3 types of men who have affairs: How to spot the signs a mile away

3 types of men who have affairs: How to spot the signs a mile away

Being in a relationship with a man who is not straightforward can be draining. A romantic relationship should not stress you out. There are qualities that everyone looks for in a partner when trying out a new relationship. You want a man that practices fidelity, loves you unconditionally, treats you like a princess or queen, and listens to your concerns. How do you tell that the person you have fallen for is going to be faithful? There is no absolute way of knowing, but there are clues that can help you. There are 3 types of men who have affairs. Steer clear of these men lest you get heartbroken.

3 types of men have affairs
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A partner that cheats can ruin your self-esteem. They create insecurities in you and make you afraid of falling in love. To protect yourself, analyze your new man if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Look for any red flags, read his character, and even talk to your friend about your man’s personality. You do not want to end up as a wife to someone who is constantly sleeping around when you are faithful to him.

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Can a man cheat and love his wife?

Absolutely not. A man that cheats on you does not love and respect you. He does not value you and would not mind hurting your feelings. Why do cheating men stay married? Their wives either ignore the signs or turn a blind eye to their character.

3 types of men who have affairs

What does infidelity mean? Infidelity means being unfaithful to a person by being untruthful and unsupportive. Some men are cunning, and knowing them fully may be challenging, given how they move.

Where do most affairs happen? There is no definite place as affairs happen anywhere. Think of the oddest place or the famous couple you know; affairs happen anywhere.

1. Mr. friends with everyone

This kind of man wants to be in everyone’s circle. This is the mindset of a cheating man. He does not discriminate and views all friendships to be the same.

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The calibre of man that treats you the same way he treats his friends is not straight about his intention. As his partner, you deserve special treatment. He cannot buy you flowers and still buy the same flowers for every female friend he has.

Has a lot of female friends

This may not be an immediate red flag, but as a woman, do you want a man with multiple female friends close to him? Nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite se*x.

The problem, however, comes when he keeps making more female friends even after he is in a relationship with you. If you dig a little deeper, you may find that not every female friend is just a friend. There could be something inti*mate going on.

Compliments everyone

Compliments are beautiful. They cheer you up and get you in high spirits. A man that is over-generous with compliments is, however, bad news. He will compliment his friends on the dresses they wear and their shoes.

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He might sometimes even go ahead and make inti*mate comments about physical features like her behind or her legs. A man who is easy with compliments could be something you did not expect.

Doesn’t have boundaries

3 types of men have affairs
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Every relationship has defined boundaries. You communicate how to interact and which lines not to cross. A man that has no boundaries could easily cheat on you. Why is he comfortable sleeping over with every female friend he has?

How is he okay with spending so much time outside without feeling bad about it? Beware of a man with zero boundaries, as he will create spaces for cheating. This also creates scenarios when affairs turn to love.

2. Mr Vagueness

What type of guys cheat? Guys who are always vague top the list. You never know what he is up to. He will not tell you where he works or where he hangs out. You barely know his friends, and he gives a fuzzy answer when you ask about something.

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You try to learn about him, but he changes the subject. He hates it when you keep asking about his family and will even shut you down. Mr Vagueness has no known friends; you only know him and the little that he reveals about himself.

Extremely secretive

What are the warning signs of cheating? Secrets. He is particularly secretive and will go to great lengths to conceal even the minute of things. His phone is a no go zone, and he will never answer a phone call in your presence.

He hides where he has been and will be upset if you keep pushing him. Why is he so cautious even when he does not need to be? He is hiding something, probably having an affair. There is no way of knowing what this man is up to, and it is driving you nuts.

Random routines

3 types of men have affairs
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This man has no clear routine. He could leave work at 1:00 pm or 4:00 pm. He does not tell you when he is free and only calls you at random times. You in no way know whether he is out parting, has gone to see family or is working.

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His unpredictability is a turn-off, as you want to know his schedule so you can plan yours. He is random because he allocates different times for each woman he is seeing and will probably hit you up when one of his other women has blown him off.

Doesn’t talk much about self

He is sort of an enigma, and not in a good way. You initially enjoyed this personality but are now worried about his mysterious self.

You have opened up to him multiple times in the hope that he will start talking about himself, but that has borne no fruit. He is quiet and hardly ever tells you about his day. When you ask him how he is, he will say that he is fine and maintain what he was doing.

3. Mr. 24/7 se*x

Se*x is beautiful. It is sacred and pleasurable, but it is not the only thing that can glue a relationship. A man who only thinks about se*x is a red flag. This is a man that will ask to see you, not because he wants to spend quality time with you, but because he wants to have se*x with you.

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He cannot help you when in need and will only think of you when horny. He uses you for se*x and gets his other needs from elsewhere.

Wants to have se*x on every meetup

Se*x ceases to be enjoyable if it is the only reason that gets you to link up. Why can’t you go out for a walk? Go for dinner or go hiking together? Must every visit result in se*x?

A man that is addicted to se*x is a dangerous being that can ruin you. He uses you as a se*x machine to satisfy himself, which can mess you up emotionally and mentally.

Po*rn addict

3 types of men have affairs
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A little po*rn won’t hurt. However, a man who is constantly watching po*rn is not the energy you need around you. He watches por*nography flicks on TV, watches on his laptop and even downloads some on his phone. He has kinks he wants to try with you and is constantly looking for a new style on his favourite por*nography sites.

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This is a man that will pay for the po*rn but cannot give you money to make your nails. A po*rn addict most likely has a high se*x libido that cannot be contained. You cannot match his energy, and that will force him to go out looking for se*x.

Angry when not having se*x

He is moody when he does not get se**x from you and only lightens up when you agree to be physically inti*mate. He eats dreams and lives se*x. He is a dull boy, when se*x-deprived but happy soul when you sleep with him, is not an ideal guy.

If he feels you do not give enough, he will look for some in another place. You will soon realize that the anger he had when he was not having se*x with you has disappeared, and he is okay with little to no inti*macy. This is because e has his needs satisfied elsewhere.

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Many women long for long-term and loving relationships but sadly end up with men who do not value the same. By being aware of the 3 types of men who have affairs, you will be more conscious of who you pick as a partner. Even after getting the perfect partner, fidelity is not guaranteed as time and circumstances change people. A once faithful man could transform, and you will know what signs to look out for as you will be informed.

Yen.com.gh published an article that shows she is in love with you. Women may not know how to shoot their shots, but they are familiar with how to throw hints. As a gentleman, you need to learn how to read these signs.

If you have a friend who is into you, be sure to check her behaviour around you. Don't just leave this magical moment cross your way. Be attentive and get that dream woman in your life.

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