Funny Ghanaian jokes that will make you laugh hard

Funny Ghanaian jokes that will make you laugh hard

Life would be boring in the absence of jokes and humour. Can you imagine going through a day and have nothing to bring a smile on your face? There are so many things that you can do to bring laughter to those around you. Funny Ghanaian jokes will go a long way.

Funny Ghanaian jokes
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Interestingly, Ghana jokes have a way of making one laugh despite not wanting to do so. If you are having a bad day, rest assured that some of the only in Ghana jokes will bring some lighting up to your day. Here are some of the best Ghanaian jokes that will leave you awed.

What are some of the Funny Ghanaian jokes?

Sometimes, people will prefer short jokes to long jokes. However, it is the ability of the joke to make one erupt with laughter that matters. Here are some of the funny jokes about Ghana.

Funny Ghanaian jokes
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  • If you ever see a group of four cheerful men from Ghana, you're probably a goner.
  • I was Hungary, so Iran to the store to get some Turkey, which I cooked in Greece, and served with a side of Chile, which I ate with my friends Jordan and Chad. Suddenly, we had Togo because we were Ghana get in trouble because we didn't Finnish paying. But I've Benin trouble before; there was Norway they were going to catch me, I Congo much faster than they can.
  • My colleague and I were discussing African country names and mentioned how Ghana sounds like an STD. He then said: only if you travel from Ghana-Rio. I lost it, and coffee came out of my nose.
  • If you are a lady and you don't respect men, you will end up serving Jollof at your younger sister's wedding.
  • When in Russia, a man visits Russia for a month. He enjoyed everything there for the first few weeks, the vodka, the cathedrals, even the people there. It was only towards the final week that he realized things started to get a bit strange. Everyone he sees has much stronger arm muscles by the end of the month than the start of it. He asks a man whether it's normal to see this. Not really, but it's reasonable, the man replied. Some people from Ghana came here recently to do a special funeral celebration. In return -as per Russian tradition-, since they carried the people, all people in Russia carried them back!
  • Why is the west of Africa weaker than the east of Africa? Because the west is a Ghana (goner).

Best Ghanaian jokes

Ghanaians are known for being humorous when it comes to their jokes. Get to enjoy some of the funniest jokes in the country.

  • You smoke weed, and you take some coke. A few minutes after, you hear 'chooboi chooboi' in your head. It's a setup. The moment you answer, "Yei"! You are mad.
  • At the age of 18, you are using Gennicure 4 4 2 and La Vet to make it tight, my sister; at the age of 25, I think you would have to use safety pins and super glue.
  • The only public place Ghanaian ladies can be romantic is around the ATM machine.

Short Ghanaian jokes

Not all Ghanaians jokes are long. Some are merely short and precise, but the humour they carry is immense. Get a glimpse of some of the short jokes to light up your day.

Funny Ghanaian jokes
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  • Ghana has eliminated the U.S. from the last two World Cups. They're probably Ghana do it again.
  • They said it couldn't be done. They said I would never become an entire African country. But I'm Ghana be!
  • My wife is leaving me because of my obsession with Africa. Kenya believe it? I'm Ghana miss her!
  • An American teaching a class of young foreign exchange students: Okay, class, can any of you use the word Dandelion in a sentence? A young boy from Ghana raises his hand and says; the cheetah is faster dan-de-lion!

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