Latest sister locks hairstyles

Latest sister locks hairstyles

Do you think that sister locks are amazing but you cannot find new ways to style them? If you happened to run out of hairstyle ideas for your sister locks, here are a few hairstyles to help you out. These styles will help you live a hassle-free life and help your hair look well-kept at all times. Well all need that great look whether for work or a day out. Here are different dread styles for females in 2018 together with sisterlocks images to give you new ideas for styling your sisterlocks hair.

Sister locks

What are sista locks?

Dr. Joanne Cornwall first developed Sister locks in 1993. She created a special crochet hook that was designed to create these kind of traditional locks. The crochet hook was aimed to help style and manage dreadlocks. Sister locks are the smaller or thinner version of locks. Sister locks are not the typical locks or the regular traditional dreadlocks. They are quite thin and allow versatility when it comes to styling. Sister locks, on the other hand, do not require gels, shea butter or grease for installation. There is a weaving technique and a patented tool used to create the crafted locks that help the hair to remain light as they grow. You can learn how to lock your hair or get it done professionally.

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Sister dreads styles - Beautiful and versatile

Many women are now opting for sister locs rather than the traditional dread style. They are preferred than having to deal with the pain of relaxed or the loose natural hair. The site rocks are easy to manage, but when they are installed improperly, they can cause hair breakage, thinning edges, baldness or tension alopecia. It is essential to take care of the hair just like any other; it is, therefore, essential to get a professional to install the sisterlocks to help the hair remain healthy and well maintained.

Sisterlocks hairstyles

1. Mohawk with sisterlocks

Sisterlocks hairstyles

This might look like a complicated hairstyle for your sisterlocks, but it is very easy to create. This style is applicable to both sisterlocks on short hair and long sisterlocks. All you need to do is create cornrows on the sides and then on the top of the sister locks. This is a hairstyle that is bound to stand out in a crowd.

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2. Light sisterlocks

Latest sister locks hairstyles

With the sisterlocks, it is a good idea to dye them from time to time. This does not mean that black locks are not beautiful, but it is great to change it up from time to time. Brown and honey blond are great colors to go with when dying your sisterlocks hair. The light colors will add life to your locks.

3. Side sweep

Sister locks hairstyle
Source: Beauty of Natural Hair

This is the lighter version of a Mohawk. In some cases, you will not even need the cornrows. All you need to do is sweep your hair from one side upwards and another side. If you do not want to add cornrows, you will need large clips to help the hair remain intact.

4. Ombre

Sisterlocks on short hair
Source: envy

For this sister locks hairstyle, you might want to use a different dye technique for the sister locks. You might want to have a light ombre on your locks. All you need is to dye the ends of the locks. This will give you great results. You will love it.

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5. Simple yet glamorous

The good thing about sister locking is that you do not have to look for something special for you to look great every day. Some simple sister locks styling is the best.

6. Sisterlocks and accessories

Pictures of sisterlocks hairstyles

If you are the type of girl who likes wearing her hair up, you might want to consider adding some hair clips to your hair to keep your hair intact. In some cases, the sisterlocks are hards to arrange and keep in place so a bigger clip will help style the hair better.

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7. Partial highlights

Latest sister locks hairstyles

Blonde colours are great on sisterlocks. To create a great, wonderful contrast on your hair consider dying the front part with a blond color or just a small section of your sister locks. The first part will look great when swept from the side.

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8. Beehive

Sister locks
Source: for Sisterlocks

Beehive styles can be quite versatile and of many types. It is a great style if you need to have the thick hair to stay in place. The best part about sister locks is that they are quite thick. Your hairstylist can do it for you, but you can also practice and learn how to do it for yourself.

9.High and mighty

Latest sister locks hairstyles

This style created by sweeping the hair upwards. This is a very fast and cute hair styles to create. You do not need to complicate it. All you need to put the hair up in a loose ponytail and hold the rest of the hair with small clips.

What are the pros and cons of sisterlocks?


  • Confidence boost
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Positive energy
  • One gets a lot of compliments
  • Helps one change how they think about themselves


  • The high cost of maintenance
  • Thinning of the hair
  • Breakage if you go a long time without tightening them
  • Early stage unravelling

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Can sister locks be undone?

Yes, they can be, but it is along and tedious process. If you need to take them out, you need to ensure that you do enough research before getting them undone. There are numerous YouTube videos available to help remove them on your own. You can also get them done by a professional hairstylists who have experience in removing sister locks. Short sister locks are more comfortable to remove than the longer ones. Long sister locks will require more time and patience to undo.

How to take care of sister locks

Just like any other type of hair, sister locks require some level of maintenance too. One thing to put in mind is not to use heat styling tools or products and also ensure that you get the sister locks tightened often. The following are steps to taking care of the sister locks.

1. Wash the sister locks

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When it comes to washing the sister locks you need to read the instruction on the sister lock starter kit. After you get the locks installed for the first time, you will get a starter kit from the installer. The kit has a shampoo, and some small rubber band and a sheet that explains about grooming and shampooing the hair. The instructions are to wash the hair after every two weeks. You must use the shampoo given on the kit so as not to disrupt the process of the sister lock formation.

2. Section your hair before washing it

Before washing your hair, you must separate your hair in four flat parts. You should use your hands to separate the hair into the sections. To ensure the protection of the hair braid that hair in the sections. And the tuck the ends of the locks and secure that braids with rubber bands. This technique is excellent in ensuring that the sister locks remain tightly coiled while washing the hair.

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3. Apply shampoo directly to the scalp

When washing the sister locks, you need to first wet the hair and shampoo the hair from the root f the hair to the tips. Wash the hair with your fingers and not with your nails and do not change the direction of application to ensure that the sister locks do not get lose or fuzzy.

4. Rinse out the shampoo

After you are done washing the hair with the shampoo you need to rinse out the product as you gently massage your scalp. The squeeze the excess water with your hands and then wrap the hair with a towel to ensure that the locks dry. Do not use any dring tool to dry your hair because this will harm the integrity of your locks.

5. Undo each of the bundles separately

Once the hair is dry, you need to undo each braid separately as you remove the rubber bands.

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How to maintain sister locks

  • When you have an itchy scalp use diluted hazel to cleanse the scalp. The itchy scalp is mainly because for the first few months or weeks of having the locks; your scalp will itch because the skin is still adjusting. You do not have to wash out the hazel cleanse off the scalp.
  • Before going to sleep, wrap the hair with a satin or silk scarf. If you have short hair, you can wear a silk bonnet over the hair.
  • Keep away from heat styling tools
  • Avoid products on your hair for about six months.
  • Apply to leave-in conditioner on the locks after six months if the hair is fuzzy
  • Get the locks tightened after three weeks.

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