Four concrete reasons why Ghanaian woman love money

Four concrete reasons why Ghanaian woman love money

Women are not born to love material possessions. Indeed, on the average, it is not true that a woman would love money or material possessions more than a man does.

So how do we come by the conclusion that women are all about the money and nothing less? That is what this write-up is about and we seek to give four reasons to answer.

But it has to be noted that the idea that women are crazy for material wealth is not just limited to Ghana. All over the world, that idea is steadfast and strong. gives readers why women seem to love money and what it can get.

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Four concrete reasons why Ghanaian woman love money
A relationship in Ghana is unlikely to work if a man is not financially sound. Photo credit: Supplied
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1. Financial security tops all

Love is beautiful and one can write a billion poems about it. But knowing where your daily meals are coming from is quite fundamental.

Another thing men do not even acknowledge is that money can actually buy love. Most women already know this but they do not make noise about it.

2. Money is a sign of success

If you put two men together, one rich and the other poor, majority are likely to call the rich man a success. It does not matter if there are brilliant scientists, politicians and artists who do not have much.

But women have been trained to look out for the fact that a man has money to show for all his work. Success as required of most women, is finding a man with money.

3. Most women want to be envied

This point follows from the last one. After grabbing a successful man, most women would love for that man to show to the world his might.

According to the training women get, it is not enough for their man to be good at something. The world has to know and this makes him and his wife the envy of all.

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4. If love dries up, a woman has to be paid

Like a social media user recently quipped, a woman has to take something tangible from marriage. If that marriage is finished, and a woman feels she has wasted her time, good money can compensate.

A good compensation will not happen with poorer men.

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