Ciara Antwi Bofowaa: 5 facts about Rev Obofour's wife

Ciara Antwi Bofowaa: 5 facts about Rev Obofour's wife

Ghana's religious notoriety is apparent, considering the numerous self-ordained men and women of God. Reverend Obofour, the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), is one of the most popular pastors in the country. He has a beautiful wife, Ciara Antwi Bofowaa that he regularly flaunts in public. Would you like to know more about her?

Ciara Antwi Bofowaa
Rev Obofour's wife, Ciara Antwi Bofowaa. Photo: @bofowaa
Source: Instagram

Ciara and her husband ordinarily post lovely images, creating the impression of a cute, content couple in love one another. Because of this, many people have been admiring their relentless love and boldness of expression.

However, some have bashed them, mostly Rev Obofour's wife for going too far and not abiding by the societal expectation of a pastor's wife. That is why digging deeper into her life, facts that are hardly in the limelight would shed more light about her personality and help better understand her.

5 interesting facts about Ciara Antwi Bofowaa

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There is never a dull day with Ciara Antwi. Whether it is her birthday or commemorating her wedding anniversary, she doesn't fear expressing herself fully. Ciara's title as the first lady of Reverend Obofour has put her in the limelight where she attracts a lot of attention.

1. Ciara has been married to Rev Obofour for 10 years

Ciara Antwi Bofowaa
Ciara Antwi Bofowaa (right) and her husband, Rev Obofour (left). Photo: @bofowaa
Source: Instagram

Rev Obofour wife, Ciara has recently celebrated her tenth marriage anniversary. She even released a beautiful love story in the form of a video to commemorate a great decade of marriage to Rev Obofour.

The couple tied the knot ten years ago on August 29. She took to Instagram to share lovely images of their journey and posted a touching story about their marriage.

A decade of marriage and u haven't changed a bit. You make me feel brand new every day. There has ever been a day I have regretted our union. Your love for me grows every day, and I would have you marry me over and over again; we have gone through thick and thin, but we always have each other no matter the situation…….. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US.

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The previous year, during their ninth marriage anniversary, Ciara Antwi Instagram was flooded with throwback photos of their wedding. She also wrote an amazing post reiterating that numerous things have altered since they married, but her husband has been the same.

2. She is 33 years old as of 2020

Ciara Antwi recently turned 33 years old as her husband shared a lovely birthday message that sparked great conversations in the public domain. She was born on September 2, 1987.

As expected, the pastor's wife celebrated the great day by posting a photo of herself posing beside a luxurious Rolls Royce, and the caption read:

My dear 33 self, you have taught me nothing but resilience, love and affection. A lot has happened this year, but God has been my strength and saviour. On my extraordinary day, I ask of nothing from the Lord than long life, prosperity, love and Good health. I want to thank you, Lord, for your endless protection and love. To my husband, kids and APC family I love you all dearly thanks so much for showing me love. Happy birthday to her!!

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3. Ciara is a mother of triplets

Ciara Antwi expanded her family by giving birth to triplets, two boys and a girl. Ciara and Rev Obofour already have two children, a girl and a boy.

One of Rev Obofour's close friends, Ayisha Modi disclosed that the pastor had prophesied that her wife would deliver triplets months before giving birth. Immediately after giving birth, Ciara shared images of her beautiful baby bump that she had previously chosen to conceal to the public.

In the naming ceremony of the Obofowaa triplets, the couple displayed real cash that clearly showed their immense wealth. The plush naming ceremony happened on September 20 at their residence in Accra.

All invitees wore white to signify joy, victory, and merry-making. The couple named the triplets Jeremie, Jesse, and Jeremiah Antwi.

4. She was born endowed

Many people have been wondering about Ciara's background. She recently shared a lovely image of her 19-year-old self on Instagram. The throwback photo proved that Ciara has always been a woman of curves to the disappointment of critics that always look forward to some dirt on the pastor's wife. She mentioned the following inspirational words on her Instagram page:

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Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.

Although she is decently dressed in the photo, her curves are still clearly visible, proving that she has always had a great body.

5. Ciara has been granted an Aboafuohemaa title

Ciara Antwi Bofowaa
Rev Obofour's wife, Ciara Antwi Bofowaa. Photo: @bofowaa
Source: Instagram

It seems like Rev Obofour and family are getting more blessings every day. The couple has been enstooled the Aboafuohene and Aboafuohemaa (helping chief and queen) at Tepa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

They were given this title by the Paramount Chief of Tepa, Nana Adusei Atwenewa Ampem I in Tepa, the capital of Ahafo Ano North District. In the conferment ceremony, the couple wore authentic Kente with a touch of royal regalia, making them look amazing and wealthy.

Indeed, Ciara Antwi Bofowaa is a popular personality in Ghana. Her marriage to Ghanaian Reverend Obofour's wife puts her in the limelight. The above facts have provided great insight into her personal life and background to help you understand her better.

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