Nigerian Girls Reject 2 Million Naira Offer To Leave Ghana Forever

Nigerian Girls Reject 2 Million Naira Offer To Leave Ghana Forever

  • Three Nigerian girls who currently live in Ghana have rejected an offer to return to the country
  • In a TikTok video, the three ladies turned down an offer of over GH₵20k to leave Ghana forever
  • Netizens are shocked why they would reject such a juicy offer, with many wondering what the situation in Nigeria is

Some Nigerian ladies residing in Ghana have shocked peeps online after they rejected a juicy offer to go to their country and never return.

The ladies, 3, were offered ₦2 million, equivalent to GH₵21,112.00 per the exchange rate at the time of drafting this report, by an unidentified woman to return to Nigerian and never step foot in Ghana ever again.

Nigerians Reject 2 Million Naira Offer To Leave Ghana And Never Return
The three Nigerian girls (Joy, in the middle) Photo credit: adannekelvin/TikTok
Source: TikTok

The unidentified woman was heard in a video sighted by saying, "Take 2 million naira go back to Nigeria and never to enter Ghana again."

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However, the three ladies flatly rejected the offer amid laughter, giving varied reasons for not wanting to return to their country of birth.

Joy, the youngest among the three, explained that she would rather stay in Ghana to attend good schools and enjoy a quality life than take the money and return to Nigeria.

"This money will finish in Nigeria. It's better I stay here, they are going to take care of me, take me to a good school, give me good food, buy me some fine, fine clothes.. Whereby, if i take this 2 million naira, the money will finish in Nigeria," she further explained.

The two other ladies in the video, also said they would rather stay than take the money because it would not be enough for them back home in Nigeria.

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Netizens react

Netizens who chanced on the video shared by adannekelvin on TikTok wondered what the situation in Nierian could be to make the girls refuse to take the 2 million naira and go home.

Peter_ Fameye commented:

"Why 2million naira is’t big in Nigeria?"

Adaowerrikitchen1 replied:

"2million is not money anymore..before your greet your Negbours finish,the money don move."

JACK TORONTO also commented:

"what thier saying is that, they can earn more when they are in Ghana so it doesn't worth it."


:It can buy car or nice house in Nigeria. Check."

Jianna Dior replied:

"Dreaming right."

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