How to write a tribute for a funeral: step-by-step tutorial

How to write a tribute for a funeral: step-by-step tutorial

Although the concept of the eternity of a soul tempts our mind, the thought of death always strikes our heart like a thunderbolt. The grief of the death of a near one cannot be washed out even with an ocean of water. On the other hand, neither prolonged sorrow nor an aching heart can restore your dear one to the mortal state again. Therefore, as Shakespeare stated in Henry VI “To weep is to make less the depth of grief” it is better to elasticize the depth of your heart to contain sorrow and reverence for the dead one instead of draining it out with tears. If you are worried about how to write a tribute check out this handful of quotes carefully plucked and placed in this article to lighten the grief of mortality.

How to write a tribute for a funeral
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These mind rendering quotes would definitely help to bear in mind the image of the deceased with utmost reverence and awe. The carefully portrayed illustrations would give the expression to your mourning feelings to cope up with the situation.

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Outline of funeral tribute

Focus on highlighting your relationship and bond with the departed one

Before starting with the content that lies at the core of your funeral message you must clarify your relationship with the deceased. The relation can be a close one like a spouse or a relation that has come to a close bonding from a strange meeting.

Describe the traits of the person

Never miss out the traits, including the limitations of the demised person that makes him special to you. The traits that distinguish him from the rest of the world would clarify his influence in each step of your life. His ideas that have helped you to change your perspective and mold your way are something worthy mentioning

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Highlight the accomplishments of the deceased

Accomplishments complete one’s life. Therefore, it is important to mention the achievement of the deceased person in the funeral tribute that you are going to present. The achievements would hold the stature of the demised quite high. One should not count accomplishments by the parameters of material success. His contribution to the social progress and uplifting the trodden generation to a restored stage should be his shining medal.

Mention the memories and quality experiences shared with the deceased

Special narratives on personal experiences would make your funeral tribute more vibratant and touchy. Stories of the quality moments spent together with a subtle touch of sense of humor would make your speech more appealing to the audience in the funeral ground. However, there should not be a negative comments linked with your sacred tribute.

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What should be included in a tribute?

A tribute should consist of a few general things like an introduction of the deceased person and his nature in a nutshell. After an introductory beginning, the beads of incidents which have made the garland of your relation beautiful should be revealed. The tribute should contain some appropriate quotations by an eminent personality that adjust the mood of a funeral ceremony or a poem that diligently expresses your feeling. You can compose some heart rendering lyrics with a melodious tune to surpass the dreary atmosphere of a funeral.

List of funeral quotes

sample tribute to a dead father, tribute to a church member who died, words of remembrance for a loved one

We cannot do anything to save the person from departing the world but we can tie the person so close to our heart that we would be able to miss their existence with each passing day. We may not get the physical existence of the close one to share each bit of our success but we can surely commemorate him at each momentum step in our succeeding time. This is one of the finest funeral tributes to contribute, to a great soul, resting in complete peace at any funeral ceremony.

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eulogy template for brother, funeral speech examples, tribute to a dead mother samples

The definition of love is not confined to a single lifespan rather the depth of true love is reflected in the attachment and grief one still feels for the deceased one. The mourning for the departed soul is the precious price the living person would pay for loving the soul which has left this earth. This quote can be used in a sample tribute to a dead father who has dedicated his entire life for his love and sacrifice that can never be reimbursed. It is the sacred responsibility of his off-springs to pay the price of such an unending debt with intense grief.

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tribute by children, sample tribute to a dead father, tribute to a church member who died

This quote can be the best tribute to a church member who died while serving the Lord and leading people towards their way to salvation. A church member would not have to look for his success elsewhere because he has left this earth surely in a better state on the humanitarian ground. He has lived his life by finding excellence in every human creature and appreciating the beauty lies in nature.

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words of remembrance for a loved one, eulogy template for brother, funeral speech examples

The words of remembrance for a loved one may not be enough for a departed soul that has renounced all the attractions of this earth. There is no doubt that the death of a human is only the decay of his material existence but the soul finds its shelter in the peaceful arms of the All Mighty.

funeral speech examples, tribute to a dead mother samples, sample tribute late father

The best way to accept demise is to accept it as a mere part of the entire existence and not as an everlasting end. As per the quintessential truth, one person is allied with another one by a firm thread which connects their soul. As the soul exists for eternity the bonding of one person with the other one tied with the same thread never perishes by physical demise. You can sustain the hope that you are going to reunite with the same soul whether it is in heaven or it takes another human shape by reincarnation. This illustration is the finest of all funeral speech examples that you can offer to a mourning person.

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sample tribute to a dead father, tribute to a church member who died, words of remembrance for a loved one

If the happiness and bliss of someone matter so much for us their peace in heaven would also make us equally content. You would be able to feel the delight of heaven within you as a part of your family is residing in heaven. The cordial relation has too strong to be torn apart by death. A mature person who can experience that death is not the ultimate end in this infinite universe would be able to recite this quote to calm down the agonized circumstance. This recitation is perfectly applicable on the eulogy template for brother who grew up together by sharing same cloths.

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sample tribute late father,eulogy template for brother,tribute by children

If bonding with a deceased person is strong enough death can hardly washout his image from the frame your mind. These lines of the quote should be bestowed on some admiring souls as a tribute by children to some guardian figure. This touchy quote is not only to be uttered in a funeral, in the serenity of a graveyard rather these lines are for each moment of poignant feeling of agonized detachment.

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sample tribute to a dead father, tribute to a church member who died, words of remembrance for a loved one
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Such a striking wish may well come under a tribute to a dead mother samples where the ardent wish of her children would be to forgo any desire to pay the toll to restore the mortality of their mother.

When life is a beautiful song and happiness a marvelous tune played with exuberance the death can only stop that song but the stream of melody would still be ringing in your heart with the same charm. The song of life becomes truly unforgettable when the precious moment is the happiest one. Two childhood friends, who have shared each moment of their life, hidden each other's secrets and shared the same bread, would remember those moments even after one is demised. This metaphor of the song should be used while offering tribute to a friend.


It is impossible to make someone completely purged of the grief but the list of selected illustrations would definitely aid your friends and family to cope-up with the sorrow of losing the dearest one in life. A funeral is such an ominous ceremony that in most of the cases people fall short of words to express their grief or reverence but this article is a savior for them. You can go through this article as this one is a quintessential collection of samples funeral tributes.


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