Latest Kwesi Arthur songs and music videos to download or listen to

Latest Kwesi Arthur songs and music videos to download or listen to

Kwesi Arthur, born Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur, is a Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter. The 26-year-old is a BET Awards nominee for the Best International Act 2016. His feature on BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher gave his brand unmatched visibility in the world of rap. The two international recognitions make him one of Africa's most skilled rappers. Which are the latest Kwesi Arthur songs?

Kwesi Arthur songs
Kwesi Arthur posing for the camera. Photo: @kwesiarthur
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Besides the international recognitions, Kwesi Arthur has an impressive discography. While he is yet to match Sarkodie’s milestones as a rapper, his songs have enjoyed a lot of airplay on Ghanaian and international stations.

Kwesi Arthur songs

The Ghanaian rapper sings with enthusiasm, and one can feel the state of mind he was in when making the songs. To download his songs, go to YouTube or check MP3 platforms like eMusic and Apple Music. Kwesi Arthur songs you should listen to in 2021 include:

1. Warming Up - Kwesi Arthur

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Warming Up Freestyle is Kwesi Arthur latest song. Unlike most of his records, the freestyle does not have a hook or a melodic chorus. However, it is a statement that the rapper still has unmatched writing and rapping skills.

The video was shot by the Pirates Films, which David Duncan owns. Although it is not one of his most expensive videos (by the show of visuals), it conveys the message perfectly. The song, released on April 7th, 2021, has accumulated more than 70,000 views on YouTube as of April 2021. The freestyle also had hundreds of thousands of streams from the streaming platforms.

2. Sore - Kwesi Arthur, Yaw Tog, and Stormzy

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Yaw Tog’s Remix, Sore, is his most prominent feature yet. While the original song enjoyed a lot of rotation on urban stations, the new version brought new energy to Yaw Tog’s career. Kwesi’s verse, for example, is exceptional, especially considering Stormzy was also a featured artist.

KooPoku Studios shot the video. Although Kwesi was a featured artist, the video had an almost similar feeling. The song has over 3.2 million views on YouTube as of April 2021. Accumulating more than 3 million views in a month is also a new frontier for the rapper.

3. Baajo - Kwesi Arthur featuring Joeboy

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Baajo featuring Joeboy is a love song. While most fans know the musician with rap songs, Kwesi does not disappoint in the record. His vocals, for example, match Joeboy’s unique voice. In terms of quality, Baajo is his biggest song yet.

The song was directed and shot by Andy Madjitey. Like his other productions, it has an urban African feeling special for Kwesi targets. The stories captured in the video also compliments the song's theme.

Due to the song’s success, the artist has hinted at a probability of doing more similar songs. Also, the song has opened possibilities for the artist to work with more international artists in similar projects.

4. Live From 233 - Kwesi Arthur

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Live From 233 is a pure rap song released in September 2020. Like his other rap releases, Kwesi Arthur keeps it simple in writing. However, it is hard to ignore the innovative metaphors and unique rhyming schemes in the song.

David Duncan did not disappoint with the visuals. The scenes are simple but special for any rap fan. For example, using bikes and exotic cars make the video stand out.

Currently, Live from 233 has more than 600,000 views on YouTube as of April of 2021. The song is also in most rap playlists on popular platforms such as Spotify, thanks to its quality.

5. Turn On The Lights - Kwesi Arthur

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Turn On The Lights is Kwesi’s most innovative video yet. Even though the song was part of his new project, it looks like a single release, especially considering Kwesi and PLATOON Records’ work in it.

Besides the innovative video by Andy Madjitey, the artist worked with Yung Demz, one of Ghana’s best audio producers. Thanks to the amount of work Kwesi and the production team put on the song, Turn On The Lights is a vital project for the young artist, especially in his transition from record labels.

6. Jehovah featuring - Kwesi Arthur featuring Sarkodie

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Jehovah featuring Sarkodie is one of the latest Kwesi Arthur songs. Besides being a new record, it was a vital project for the young artist for two reasons. First, it is a form of approval from the biggest rapper in Ghana, Sarkodie. Second, the record also helped him break into the rapper's vast market.

While the song is yet to hit 100,000 views on YouTube, it enjoys massive streams from the digital platforms. Also, it was the first Kwesi's song to be on major Spotify playlists. Thanks to the exposure, the young rapper has gained many fans outside Ghana.

7. Nobody - Kwesi Arthur featuring Mr Eazi

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Nobody featuring Mr Eazi was the first song by Kwesi to enjoy massive radio airplay. It was one of the new Kwesi Arthur songs to reach 2.5 million views in a year. Besides Mr Eazi status in African music, the song is big for many reasons.

The video, for example, is exceptional. Like other songs released under Ground Up Chale, it was shot by the talented Yaw Skyface. The visuals are beautiful and perfect for TV. Second, the music is popular because of the audio production and unique melodies from the two artists.

8. Long Life - Fameye featuring Kwesi Arthur

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Long Life is Fameye and Kwesi’s song. The writing and productions are different. Unlike his other songs, where raps are metaphoric and creative, he takes a different approach.

The record is one of the few songs where Kwesi is vulnerable. He describes what life means to him and, more importantly, his understanding of a fulfilled life. On the other hand, Fameye does not disappoint in his chorus and the bridge.

The visuals are also beautiful. It was shot by Nana Kofi Awuah, one of the biggest videographers in Africa. Thanks to the production, the song has over 1.4 million views on YouTube as of April 2021.

9. Woara - Kwesi Arthur

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Woara was a Ground Up TV project with the artist. Like other sponsored songs by the platform, the production and promotion were under the Ground Up budget. However, Kwesi Arthur had complete control of the music, primarily through writing.

Kwesi Arthur new song has over 1.5 million views as of April 2021. Even though it is not on Kwesi’s channel, he often performs it in his shows and virtual concerts. The video was directed and shot by Yaw Skyface, famous for clean visuals.

The impressive video, together with the excellent record, makes Woara one of the biggest Kwesi Arthur songs in two ways. It was his official pop song, and second, the song introduced him to millions of fans across the world.

10. The Anthem - Kwesi Arthur

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The Anthem was the first Kwesi project under the Ground Up Chale to go viral in Ghana. Unlike most songs, it was not a single but part of a big project. The Anthem was the lead single in his first EP, Nkrumah Krom.

Akwaada Nyame directed and shot the video. Even though the video is simple, the song has 2.2 million views on YouTube, becoming one of his biggest songs yet.

The new Kwesi Arthur songs are diverse and exciting. Even though millions of fans identify him as a rap artist, he has proved his ability to make eclectic music. Some of his most significant records, for example, are a collaboration with pop artists. Kwesi diversification also makes him one of the most popular young artists in Ghana and Africa. shared the top 15 latest Ghanaian songs to play and download in 2021. The entertainment industry is one of the biggest in Ghana. Ghanaian musicians feature prominently among the most famous artists in Africa.

The industry is full of veteran, currently trending, and up-and-coming artists who are constantly releasing tracks. The above are some of the top songs to grace the airwaves and social media and which you should listen to in 2021.

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