5 weird and confusing reasons that have caused divorces in Ghanaian marriages

5 weird and confusing reasons that have caused divorces in Ghanaian marriages

A marriage is one of the most difficult and sometimes fulfilling situations a person can get involved with, yet divorces in marriage come with some of the truly confusing reasons you have ever seen.

Marriage, if it is not forced, is the union between people who have within each other, a reason for lifetime partnership yet, many divorces in marriage happen due to some spurious reasons.

Human beings are agents of change and we are also beings who are continuously changing too. So it is possible that at one time, the reason for which you got married will no longer be something you want.

In the same way, divorces can be caused by the fact that the people we marry or their station in life can change so much that we do not want them anymore.

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Ghanaians, just like any other people across the face of the earth, have been known to break up marriages due to some truly confusing reasons.

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Here are some of the reasons YEN.com.gh found in our research.

1. He no longer found her beautiful.

Yes, a man left his wife because he no longer found her attractive. In this case, physical beauty, a phenomenon that easily wears off with time, appeared to be the reason the man married his wife.

Most men, usually rich men, who marry beautiful women, are only looking for trophy wives so they can show them off to the world.

2. She left him because he no longer had money

Divorces in which women leave men because these men are no longer in possession of good money is common. But the fact that it is common does not also mean it is not bogus.

Just like men who want trophy wives, women who marry for money are looking to advertise what “big fish” they were able to catch.

3. She left him because she is now more educated and richer

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A woman left her husband because she no longer found him worthy as she had surpassed him in education and income opportunities.

This particular reason for a divorce comes out of the fact that most women, men must “lead”. And so when men fall behind in one or two aspects, these women cannot bear it at all.

4. He left her because she not do domestic chores

In Ghana, it is rare to see women who do not do domestic chores. Men are therefore used to expecting women to so domestic chores even if these women have professional careers.

One time, a man left his career-driven wife because she had no time to do domestic work. This is in spite of the fact he could have helped out but chose not to.

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5. He ran into hiding without giving her a reason

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A woman had to opt out after her husband ran away for no known reason. She searched for him or his mortal remains, found nothing and as such considered herself divorced.

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