Best working from home jobs in Ghana in 2020

Best working from home jobs in Ghana in 2020

Nowadays, having a job does not mean working endless hours a week. People and even companies are now making the shift towards working from home or online. In Ghana, most white-collar jobs only require you to have internet access. You do not need to show up in an office when you can simply send an email, do video conferencing, or chat with your client while in a remote location in Accra.

Best working from home jobs in Ghana in 2020
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Thanks to high-speed internet and improved video connection, you do not need to meet your client in-person to work for them. Both part-time and full-time jobs that needed you to be in the office are inching out slowly and gradually becoming relevant. Furthermore, many people want convenience, hence the reason for ordering food, buying products, getting information, and even watching movies online.

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While job searches and listings are getting challenging and competitive, you need to take the first step of building extra income. To enjoy tax break working from home, here are some jobs you can do:

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1. Virtual assistant

One of the best ways of working from home is to become a virtual assistant or simply known as VA. The primary goal of a virtual assistant is to offer various services to businesses or individuals from a remote location.

You can do different types of tasks from your home, as long as you have a fast internet connection. Some of the jobs you can do include appointment scheduling, digital marketing, events management, social media management, and booking, among more.

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2. Online selling

If you are thinking of working from home online to earn some money, you should consider using the internet to sell your products or services. Online selling offers an excellent way of building a steady and profitable business. You can sell almost anything online. From food to shoes and cars, you can sell your goods or services directly to your sellers even without owning a physical store.

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Furthermore, you do not need to own a website to sell your items online. Sites like Craigslist, for example, give you a free platform to sell your goods and ensure the end-consumer gets them. Online selling will only work for you if you have a well-defined product, service, or commodity.

Best working from home jobs in Ghana in 2020
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3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing enjoyed rapid growth throughout the 2010s. That trajectory is still growing even in 2020. If you are looking for the best working from home jobs in Ghana, consider affiliate marketing because it offers an effective way of earning an income online.

The best way of getting started is to sign up for an affiliate programme. Luckily, there are very few barriers to entry in this industry. Next, find a niche you are comfortable with, or you understand the most. Your next step will be to market a company’s products or services to consumers. You will earn some money whenever a customer purchases the product or service.

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4. Freelancing

The world of freelancing is endless. Online freelancing allows you to become a self-employed individual who offers different types of services. You can work for one client or several and make money on a per-task basis.

Online freelancing has many aspects. Some of the jobs available include freelance writing or typing jobs working from home, web and software development, data entry, and more. You will have no boundaries with where you work or whom you work. But you must have access to the necessary tools and technologies that will help you to perform the job.

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5. Blogging

Initially, blogging was a way for people to have an online weblog whereby one would journal about their activities or their day. Through the years, entrepreneurs found out that having a blog presented an effective marketing opportunity. Today, millions of people around the globe use blogging platforms such as WordPress to make money.

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Blogging offers one of the most effective ways of working on the internet from home and making money. You can earn in various ways as a blogger. These include affiliate marketing, advertising a product, and selling digital products, private ads, memberships, and more. To succeed as a blogger, you need to have great content.

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online business model that allows you to run a company without owning a product, warehouse, maintaining inventory, or shipping your products to consumers. In simple terms, the first step in this model is to own an online store. When a customer makes an order from your store, you buy it from the supplier or manufacturer. Next, the supplier prepares the order and ships it to the customer directly.

In that process, you do not handle a product directly. The advantage of this business model is that you do not need a lot of money to get started. You only need to launch an e-commerce store, which is essentially a website. Since you do not have to purchase items to sell, you can offer as many products as possible to your potential customers as long as you identify your market correctly.

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Best working from home jobs in Ghana in 2020
Source: UGC

7. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is wide. It encompasses all marketing strategies that use the internet or electronic devices to help companies promote their products or services. As a digital marketer, you will carry out an array of tasks from content creation and copywriting to search engine optimisation, social media, web design, ad creation and more.

One of the many working from home tips for people aspiring to be digital marketers is to do lots of research. That is crucial because it has lots of challenges that one must tackle to succeed.

How to propose working from home to your company

If you have a traditional job that you think you can tackle at home, you need to come up with a plan on how you will handle it. Here is how.

  • Understand what it means working from home
  • Outline your responsibilities and particularise how much time you will spend on each
  • Design a formal proposal explaining how you plan to execute the job and to be available whenever needed
  • Give the benefits the company will get from your proposal to work online
  • Identify any concerns and address them with your boss

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The above is a simple outline of proposing working from home to your company. Ensure to be as detailed as possible.

Nowadays, working from home offers a viable option of making money and earning a living. To get started, you need to identify what you are strongest at and how to achieve it. If you want long-term success, you must be patient.

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