Popular Ghanaian names and their meanings

Popular Ghanaian names and their meanings

Ghana has over seventy ethnic communities which have different cultures and traditions. One way of identifying which ethnic community a Ghanaian is from is by asking their name. Ghanaian names and their meanings are beautiful.

Ghanaian names and their meanings
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Ghanaian parents name their children after essential people in the community, historical events or nature. What is the most famous name in Ghana? Many people know of Koffi and Kwame due to the legacy of the renowned Ghanaian leaders.

Ghanaian names and their meanings

When naming their children, parents will try and stick to ethnic names. Some are, however, experimental and pay homage to different cultures by adopting monikers outside their ethnic communities. The following are Ghanaian names and their meanings:

Ghanaian names for boys

Male Ghanaian names portray strength and masculinity. Parents love it when their boys are strong and healthy, and so they tend to give them names that will inspire their physical strength. There are several lovely names from Ghana that you can give your male child.

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  • Kofi - Born on a Friday
  • Kwame - Born on a Saturday
  • Abam - The second child after twins
  • Kplorm - Guide me
  • Abeeku - One who is born on Wednesday
  • Mawuli - There is a God
  • Nkrumah - The 9th born child
  • Adekorafo - Treasurer
  • Adjo - One who is born on a Monday
  • Kienam - Shine
  • Aboagye - One who is powerful and complete
  • Mawufeasi - God's hand
  • Makafui - I will praise him
  • Abronoma - Dove
  • Commmie - One who is born on a Saturday
  • Acheampong - One that gave birth to the king
  • Addae - The morning sun
  • Kafui - Praise him
  • Malike - I will be established
  • Kojo - Born on Monday
  • Manorgbe - I shall live
  • Danquah - Everlasting
  • Adom - Help from go
  • Kaatachi - Paramount chief or leader
  • Elolo - God is great
  • Adric - One who is a blessed ruler
  • Danso - Reliable one
  • Adwenpa - One who gives good ideas
  • Agyei - Messenger from God
  • Botwe - The 8th born
  • Ebo - One who is born on a Tuesday
  • Dziedzorm - I was glad
  • Agyenim - The great one from God
  • Agymah - One who leaves his community
  • Bediako - One who is in war
  • KWamena - One who is born on Saturday
  • Bubune - Honour to Him
  • Coblah - One who is born on Tuesday
  • Dodzi - To persevere
  • Ekow - Boy born on Thursday
  • Elikplim - God is with me
  • Madonudenu - My confidence is in God
  • Kwaku - Boy born on Wednesday
  • Nyakpoo - A calm answer

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Ghanaian names for girls

Ghanaian names and their meanings
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Ghanaian female names are cool and sound gentle. Just like male names, there is a variety of female names that are inspired by the days of the week. Here is a list of the names:

  • Nyankomago - The second child after twins
  • Ama - Born on Saturday
  • Ozigbodi - Patience
  • Dhakirah - The one who remembers God frequently
  • Zuhrah - Brightness
  • Serwa - A noblewoman
  • Abina - One born on a Tuesday
  • Tawiah - The first child after twins
  • Adjua - The one born on Monday
  • Tsoenamawu - Leave it to God
  • Afryea - Born during good times
  • Veliane - Companion
  • Yaaba - One who is born on Thursday
  • Haniah - Of happiness and bliss
  • Wafaa - Faithfulness
  • Akuba - One who is born on Wednesday
  • Woelinam - In God I trust
  • Akwete - Elder of the twins
  • Xorlali - The savior exists
  • Dofi - The second child after twins
  • Ye - The elder of twins
  • Esi - One who is born on Sunday
  • Yehowada - God's Day
  • Boahinmaa - The one who has left her community
  • Antobam - The posthumous child
  • Ikhlas - Sincerity
  • Araba - The one who is born on a Tuesday
  • I’timad - Reliance or dependence.
  • Enyonyam - It is suitable for me
  • Kuukuwa - One who is born on Wednesday
  • Nanyamka - God's gift
  • Mawusi - One who is in the hands of God
  • Awusi - The one who is born on a Sunday
  • Yowahu - Call on God
  • Morowa - Queen
  • Ekuwa - One who is born on Wednesday
  • Lumusi - One who is born face downward

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Unisex Ghanaian names

Ghanaian names and their meanings
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Some Ghanaian names can be used by both males and females. The monikers are from the major ethnic groups and have beautiful meanings. The following are some famous names for both boys and girls.

  • Gyasi - Wonderful child
  • Xoese - Believe
  • Adwoa - Associated with peace
  • Elinam - He is there for me
  • Likem - Establish me
  • Adofo - Warrior
  • Adom - Help from God
  • Dzifa - One is at peace
  • Afreyea - Born during good times
  • Gifty - A gorgeous tall girl
  • Yihana - Congratulations
  • Ashanti - Undefeated, divine, and peace.
  • Hunu - sun
  • Akua - Associated with spiders
  • Quaw - Born on Thursday
  • Kwesi - Came on Sunday
  • Ababio - Child that keeps coming
  • Afuom - On the field
  • Dogbeda - pray
  • Dzidzorli - There is happiness

Ghanaian names and their meanings will not only inspire you to dig deep in the rich culture of the African continent but also learn about the thousands of languages spoken. Naming your child is an intimate moment for many parents because names carry special meanings.

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