4 reasons why women date more than one guy

4 reasons why women date more than one guy

Dating looks to be a very simple phenomenon but, in reality, it is very complicated for many young men and women.

As such, there are a million and one reasons why one would want to enter into a relationship with a particular man or woman.

It may be due to needs, love, compatibility, looks, intelligence etc. But what if all these attributes cannot be found in one man?

4 reasons why women date more than one guy
Some women believe dating more than one man, boosts your self-confidence and improves your dating skills.

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Due to such a scenario, many would prefer to have multiple partners so as to be on the safer side. Most smart girls, for instance, may opt to date more than one guy for varying reasons.

Below are four reasons why a girl may date more than one guy at a time:

1. To compare compatibility and attributes of men

Most women of today would like to keep multiple partners so that they can understudy all of them to be able to know their true qualities.

Finding the dream partner doesn’t come easy and smart women are very much aware of this fact.

As a result, they would rather have two boyfriends so that they can compare their compatibilities and attributes to be able to settle down with the right man.

2. It puts the man on his toes

It is often very difficult for a lady to date two men and hide it from both men. At least one of them would know that you have another man in your life because men are not that stupid.

But the good thing about this is that it puts both men on the toes. It sends them one message: they would have to fight hard to win you over because the competition is tight.

This will encourage the man to double his steps and efforts to win your heart.

3. Boosts self-confidence and dating experience

Many may not know, but the fact is that dating two or more men boosts the confidence of women. This is because they begin to feel that they are wanted and desired.

Also, dating multiple men improves the relationship experience of women and makes them become more at ease with the process.

A woman who has two men battling for her heart will undoubtedly not be short on self-confidence and empowerment.

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4. To reserve emotional involvement with wrong men

Just like every woman wants to be sure that her man is compatible, so do they not want to fall into the hands of wrong men.

Most smart women of today would not want to risk falling for the wrong guy and so would prefer to date two men as an insurance.

In this case, they do not get too intimate or involved with either man until they are completely sure he’s Mr. Right.

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