ARB Apex Bank Ghana head office, branches, app, contacts

ARB Apex Bank Ghana head office, branches, app, contacts

ARB Apex Bank Ghana is one of the leading financial institutions in the country committed to providing banking and non-banking services to Rural and Community Banks (RCBs) and other stakeholders satisfactorily. They are known for their effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.

arb apex bank management team

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The ARB Apex Bank Ltd Ghana is a "mini"-central bank owned by the Rural & Community Banks (RCBs) in Ghana. Founded in 2001, this financial institution provides the RCBs with technical, managerial, and financial support. In January 2000, it was registered as a public limited liability company. It was then issued a banking license in June 2001 and was admitted as the 19th member to the Bankers Clearing House in August 2001. The shareholders are the RCBs.

ARB Apex Bank Ghana head office

The apex financial institution lends cash to rural banks who, in turn, provide small credit to small businesses and also support the development of rural projects. The ARB Apex Bank Limited Accra Ghana head office details are given below:

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  • Location: No. 5, 9th Road, Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue, South Ridge, Accra
  • Postal address: P. O. Box GP 20321, Accra
  • Fax: 030 - 2772260
  • E-mail:
  • Tel.: 030 - 2771738 / 2772129 / 2772034

ARB Apex Bank Ghana branches

Besides the head office, there are ten branch offices of the financial institution at different locations throughout the country. Their locations and contact details are given below:

Bolgatanga branch

  • Location: Alhaji Danladi Palace, No. 2
  • Postal address: P. O. Box 619, Bolgatanga
  • Fax: 038 - 2023309
  • E-mail:

Cocoa House

  • Location: Ground Floor, Cocoa House, Accra
  • Tel: 030 - 2677998 / 2677993
  • E-mail:

Hohoe clearing centre

  • Location: Off Jasikan Trunk Road, Opposite Sight Savers, Hohoe
  • Postal address: P. O. Box HH 169, Hohoe
  • Tel.: 036 - 2722861
  • E-mail:

Koforidua branch

  • Location: Upper Manya Kro RBL Building, Near The Queens Palace, Koforidua Asokore
  • Tel.: 034 - 2022913/2020003
  • Fax: 034 - 2020004
  • E-mail:
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Cape Coast branch

  • Location: Kakum Rural Bank, Head Office, Kakumfie-Elmina
  • Postal address: P. O. Box 257. Elmina. Cape Coast.
  • Tel.: 030 - 3966300

Kumasi branch

  • Location: Danyame Opposite Parks & Gardens
  • Postal address: P. O. Box KS 14745, Kumasi
  • Tel.: 032 - 2040991-4
  • E-mail:

Sunyani branch

  • Location: Opposite Sunyani Polytechnic
  • Postal address: P. O. Box 1987, Sunyani
  • Tel.: 035 - 2028931-2
  • Fax: 035 - 2028932
  • E-mail:

Takoradi branch

  • Location: Werba House, Agona Nkwanta
  • Postal address: P. O. Box AX 573, Takoradi
  • Tel.: 031 - 2092011-4
  • Fax: 031 - 2027126
  • E-mail:

Wa branch

  • Location: Adjacent Societe Generale Bank Ltd, P. O. Box 646, Wa
  • Tel.: 039 - 2020498
  • Fax: 039 - 2020137
  • E-mail:

Tamale branch

  • Location: Opposite OLA Cathedral, Off the Teaching Hospital Road
  • Postal address: P. O. Box TL977, Tamale
  • Tel: 037 - 2023119
  • Fax: 037 - 2027675
  • E-mail:

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Accra branch

  • Location: No. 5, 9th Road, Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue, South Ridge, Accra
  • Postal address: P. O. Box GP 20321, Accra
  • Tel.: 030 - 2947916 / 2771818
  • Fax: 030 - 2772260
  • E-mail:
ARB Apex Bank Ghana

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ARB web apps

U-Connect is an app developed by ARB Apex Bank. It offers customers access on their mobile phone to banking services from any Rural/Community Bank (RCB) activity in Ghana. Such services provided are as follows:

  • Transfer to other RCB customers
  • Apexlink
  • Transfer to Apex wallet
  • Wallet cash-out
  • SurePay
  • Airtime purchase
  • Bill payments
  • Balance enquiries
  • Mini statement
  • Own account transfer

Which committee recommended the establishment of Apex bank?

In 1969, the All India Rural Credit Review Committee recommended that Apex co-operative banks directly finance co-operative societies, and all primary societies should be provided with trained and competent staff and ensure timely loans for the benefit of small farmers.

ARB Apex Bank management team

How many ADB branches are in Accra?

The ARB bank management team is made up of the following board members:

  • Mr Kojo Mattah (Managing Director)
  • Mr Alex Kwasi Awuah (Deputy Managing Director)
  • Mr Curtis William Brantuo (Head of Legal, Compliance and Board Secretariat)
  • Mr Collins Ofori-Adu (Head of Internal Control)
  • Mr Michael Appiah (Head of Operations)
  • Dr Joseph Osei Asantey (Head, Risk and Credit Management)
  • Mr Gordon P.D. Dery (Head, Business Development, Marketing, and Research)
  • Mr Benjamin Chemel (Head, Finance and Administration)

What are the functions of Apex Bank?

Apart from various activities that the ARB Bank carries out. Some of their functions include the following:

  • Render funds management services.
  • Guarantees payment instruments.
  • Provides audit and inspection services.
  • Develops credit assessment procedures and monitor loans and advances.
  • Makes ICT services available.
  • Trains staff members and directors.
  • Provides a deposit insurance scheme to protect deposits of customers.
  • Keeps accounts and maintains primary cash reserves.
  • Monitor, inspects, supervises, and ensures compliance.
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ARB Apex Bank e zwich

The ezwich smart card enables you to access banking services using any of the e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) terminals or the ATM at any financial institution throughout Ghana. Among other things, the card allows users to move funds to and from their regular account at ARB Apex Bank.

More so, you enjoy 24/7 access to payment points and POS terminals at numerous locations like supermarkets, filling stations, and hotels. Then, it is highly secured because of the fingerprint biometric identification that it uses. Interestingly also, funds on the savings wallet of the card accrue interest over a period.

How many rural banks are there in Ghana?

A total of one hundred and thirty-five rural financial institutions have been established in all ten regions in Ghana. ARB Apex Bank currently supervises them under the regulation of the Bank of Ghana.

ARB Apex Bank Ghana prides itself as a reputable financial institution in the country. With the partnership deal it struck with Oikocredit in 2019, this will help them to meet more demands by providing more credit facilities to retail businesses in rural areas throughout Ghana.

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