FedEx tracking for shipments and packages in Ghana

FedEx tracking for shipments and packages in Ghana

FedEx tracking, has a potent tool that enables a customer to obtain shipment updates in just a click. The tool is built for convenience, speed, and simplicity. In the current world, the transfer of goods has been simplified. You will surely be looking out for a service provider that offers just that. In addition, you want all your shipment delivered in good time and without any form of tampering. FedEx is the ideal solution for all these and more.

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Clients are expected to save their shipments straight to the homepage of the company so that they will not have to log in to receive updates concerning their shipments. FedEx believes that connecting people with goods, ideas, and services improves lives and creates opportunities. Send your package using FedEx tracking and take advantage of extensive service networks.

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Overview of FedEx tracking

Innovations and advanced technologies are vital to the growth of FedEx. They also help the company become successful in the industry. The history of FedEx tracking dates back to 1965 when Frederick W. Smith, the CEO designed a new system that allowed for safe delivery of various shipments. After a decade, he developed a Federal Express Corp which was the first overnight delivery company in the world, thus changing the industry forever. The company entered Europe in 1984, and it currently serves almost all cities and markets with its international delivery services.

Tracking FedEx

Tracking FedEx uses web-based, leading-edge applications that enable you as a customer to receive the status of outbound, inbound, and third-party shipments. You are provided with visibility concerning the status of your shipment anywhere and anytime, which ensures that there is effective management of the supply chain. As a shipper, you will benefit from the solution as you will want a visible supply chain, continual update, and reporting capability to better manage resource and inventory planning.

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FedEx freight tracking

fedex tracking contact
fedex tracking steps
what does fedex tracking in transit mean

FedEx has a parcel monitor which will help you track your package more effectively.

  • To start tracking your parcel, you need to enter the parcel number on the tool
  • Click on "track now".
  • After clicking on track now, you will begin to trace and track details of your shipment.

Therefore, your search for the most effective and reliable tool for tracking your shipments ends with the Parcel Monitor. You will receive your FedEx tracking details in your inbox regardless of location and language.

The Parcel Monitor will enable you to trace and track your couriers within a very short time using your ID. You can also track your global and international shipments within seconds. This tool is the most reliable solution relevant for your tracking needs. To receive the update in your inbox, all you are expected to do is to activate the CRM mail feature on the home page so as to receive the best experience.

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What does FedEx tracking in transit mean?

FedEx tracking in transit means that your parcel is on its way to the recipient or its final destination. In transit does not necessarily mean that shipment is moving like a vehicle or aircraft, it may still be at a FedEx facility. It also means that the package has left its origin point and it is on its way to the recipient. Through tracking tools, you can identify the status and location of the shipment and how many points it will pass before reaching its final destination.

FedEx tracking steps

FedEx tracking step begins by nicknaming your shipment. After nicknaming your item, you should create your watch list and choose the details you want to see. The watch list will enable you to monitor shipment more easily.

After which you should save your shipments. The shipment details that you choose will be saved and will be displayed under My Shipments section. The tracking outcome will be saved in the browser cookies until when you clear the browser cookies.

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You should then request email notifications for the status of the shipment. You should notify more than one email recipients concerning the shipment status. The types of notifications available include:

  • Exceptions
  • Tendered
  • Current Status
  • Delivered.

On the status progression bar, you can monitor the progress of your shipment. The graphical Status Progression Bar will help you monitor your shipment to get up-to-date information. Finally, you should obtain information concerning proof of delivery. This can be a picture of the recipient’s signature.

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Tracking a FedEx ground package

FedEx ground package can be achieved by door tag, or reference number (such as purchase order or Return Material Authorization number and invoice number) or FedEx Office order number. You should, therefore, sign up so as to receive an email notification concerning the status of the shipment.

How to track a package without a tracking number FedEx?

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fedex tracking contact
fedex tracking steps
what does fedex tracking in transit mean

In the absence of a tracking number FedEx, it is still possible for you to track your package. You can use other reference information to track the parcel. You will achieve this by visiting the site and using your internal reference information. Then choose Track by reference and enter the purchase order, invoice, Return Material Authorization, department, or other unique reference numbers that you provided before the shipment.

How often is FedEx tracking updated?

FedEx tracking is updated every time a parcel is scanned. Parcel scanning often takes place when it arrives and leaves customs or when it is picked, or also when it is loaded into the van and sometimes at the sorting hubs. The scan of the parcel shows its physical location and the actual time. You can also receive up-to-date status by calling 1800 GoFedEx or go online. When the weather is bad or on holiday weekend, FedEx tracking may not update. The system often updates six times in a 20 hour period.

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How much is FedEx tracking?

The shipping cost is linked to the weight of the package. This means that more massive packages will cost more than the lighter ones. To reduce the cost of shipment, you need to pack the item strategically. The cost of freight will also be determined by the type of products being shifted and how delicate it is. Finally, the shipping cost depends on the distance the parcel is going to be delivered.

The quotations of rates and services of FedEx is based upon the information you will provide to the company's employees. The final rates depend on the actual tendered shipment and application of the conditions. FedEx will not refund you in case of adjustments due to any discrepancies in service or rate quotation made before the tender including other charges to you. FedEx will provide you with estimates of taxes and customs duties, and these will appear in the FedEx Global Trade Manager, but the final taxes and duties may be different. Therefore, you should not expect refunds in case there is variance in the prices charged for your shipments.

UPS tracking in Ghana

UPS tracking FedEx comparison

FedEx and UPS are the most significant parcel delivery services in the world. UPS is larger than FedEx because of their income and revenue differences since UPS stated their services earlier. The headquarters of the two companies are both in the U.S, but UPS owns the largest market share in Europe. UPS has a more massive fleet of vehicles while FedEx has a larger fleet of aircraft. FedEx has partnered with the Smart Post Service, where it collects and processes all the e-commerce shipments. It uses jets to fly them to UPS’s location. UPS then transports the parcels to their final destinations.

UPS does not provide its customers with flat-rate services and boxes like FedEx. UPS allows you to get the boxes for free and you will only be required to pay a flat rate to send a parcel weighing up to 20 pounds anywhere within the U.S. On the other hand, FedEx offers One Rate, and it also provides free boxes. You will also not be required to measure or weigh parcels below 50 pounds.

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Despite the differences between UPS and FedEx, they are still working together to improve customer experience and satisfaction. The two companies share ideas on how they can improve customer experience.

FedEx tracking contact

In case of any inquiries, visit FedEx at 1st Floor, Swanzy Shopping Arcade, Accra, Ghana. You can also call at 0302663725 or 0289521787.

In conclusion, FedEx is the best service provider for you to ship your parcels within and outside Ghana. With the company, you will be able to track the status of your package until it reaches its destination. This is made possible by a powerful tool known as parcel monitor. Therefore send your goods using FedEx and take advantage of the visible supply chain. We will ensure that your products reach the recipient safely and at the expected time and right location.

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