Uber Ghana contact number and offices

Uber Ghana contact number and offices

Uber Ghana contact number might mean getting home 30 minutes earlier than usual. It is both affordable and safe. All Uber drivers are vetted as an enrollment requirement before becoming part of the group. This means your safety is guaranteed, and in case you are not satisfied with the services, you can easily file a complaint with the management. In addition to these, Uber provides comfort that is seldom found in the public transport sector.

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Uber Ghana contact number is of interest to many people in Ghana. Uber in Ghana can be found in different towns and cities, including Accra. The company deals majorly in providing private transport from point A to point B without compromising your security, comfort and most importantly, your time. To crown it all, the services are charged per mileage. Uber works in a simple and straightforward manner. First, the driver registers as an Uber driver and downloads the Uber Driver App, which he/she uses to outsource clients. The clients or people who want to use Uber register for the Uber app and download it onto their smartphones.

The contact number of Uber Ghana

Uber Accra contact number

Uber Accra contact number has not been made available. However, their physical address has been provided. Make a walk-in and meet an Uber expert to solve your problem.

  • Golden Lilly Hall, Ghana International Trade Fair Centre
  • Mon-Fri: 9am - 4pm
  • help.uber.com

Uber Kumasi contact number

Uber Kumasi contact number is yet to be made available. Nonetheless, this article has made it easy for you to identify Uber Kumasi address, allowing you to give Uber a physical visit in their offices.

  • Plot No. 16B Block O, Nhyiaeso
  • Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm
  • help.uber.com

Uber Ghana customer care contact number

Customer care is a crucial part of any organization, both to the management and the consumers of the service. Uber understands this and has put all measures necessary to ensure that all your issues are resolved. However, the Uber Ghana customer care number has not been made available. This is unfortunate. You can, however, reach Uber support by following the process below:

  • Press ACCOUNT in your driver app
  • Press HELP
  • Press the blue phone icon at the top right corner of your screen

In addition to these, you can reach Uber Ghana using;

  • Uber Ghana website: www.uber.com

It is important to note that Uber Ghana contact email is available on their app's help service. Their emails are not available anywhere else. If you have ever received any email from them, look there again for any of their emails. If not, you may have to download their app to be able to reach them.

Uber Ghana offices are located in Accra and Kumasi. If you are a driver, walking into their offices for help might be the best option for you to get your issue resolved. In Accra, it is located at Golden Lilly Hall, Ghana International Trade Fair Centre, whereas in Kumasi, it is located at plot No. 16B Block O, Nhyiaeso.

uber accra contact number
uber ghana customer care contact number
contact number of uber ghana
uber ghana contact email

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When a client wants to use the services of an Uber driver, he/she inputs their destination detail, which is processed by the app, and the approximate fare is provided. The app then connects you to the closest available Uber driver who comes to the pickup location, i.e. where you are. Once you arrive at your destination, the Uber app would give the total payable amount to both you and the Uber driver.

Uber Ghana contact number allows you to be in touch with your favourite transport partner. Uber has invested heavily in public transport allowing you to reach your destination without a hassle. This has been done with security, customer experience and growth in mind. Next time you catch a ride, try to pay attention and prove to yourself whether these three aspects have been well met. For the drivers and car owners, employment is assured, and cash flow is sustainable. The app avails clients with little strain. All you have to do is get your car in shape and make it part of Uber to reap the benefits of the Uber dream turning into reality.

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