Golden Girls actress Betty White excitedly anticipates 99th birthday

Golden Girls actress Betty White excitedly anticipates 99th birthday

- Golden Girl actress Betty White will soon turn 99

- The veteran star who was born in 1922 does not plan to just sit and watch the day go by

- She hopes to feed a group of ducks and try get her 1971 show re-released

What was your most favourite birthday?

Golden Girls actress Betty White excitedly anticipates 99th birthday

Betty White is still healthy and happy. Photo: Good Morning America
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Let us guess, either sweet 16 or your 18th. Right?

Now imagine living to see your 99th birthday and even getting the chance to plan how you will celebrate it. Nothing beats that.

Golden Girls actress Betty White turns 99 on January 17, 2021, and she already knows what she hopes to do on that day.

The thespian who has lived for close to a century will still be in quarantine but that does not mean she will not have some fun.

The actress told Entertainment Tonight during an interview that she will be feeding ducks which will be visiting her every day.

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Initially, she would probably have involved herself in running for a while but thanks to the pandemic, that will not happen this year.

Also, Betty hopes to get Pet-Set, an old show she and her husband starred in back in the 70s, released again.

“What am I doing for my birthday? Running a mile each morning has been curtailed by COVID, so I am working on getting ‘The Pet Set’ re-released, and feeding the two ducks who come to visit me every day,” the actress said.

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