Meet Elon Musk, the man championing digital branding on social media

Meet Elon Musk, the man championing digital branding on social media

Elon Musk is someone who doesn’t need any introduction because he is amongst the world’s finest visionaries and business leaders.

He himself is a brand, and this is one thing many celebrities and leaders miss. Any person looking to comprehend digital branding should emulate his presence on social media.

He has numerous fans who attentively follow his move every now and then.

Elon Musk. Photo credit: Sourced

Elon Musk. Photo credit: Sourced

Elon is not only the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX (two most talked-about organizations in the world) but also widely known as the man with unmatched passion, ultimate vision, and a huge success.

However, he has a life beyond the business world also; he is a great geek, a loving father and very familiar near the entertainment circles. Here 5 most fascinating things you should know about Musk are mentioned. brings you the top 5 most fascinating things you should know about Musk:

1. In his childhood, he was beaten very badly

When Elon was in school, he was the target of ruthless bullies. According to the book,Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, kids once threw him down the staircase. He fell, blacked out, and was admitted into a hospital.

2. First enterpreneurial initiative

Elon’s first big entrepreneurial initiative came at the age of 12 in the form of selling a video game

Before becoming a teenager, he made a game called “Blaster” and sold it to a computer magazine in 1984 for $500. Later he said that it was “a trivial game… but better than Flappy Bird.” Flappy Bird is a very popular mobile game released in 2013.

3. When his empire was built, he became money-less

Today, Tesla is the tech world’s jewel but same was not the case always. In the year 2008, the company was failing to retain money and SpaceX was facing issues in launching the rocket. Musk told that was the most painful period of his life.

4. One more venture

He wishes to place computer chips in the brains of people.

One more venture is launched by Musk and it is known as Neuralink. The hopes associated with this venture include implanting of computers in the human brains. This will help in minimizing the artificial intelligence’s threat from humans.

Musk is very serious about this threat: In the year 2015, OpenAI was cofounded by him. It is a nonprofit organization which does research to make sure that human life remains safe from AI.

5. The initial plan of SpaceX included sending rodents to Mars

Musk thought to send plants or mice to Mars and for that project, he even purchased decommissioned Soviet missiles. The plan failed because Russian seller asked for at least $8 million dollars per missile, then Musk thought he can build a cheaper one on his own.

Elon Musk is someone who loves challenges, and keeps on getting better at it. He is someone many can learn from, as he continues to explore new boundaries and possibilities. If there is a willing heart and a vision, there are few things that are unachievable!

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