Kwadwo Sheldon: age, school and quick facts you should know

Kwadwo Sheldon: age, school and quick facts you should know

Ghana's entertainment industry is blessed with lots of stars who keep reshaping things. With the likes of Kwadwo Sheldon, entertainment is taking a new dimension compared to what it used to be. He is a one of a kind comedian who cracks the audience's ribs effortlessly. His humorous skits have inspired lots of upcoming comedians.

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Kwadwo Sheldon is a Ghanaian pop-culture satirist, comedian, and content creator. He bares his mind on happenings in the country and around the world in a manner that is both funny and thought-provoking.

Kwadwo Sheldon biography

What is Kwadwo Sheldon age? The celebrity was born in Kwahu Pepease but his official birth date is unknown. Pepease is known as the second largest town in the Kwahu East District, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Notable places like St Dominic Catholic Senior High School and the Modak Royal Hotel are located in the town.

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Being a creator of visual contents and a comedian, he is involved in a variety of entertainment skits, including Yawa of the day, Breakdown, and Faceoff. Although these are Sheldon's brainchild, he sometimes shares the stage with other participants.

There is no available information on Kwadwo Sheldon school background. Nevertheless, while he was in high school, he said that he failed core mathematics.

While speaking at the 2019 Entrapreneurship Hub Africa Conference as one of the panelists, he said, “I used to hate Maths, I think in core maths I had E8 or so that’s why I’m doing comedy and things.”

Quick facts about Kwando Sheldon

Besides the fact that Kwando is a pop-culture satirist, comedian, and content creator, there are other fascinating details you probably don't know about him. Here are some quick facts you should not miss on your favourite comedian.

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He became fatherless at an early age

Kwadwo Sheldon confirmed in an interview that he was young when he lost his father. Consequently, he grew up with his grandmother because the mother was working in another part of the country.

Sheldon learned how to hustle from a tender age

Despite the demise of his father, the comedian was determined never to let that deter his ambition. According to him, he learned to be responsible early in life. He managed schooling with necessary house chores and also had some time for fun with friends.

He is a political and social critic

Sheldon seems to be uncomfortable with the lifestyle of politicians in the country. A clear example of this was reflected when he reacted to a post by political aspirant John Dumelo, where he was helping to clean gutters in his constituency. Besides, he is known to be a critic of the Ghanaian president. He went to the extent of naming him Jay Dreezy.

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Activism runs in his blood

The comedian enjoys being identified as an activist. There was a time he stood at the forefront of a petition against a Ghanaian website that was promoting defamatory contents about some celebrities.

He is known by many nicknames

Although the successful comedian's birth name is Bernard Kwadwo Amoafo, Kwadwo Sheldon, which is his popular stage name has overshadowed the name. More so, he is known with several other nicknames like lil Duku, e dey burst my mind, y'all trippin, and the head is big for a reason.

Kwadwo has spectacular ways of engaging his audience

Like most of his contents, Kwadwo Sheldon Face off show is both fascinating and thought-provoking. Faceoff is a game that allows participants to outdo one another with wordplay. The challengers use everyday words to describe something quite unrelated but extraordinary.

It is a game that a player with a quick and good grasp of pun will most likely excel at. Kwadwo also gets to participate in the game by challenging some of his ardent followers.

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7. He got his "Sheldon" nickname from Big Bang Theory

When asked how he came by “Sheldon” in his stage name, he responded that he is a big fan of the fictional character Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. Big Bang Theory is an American television sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. According to him, he adores the sarcastic role played by the character.

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8. He once worked for OMGvoice

Before Kwadwo decided to become an independent, full-time entertainer, he was under the employment of OMGvoice as a blogger for some years. He gathered some experience there before deciding to start something on his own.

9. Kwadwo Sheldon recently came under heavy trolls after he was compared with Nigerian’s Sydney Egere

Kwadwo is indisputably one of the most successful online comedians and content providers in Ghana. Nevertheless, he came under heavy trolls after a Twitter user compared his skits to that of Nigerian’s Sydney Egere, popularly known as Sydney Talker.

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Some followers went to the extent of accusing him that anytime they bring up contrary opinions to his, he blocks them on his social media platforms.

10. He enjoys considerable social media followings

As one of the famous online comedians in the country, Kwadwo has won the heart of many Ghanaians, and this is evident in the total followings that he has on his social media accounts. For instance, on Kwadwo Sheldon Instagram page, there are more than 364,000 followers, and on his official Twitter handle, he enjoys over 231,000 followings.

Additionally, after he created his YouTube channel on the 24th of July, 2019, he has gotten about 126,000 subscribers, while his videos have been viewed more than 13.3 million times. Notwithstanding, these are not a surprise as he is always churning out highly engaging contents that make his followers happily glued to his social media pages.

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Kwadwo Sheldon has gone beyond being a mere entertainer to a national figure that many youngsters look up to. He has carved a niche for himself with his gift, which he is celebrated for today.

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