Danny Koker net worth: cars, salary per episode on Counting Cars

Danny Koker net worth: cars, salary per episode on Counting Cars

Danny Koker is a renowned reality TV star and one of the best car restorers. Koker is also a passionate musician. He is popular for running Count’s Kustoms, an automobile shop that majors in car customization and decoration. The auto shop is the backbone of the History Channel reality show known as Counting Cars. Having had a successful career, what is Danny Koker net worth?

Danny Koker net worth

Danny Koker posing next to one of his vintage cars. Photo: @dannykokerofficial
Source: Instagram

Before his role in Counting Cars, he frequently appeared on the show Pawn Stars as an expert. Danny counts kustoms net worth is something to watch out for. He is believed to have an extensive collection of 58 cars and 78 motorcycles. From an early age, he garnered ample knowledge of the automobile industry and taught himself much of the mechanical skills he knows.

His daily vehicle is a cherished 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood, while his most prized car is a 1972 Ford Roaster. Other vintage cars in his collection include the 1956 Chevy Stepside, the 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, the 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and the 1974 Roadrunner muscle car among others.

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Danny Koker net worth

One of Danny Koker' s car collection. Photo: @dannykokerofficial
Source: Instagram

How much is Danny Koker net worth?

Being a celebrated and successful car restorer has seen him acquiring much wealth over the years. During the start of his career, he also got involved in the entertainment industry where co-owned a TV station. The Television station broadcast a show known as the Saturday Fright at the Movies, which Danny hosted.

Danny Koker net worth

Danny Koker. Photo: @dannykokerofficial
Source: Instagram

He then went ahead and founded his auto shop, Count’s Kustoms. It was not after a few years later that Danny commenced appearing on Counting Cars. However, at that time, he was heavily featured on Pawn Stars as a car expert. Later on, he was given a chance to host his show, Counting Cars.

The show commenced in 2012 and runs till date. Since its debut, he has gained a reputation for purchasing cars that he likes and refusing to work on newer model cars. Danny from counting cars net worth is believed to be $13 million as of 2020.

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He has spent most of his years maintaining his extensive collection of automobiles, consisting of vintage and rare cars. By doing so, the vehicles continue appreciating as the years pass by, thus, increasing his net worth.

Danny Koker net worth

Danny Koker looking dope. Photo: @dannykokerofficial
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How much does Danny Koker make per episode?

It is reported that Danny Koker salary per episode is $100,000. The number of episodes varies for each season. However, between 2016 and 2018, he has completed about 16 episodes for each season. He takes home about $1.6 million per year from his role in Counting Cars.

Danny Koker investments

Besides owning and running Count’s Kustoms, he also owns several businesses in Las Vegas. For instance, he is the proud owner of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. He is also the brains behind Count’s Tattoo Company. During his stay in Vegas, Danny also started a rock band known as Count’s 77, which has a significant hit known as Summer of ‘77. He serves as the band’s lead vocalist.

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As of 2020, Danny Koker net worth is said to be $13 million. His net worth is attributed to his appearance in Counting cars, and other multiple business investments which he runs. Over the years, he is believed to amass much wealth.

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