Full list of policies Joe Biden has signed since becoming 46th president

Full list of policies Joe Biden has signed since becoming 46th president

With just five days of taking the mantle of leadership, President Joe Biden has made some giant moves channelled towards reconnecting the US to the global chain and dampening the racial strain in the country adjudged as the biggest democracy in the world.

Biden, a 78-year former senator, and Kamala Harris were inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20, as US president and vice respectively after weeks of tension characterised by an attack on The Capitol by the pro-Trump crowd.

Upon entering the Oval office as the 46th president of the United States, Biden signed 17 executive orders.

List of things President Biden has achievements since assuming Oval office
President Biden has kept to his words since entering the Oval office. Credit: POTUS, Joe Biden
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Nine of the orders reversed some controversial policies introduced by his immediate predecessor, Donald Trump, while the remaining borders on the new policies by the president.

In this piece, YEN.com.gh outlines some of the major policies Biden has reversed or launched as sighted on an IG post by the President of the United States (POTUS).

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1. Paris Climate agreement

As promised during his campaign, President Biden said the US will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement (PCA) which the country was disconnected from during Trump's controversial tenure.

Reversing Trump's decision, this order rejoins the Paris climate accord and fosters the diplomatic ties, a process that will take 30 days.

2. Muslim ban

President Biden has also removed the ban on Muslims which was placed by the immediate administration.

3. Immigration bill

Biden has also introduced the immigration bill to allow more people from other countries to come to America through different legal processes including the annual lottery system.

Trump had stopped the bill, citing interest and protection for the American market and people.

4. World Health Organisation

With different conspiracy theories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, former president Trump had disengaged the US from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Trump had alleged that the organisation was dancing to the sentiments and bidding of China, US' global rival, hence stopping the funding the body.

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But in a solidified fight against the pandemic, Biden said his government has "reengaged" the global body which is responsible for international public health.

5. Racial equity

Biden government has introduced a federal initiative to give the same privilege to all the races in the US without prejudice or favour.

This is a huge step towards mending the bridges across races.

6. Deferred action for childhood arrival

Biden government has also strengthened the consideration for deferred action for childhood arrival.

This will allow kids brought to the US at a tender age to automatically become a citizen.

7. Mask the US

During the campaign, Biden announced he would sign an executive order mandating compulsory use of mask across the country for the first 100 days.

Biden said this will help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Thousand of US citizens have died as a result of the virus.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden's administration has described as "unproductive and cynical" the decision by China to sanction some officials of the last Donald Trump-led administration.

The White House also labelled the sanction as one capable of sowing the seed of rancour and further straining the relationship between the US and the Asian country.

Emily Horne, a national security council spokeswoman, said in a statement on Wednesday, January 20, that China's decision which was announced when a new president was taking an oath of office is untimely.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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