7 key things you must know before marrying a pastor

7 key things you must know before marrying a pastor

Marriage is a very sanctimonious venture and, for many people, getting married is a very big dream.

It is often very tedious when it comes to choosing a life partner, but there are also some people who are lucky enough to meet each other effortlessly.

In every marriage, there are definitely expectations for both the husband and wife which need to be always met to ensure the union works.

7 key things you must know before marrying a pastor
7 key things you must know before marrying a pastor
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In the case of pastors, too, there are certain key things that their wives must know before marrying them.

Here are seven of those key things.

1. He is an employee of God, not the church

Every pastors, first and foremost, owes his service and duty to God. As a result, do not expect him to be spending the church money on you.

He may be supervising a large congregation, but the church money does not belong to him and you shouldn’t ever think that your marriage will never have financial challenges.

2. He will entertain ladies

Another key thing is to cut out any form of jealousy when you see your husband with other ladies. As a pastor, he is bound to entertain ladies and you will have to learn to accept that.

You don’t expect him to only speak to men, because he is a pastor for all, whether man or woman.

3. Have a welcoming heart

Being a pastor’s wife is not an easy thing. Both of you have a reputation to maintain so you have to do everything to keep your husband going.

To do that, you need to have a welcoming heart that accommodates everyone that comes your way.

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4. Learn to sleep alone

Another key thing every pastor’s wife must learn to do is to sleep alone. Pastors ate generally busy people due to their workload.

This means that he could be engaged in frequent travels, leaving their wives and children at home most often.

5. Be hospitable

A pastor’s wife is also expected to be very hospitable. People are bound to come to you for counselling and irrespective of their stories and backgrounds, you must welcome them.

6. Limited romance

As a pastor’s wife you should also know that you cannot have romance every day. This is because a pastor has many responsibilities at almost every point in time.

At one point he could be preparing a sermon not, at another he could be fasting, and you can’t be ‘disturbing’ him with romance in such times.

7. Be the perfect wife

No human being is perfect, but when you marry a pastor, you are expected to be as perfect as you can get.

Expectations of you are higher and you must do well to keep those standards and not disappoint.

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