Ghanaian Guest Wedding Dresses 2020: photos

Ghanaian Guest Wedding Dresses 2020: photos

Going African is becoming the trending fashion because there is nothing better than appreciation of culture. At all times, people judge you by the way you look. A wedding is also no exception. People go to weddings to make fashion statements. Another benefit of going for a wedding is to explore what people have explored in terms of fashion. Weddings are colorful events and pairing it with an African print to make African dresses for wedding guests makes it even more colorful. Ladies generally have a wide range of designs to choose from and this makes it easier to own a business that sells ladies clothes.

African wear for wedding guest

African print is currently the trend and you cannot go wrong with a well-made dress. The good thing about choosing an African dress is because you can always stand out and have the dress made specifically for your body. First, understand yourself and what you like in terms of fashion. Give answers to questions like what makes you comfortable? Are you happy in the dress? Do you feel confident? What is your taste?

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Below are specific factors to consider when attending a wedding

Wedding theme colour in African wear designs

Just before you go to a wedding, know the wedding theme colours. Some weddings want their guests to wear a specific kind of theme and they give the allowed colours. You would not want to look like an outsider. However if the wedding has no limits, feel free to shine with any African attire for wedding.

Best african wear for wedding guest

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Time of the wedding

Some wedding take place during the day and some take place during the night. The weddings that take place during the day require colourful outfits and African print provides exactly that. Wedding that occur during the night however need a dinner outfit, preferably a long dress or a short dress.

Type of the wedding

Some weddings are African and some are not. Also some weddings are traditional. Depending on the type of wedding you are attending, you need to have a specific outfit for each. However, there is a way you can rock your African print on all types of weddings. All you need to do is adjust the outfit to suit the occasion. You can choose from the variety of African print dresses for weddings.

Top modern African print dresses
Best african wear for wedding guest

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Ghanaian African wear styles based on body types

Before we get into the Ghanaian wedding guest dresses let’s take a look at different body sizes and what kind of dresses would fit each type.

There are different types of body shapes including an hourglass shape, pear, banana or apple and full figure. Balancing the proportions make an individual stand out and also look better. Below are various wedding guest outfits that will complete your look.

1. Hourglass shape

Ladies with an hour glass shape are curvy. This means that they have a small waist and also a big bust and wide hips. If you have this figure, you might want to give an emphasis to your waist. Go for a wrap dress. Wrap dresses come in various forms and they mostly have a cleavage and a bow around the waist. Visit the tailor and ask them to make you a wrap kente or Ankara dress and you can also buy one from the shop just make sure it shows your curves. Such kind of a dress will make you feel confident about your curves. Feel free to choose from the African print dress styles for weddings.

African bridesmaid dress styles in Ghana

Accentuate a belt to your dress. This goes well especially for a long Ankara dress. When choosing the belt choose a wide belt that will show off the waist. The aim of dressing is making sure that you have the right outfit and jewellery.

Go for a crop top. If your shape is hourglass, get yourself a crop top that shows your waist. A crop top can match with a long or short Ankara skirt. Also, you can ask your tailor to make you a nice crop top that matches your skirt. Get yourself a pencil skirt or a skirt that is a bit tight around the hip area to make your hips wider and curvier. Dressing makes every lady more beautiful and yet more classy. Weddings are meant to be a colourful so go for colourful colours for your dresses.

2. Apple shape

Ladies with the apple shape have a larger upper body and a slimmer lower body. Ladies with apple shapes normally have beautiful legs and they should feel free to show them off. When choosing an outfit, choose one that is not slim fitting. For a dress get a shift smock dress. A shift dress is one which has different lines. For the apple shape, the shift dress should have vertical lines on the upper body and horizontal lines on the lower body. Vertical lines make someone seem slimmer while horizontal lines make an individual look bigger. The shift dress therefore makes an individual look uniform and is one of the African styles for weddings.

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If you love trousers, buy straight leg trouser and pair it with a free top. Make sure that the trouser is low waist so that excess fat cannot bulge out. Another way of dressing your apple shape is looking for a free Ankara dress that is short or getting a high waist skirt.

Best African wear for wedding guest

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Having an apple shape does not mean that you cannot dress to impress. Take the above tips, love yourself, and dress yourself accordingly. Ladies are all beautiful; they just need the extra touch of understanding how fashion works.

When wearing a long dinner dress, the apple shape requires accompaniment of a thin belt. The thin belt creates a better look and makes the waist appear smaller.

3. Pear shape

The pear shape is the opposite of the apple shape. Ladies with pear shape have a larger hip area. The main goal of dressing this shape is accentuating your upper body. Get yourself an off-shoulder dress. An off-shoulder increases the attention on the upper body. Less attention is drawn on the lower body.

Top fashion dresses for ladies
Best African wear for wedding guest

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An off-shoulder dress can be flared so that a balance is created. If you are a skirts person, get an A-line skirt because it highlights little of your waist. Also, go for flared trousers rather than straight. Being pear shaped means that you have a good body. It is up to you to appreciate it and dress it without fear. Get yourself a fashion stylist or a tailor who understands your body and can work around it to give you the best outfit for any occasion.

4. Banana shape

A lady with the banana shape is not curvy and the hips are almost the same size as your bust. Most ladies with the banana shape qualify to be models. In this case, understanding what works well with your body is very important. First, buy a dress that is cut-out around your waist. Such a dress will make your waist look smaller and therefore make you look curvier. Also for the trouser wears a tapered one to make your hips look wider.

African attires that best suit young ladies
Best African wear for wedding guest

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5. Plus size wedding guest dresses

If you are plus size it means that you have a large waistline and also generally a bit big. This does not limit you because the African print dress can be made for your body. If you have this kind of shape, go for dresses with horizontal lines. Also there are some designs that work well with this kind of body shape, especially the long maxi dresses. Get yourself a maxi dress that is flared and achieve the look that you want. If you are plus size, it means you have a figure, so know your strong pints and use them. Most ladies feel that they cannot stand out because they are plus size and this is absolutely wrong. Plus size ladies look nice with short flared dresses and also dresses with the peplum finish.

Best african wear for wedding guest

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What to wear to an African wedding? Best wedding African wear for ladies and gentlemen

Beautiful African print styles for wedding

If you are Ghanaian, then you know how culture is embraced in weddings. Kente designs are originally Ghanaian and they are booming in the fashion industry currently. Ankara is West African but still it shows love for culture. All you need to do is get an African print dress that fits you well, and one which you are comfortable with. Below is a comprehensive list of cute dresses for weddings.

1. Skirt and top for wedding guest

If you would like an African print top and skirt, there is a wide variety to choose from. Starting with long sleeved and short sleeved tops. Ladies with a larger waist would rather for for peplum tops they do a good job in hiding the waist line and giving you a finished look. A peplum top would go well with a straight skirt because a flared top makes someone look over dressed and we would not want that for anyone. Also if you have a small waist, feel free to show it off with an African crop top or if you are not very comfortable in that you can choose a full top. Flared skirts have always stood out and so far people would rather have one African print skirt.

African straight dress styles 2020
Best african wear for wedding guest


2. Strapless dresses

Strapless long dresses have always stood out in weddings. A strapless dress has no strapless and leaves the neckline bare. Wearing long strapless dress really works well because the upper part of your body is exposed. When dressing, moderation is key, showing too much skin is not very pleasant. If you are a lover of short dresses, get a strapless dress whose height is not above the knee. Strapless dresses are very cute especially if paired with a nice necklace and a purse that matches the outfit. In most cases, an open shoe is always advisable if you choose to wear a long dress. When you get yourself the strapless dress, make sure that it fits you well. Some ladies can wear the strapless dress and it keeps moving especially if the upper part is not tight enough. Ensure that your tailor has it well made such that once you wear it; you will be good to go. Strapless African print dresses are very pretty African dresses.

Top trending images of latest African dresses on the Internet
Best african wear for wedding guest


3. Off-shoulder dresses

An off-shoulder dress as it is called has its straps below he shoulders. It is more of a strapless dress but now with straps that are on the upper arm. These kinds of dresses have blown the fashion industry especially the Ankara and kente off-shoulder dresses. This is because they are stylish, and they accentuate the upper body. As discussed earlier, these kinds of dresses would really look good on ladies with apple and hourglass shapes. An off-shoulder dress can either be short or long depending on the preferences. When wearing this kind of a dress, pair it with good jewelry and you will not be disappointed. It is a perfect African dress for wedding guest.

Best african wear for wedding guest

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4. High-low dresses

They say every ideal lady has to have one or two high low dresses and I agree. The high-low dresses are strictly as they are called. High on the front side and low on the back. High-low are very popular outfits for any wedding. Do not be left behind. The high-low dresses come in a variety of designs starting with off-shoulder, strapless and strapped dresses. These dresses are generally flared and in some cases, they may be tapered. Feel free to get yourself one that you feel comfortable in. They are also very decent and apart from weddings, you can comfortably go to any other occasion with them. These dresses are not restricted to body shape, and any lady would look good in a well made African print high-low dress.

Ghanaian wedding dress styles for 2019
Best african wear for wedding guest

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However, people go wrong when the dress is not made well so go to a trusted tailor one you know has expertise on making such dresses. They are among the latest African dresses.

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5. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can be made from Ankara or kente designs. The jumpsuits are becoming very popular in the fashion industry. A jump suit is a combination of a top and trouser or short that has been tailored together. In a wedding, you can easily rock your jump suit and stand out. The jump suits can be made to fit every body shape. They are flexible for any occasion because they can be either, official or casual. Another advantage of owning a jump suit is that, it is comfortable and someone does not need to worry about the height, unlike dresses. A jump suit is a must have for every lady who has a sense of taste, fashion and culture. it is one of the African wedding outfits for ladies.

Best african wear for wedding guest

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6. Ankara Kimonos

Kimonos are traditional Japanese garments that are worn for festivals and ceremonies, as well as formal occasions. The African version of the kimono looks even better since it looks robe like. The kimono can be worn to weddings and can be paired with a short tight dress, short skirt or even, a trouser. The kimono is currently a fashion trend that has replaced the water falls. A kimono keeps you warm and stylish in an occasion. The kimono usually comes in handy when one feels a sort of insecurity while wearing a dress or skirt that is a bit revealing in matters body shape. It can be worn with any African attire for wedding.

7. Ankara dresses for weddings

Ankara dresses are very popular in West Africa. The Ankara fabric is made up of 100% cotton and a variety of patterns and motifs. It is a very versatile fabric and can be modified to form hats, blazers shoes, ear rings and other fashion brands. The Ankara fabrics are wax resistant and they have a divergence of color throughout the fabric. This makes the Ankara perfect for wedding occasions. The beauty of owning an Ankara dress is that, you can match it with jewelry and shoes. The Ankara comes with a variety of patterns. From it, you can have a long or a short dress, or even, a jump suit. Over the years, the Ankara has been adopted all over Africa and even in some parts of the western countries, as well as the Middle East. The Ankara is very colorful and makes you stand out, especially in an atmosphere where most people have a rather formal mode of dressing. The Ankara makes trending wedding guest dresses.

Best african wear for wedding guest


8. Ankara shirts for weddings - men African wear for wedding

Ghanaian men also are not left behind when it comes to fashion. The designers have come up with attractive Ankara shirts that can be worn by men who are guest in a wedding.The Shirts can be worn with a pair of khaki trousers to bring out that elegant look. There are also Ankara shoes that can go together with the shirts.

Best african wear for wedding guest

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9. Kente dresses for weddings - African wear for ladies

The good thing about being a lady is that there is a variety of clothes. The Kente design is a very colorful fabric that originates from Ghana. The breath taking designs associated with Kente makes an individual stand out in a wedding. The interesting part about it is that, every design tells a different proverb. Wearing the Kente designed clothes make you lovely despite the style it has been sewn. The Kente can be paired with Ankara to bring a very interesting design. There are a variety of designs that can be made from Kente. They include dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, and hats. Kente designs are among the best wedding guest dresses in Ghana.

Best african wear for wedding guest

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10. Kente shirts for weddings - African wear designs for guys

Kente designs are not just confined to weddings but can also come in handy in graduation ceremonies, naming ceremonies, birthdays as well as official occasions, just to mention but a few. The kente design is a combination of silk and cotton fabric, which keep you warm even when there is a cold weather. The strong fabric makes it durable and immune to fading and lint. the men are not left behind when it comes to rocking the Kente designs especially during the wedding ceremonies.

Best african wear for wedding guest


11. Smock dress for weddings

The smock dress is similar to the dashiki and is rather called a batakari or fugu. It was originally worn by the royal families in Ghana. The smock dress is made of strips made of dyed and undyed cotton. The smock dresses have embroidery on the neck. Currently, the smock dress is becoming a popular fashion trend and it is one of the best African wedding outfits. The beauty about a smock dress is that it can be paired with any colour or shoes or a purse to form a spectacular look. People who wear smock dresses have a sense of fashion and seem to have a royal association. The smock dress can be made in a variety of patterns to form straight or even flared dresses. The other interesting fact about a smock dress is the embroidery on the neckline that stands out from other dresses. The embroidery can be made to suit your liking for example, a lady who is physically endowed on the upper body can wear a smock dress that has a lower neckline and vice versa. The smock dress is among the cute dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest.

Best african wear for wedding guest

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The smock dresses are originally Ghanaian and they easily stand out in a wedding. When going for a wedding, pair your smock dress with a colourful pair of shoes and jewellery and you are good to go.

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Make up is also important when going to a wedding. Make sure that you do not overdo your make up. If you are not good with doing it, must find someone who has experience in doing it. Also the choice of your lipstick is very crucial. If your dress has bright colours go for a less shouting colour for the lipstick or a bold colour. Also you can pair your outfit with jewellery according to the neckline. A dress that has a V-neck requires a chain or less bulky necklace. A large necklace mostly works well with the off-shoulder dress or a strapless dress. Also, if your necklace is very noticeable, make the earrings smaller so that you don’t seem overdressed. For the shoes, heels are perfect for a wedding except for people who do not feel comfortable in them. If your attire has a belt, make sure that the belt matches with the shoes and the purse if possible.

Get yourself any of the above dresses, and am sure you will be well equipped for the wedding. You will not be surprised to find your outfit in the magazines. The weddings are a hub for fashion and nowadays, if someone stands out, thanks to advanced technology images easily trend in the social media. Take pride in culture by getting yourself an African outfit and you shall not be disappointed. Another advantage of going African is that the dress can be made to fit you perfectly and also to match your taste. It is also very breathtaking to have an African print wedding guest dresses in your closet to spice up the occasions.

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