actually, the chancellor of the university is also the chairman of the Church of Pentecost.

The institution has three faculties which comprise of Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Theology and Mission. Additionally, there also some professional programmes offered by the institution to keep up with the growing trends in the market.

3. Central University College

This institution is usually considered one of the best yet cheapest universities in Ghana for international students aspiring to study in Ghana. It has undergone several name evolutions until 1997 when it finally stuck with Central University College. It was granted a charter by the president in 2016 and became a renowned university. Currently, topping the rank for being the biggest private university in Ghana, its courses are consequently diverse in nature.

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It has four schools and two faculties with several departments in charge of the programmes. Its facilities are considered state-of-the-art, and even though it dates back to as early as 1988 when it was first established as a pastoral training institute, its reputation has never been shattered along the way. It brushes shoulders with other high ranked institutions in Ghana and beyond the borders.

Top 10 cheapest universities in Ghana

Over the years, it has been growing steadily, developing itself, and that is why currently it has five campuses located at strategic parts of the country fully furnished with essential resources. In 2008/2009 academic years, it established two vital courses that were significant to Ghana’s market, School of Architecture and pharmacy. Indeed, its contribution to the education sector is magnificent.

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4. Ghana Technology University College

It was established in 2005 by Ghana Telecom, a national telecommunication firm. It’s no surprise that when it started, most of its courses hovered around telecommunication engineering and information. All in all, School of Business broke the monotony in 2009.With its affordable rates in various programmes, it’s an ideal institution for any ambitious mind yearning for knowledge, especially now that it has affiliations with other reputable institutions such as Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

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5. Catholic Institute of Business and Technology

Other than being one of the most affordable private universities in Ghana, the institution has also been in the limelight for its strong Catholicism. Its vision is to foster a morality and intellectual to the diverse and transformed society with the aid of Catholic teachings.

6. Valley View University

Valley View University falls under one of the cheapest university in Accra, with its location particularly in Oyibi. It’s a private university founded and managed by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It’s also part of more than one hundred colleges run by the same church.

7. All Nations University College

It only began with thirty-seven pioneer students in 2002 as it momentum slowly increased and finally accredited in 2005. Having been formed by Rev. Dr. Samuel Donkor, the institution was in the spotlight in 2017 when three students designed, assembled and even tested Ghana’s first satellite which was launched into space. The project was supported by the Kyushu Institute of Technology as part of a global project supported by Japan. With such an incredible achievement, the institution is definitely taking Ghana’s Education system to the next level.

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Its courses are generally affordable, for example in Electronics and Communication engineering students are only required to pay One thousand six hundred and ninety for residents and foreign students correspondingly pay two thousand and two hundred and fifty-five US dollars.

8. Kings University Ghana

It was established in 2009 and just like any other upcoming university, it only began with a small number of students-thirteen MBA students to be precise. Its affiliated to the University of Cape Coast, which also has an outstanding reputation in the country. With its affordable fee, the institution strives to generate many more competent graduates into the market. It has partnered with so many corporations such as Microsoft and ACCA in its quest for high-quality education by offering internationally professional courses. Its fee structure can be easily accessed as screenshot below.

Kings fee structure

9. Sikkim Manipal University

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It’s one institution that is definitely among the most affordable universities in Ghana. It was established in 2007 but its reputation has rapidly spread across various parts of the country. It offers master’s and bachelor’s degree programmes in Department of IT, Department of Management and Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. Verifying the fee structure can help you plan better if you want to join the university.

10. Zenith University College

Closing up the list of cheapest universities in Ghana is Zenith University College. It’s a privately owned college that emerged in 2001.It initially began as a tutorial college but in 2005 it opened its doors for a tertiary educational system. With this move, it was accredited and allowed to offer diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the country.

Its fees are relatively cheap. For example, in Bachelor of Business Administration, all students regardless of their nationality are required to pay a sum of nine hundred cedis per semester. Similarly, in English as a course, both residents and non-residents are required only part with four hundred cedis per semester.

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Even though the country is known for oil and engineering courses, you can find some of the cheapest medical universities in Ghana for interested applicants. Check out The University of Ghana medical school. It is known for high-quality education and is regarded as one of the leading medical institutions in the country. It has all the essential resources and modern equipment that makes learning even more interesting. Knowing the cheapest universities in Ghana and their fees can be can help you make the right choice from the start.


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