Maria Caroline Ingraham: 5 quick facts about Laura Ingraham's daughter

Maria Caroline Ingraham: 5 quick facts about Laura Ingraham's daughter

Maria Caroline Ingraham is the famous daughter of Laura Ingraham, a popular radio host on the Fox News Channel. Interestingly, she is not Laura's biological daughter. She was adopted from a foster home. Maria and her siblings complete Laura's world.

Maria Caroline Ingraham
Maria Caroline Ingraham, her mother Laura, and two siblings. Photo: @NeoconMaudit
Source: Twitter

According to the radio host, adopting Maria was one of the best decisions she ever made in her life. She also adopted two more children, and today, she is a proud mother of three children. So, who exactly is Maria Caroline?

5 quick facts about Laura Ingraham's daughter

Love is such a beautiful thing, and true to this, love can indeed move mountains. Laura, Maria's mother, is a true epitome of what love is! Here are 5 interesting facts about Maria Caroline.

1. Maria was born in Guatemala

Little information is known about the beautiful lovely girl. She was born in Guatemala. Most people have been asking, " How old is Maria Caroline Ingraham?" Her date of birth remains unknown to the public, as well as details about her birth parents.

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Laura Ingraham's daughter was adopted in May 2008 when she was only three years old. Her name was changed to Maria Caroline Ingraham after she left the orphanage in Guatemala.

2. Maria has two siblings

She has spent the better part of her life in the United States, along with her siblings. One year after her adoption, Laura decided to share her love with another child and adopted 13 old months Michael Dmitri from Moscow, Russia. Two years down the line, she adopted a third child known as Nikolai Peter from Russia.

3. Laura Ingraham and Maria Caroline Ingraham have a close bond

Laura Ingraham's adopted kid has a strong relationship with her mother. The famous Fox News radio host has shown all her adopted children much love. This is evident in the numerous posts she makes about spending quality time with her children.

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Before adopting the children, she revealed that she developed motherly instincts after spending time with her friend's children.

4. Maria's mother, Laura, is also an author

Apart from hosting the Fox News Channel radio show, Laura is also the co-owner of Ingraham Media Group. She has also authored six books, which are quite popular. Her net worth is estimated to be about $45 million.

5. Maria's mother, Laura, is not married

Despite being quite successful in the media arena, Laura is not yet married. However, she has been in several relationships that did not end in marriage. She is raising her three adopted children alone. She once dated Keith Olbermann years ago. She also once dated political writer and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza.

Maria Caroline Ingraham popularity has risen from being the daughter of popular Laura Ingraham, a popular radio host on the Fox News Channel. Despite not being active on social media, she has proven to still make a name for herself as she grows older.

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