Welcome to Mamfe Dove where pregnant women are not allowed to have babies (Video)

Welcome to Mamfe Dove where pregnant women are not allowed to have babies (Video)

A village in the Volta region of Ghana, Mamfe Dove, is the centre of attraction in a documentary by the BBC on the peculiar topic of asking expectant mothers to have their babies outside the confines of the village.

As with every strange tradition, there is a story behind the elders of Mamfe Dove disallowing women from having their babies in the township.

In the short BBC piece, Kwame Tsiditse Gbenua, an elder, retells a myth of how a voice from the skies told the first settlers of the "rules of the land".

The rules were simple but weird: no woman is allowed to give birth within the village; no one is allowed to rear animals and lastly, no one is to be buried in Mamfe Dove.

For all the years that it has been inhabited, none of the people in Mamfe Dove was born within Mamfe Dove.

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Pregnant women are then forcibly rushed to clinics or safe places outside Mamfe Dove if the time arises for childbirth. Some of the women are said to be conveyed while they are in excruciating pain.

Narrating her story of living in Mamfe Dove and having a child, Hannah Korsinah recalls how she had to go through so much to even get a vehicle to take her outside of the village.

She also noted the long distance a pregnant woman has to walk if there are no available vehicles.

Interestingly, surrounding villages whose ancestors were also thought to have been handed the rules have abolished the practice. They are allowing child birth and burial of people, at least.

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Meanwhile, Thelma Chiaka is a woman who is enjoying praise after she set a record of nine minutes for giving birth a sextuplet in Houston, Texas.

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Chiaka is reportedly getting some much needed rest in the Texas hospital where her marvellous feat was achieved on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Chiaka had two sets of male twins and, a pair of girls named Zina and Zuriel. Her delivery reportedly took place between 4:50 AM and 4:59 AM GMT.

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